VR Park
VR Park
Token: VR

Platform Combining Modern VR

PreICO dates
Start date: 20th Jun 2024
End date: 20th Aug 2010

ICO dates
Start date: 2024-08-20
End date:

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum
Type: Utility


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VR Park token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China
Soft cap 800,000 USD
Hard cap 3,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 3,900,000
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VR Park Roadmap

Q4 2016
Foundation of the Virtual Park company.
Development of body tracking and motion capture technology.
Development and construction of the first alpha version of the body control costume.
Development of the camera system for body position tracking in spac.
Integration of Leap Motion and writing of the software to capture the movement of the hands.
Q1 2017
Building System.
The first tests of body control suit with synchronization of VR motion capture cameras.
Development of stable software.
Building and testing the first full version of the platform.
Optimization of space position reading algorithms.
Q2 2017
Construction of the system.
Presentation of the technology to the company's first investors and the first round of attracting investments.
Development of VR applications and starting work on the SDK.
Re-testing and debugging the tracking system.
Development of interactive weapons for VR games and interactive objects.
Q3 2017
Exploring the needs of the VR market.
Analysis of business needs and target audience of Virtual Reality.
Own investments to create a test version of the Virtual Park ecosystem.
Launch of the first platform in test mode.
Setting up a Body Control System.
Design project of the platform and formation of a strategy for the platform to enter the open market.
Q4 2017
Early Product Version.
Presentation of the SDK to third-party developers.
Attracting a second round of investments in the project..
Acquaintance of the project with users in open areas
Software development to expand the functionality of Virtual Parks.
Review of technology solutions and platform positioning in the open market.
PR and marketing of open areas.
Q1-Q4 2018
Preparation for the distribution of tokens.
Preparation the use of blockchain networks in the Virtual Park ecosystem.
Getting started on the Virtual Park project regulations.
Attracting consultants.
Acquaintance of the project with potential investors.
Development fundraising company.
Overview of the technology solutions and platform positioning.
Media plan development and marketing research.
Registration of Virtual Park in the UK.
Q1 2019
Distribution of VR tokens.
Virtual Park project presentation on the open market.
Virtual Park Marketing Campaign.
Start attracting capital to scale the project to the world market.
Road Show in Asia and Europe.
Distribution of VR tokens.
Summing up and making construction regulations.
Q2 2019
Payment in blockchain VR Token.
Construction of the first Virtual Parks after distribution of tokens.
Development of VR apps marketplace for VR Market.
Q3-Q4 2019
Effective promotion and integration.
API development for integration with Virtual Park apps.
The second stage of the construction of parks in the USA.
Summing up interim results and public report.
Localization of the platform into additional languages.
Starting blockchain network and introducing VR token into circulation.
Andrey Vinnikov
Andrey Vinnikov Frontend Developer

Yuriy Lavroushen
Yuriy Lavroushen Full Stack Developer

Dmitry Turovets
Dmitry Turovets Project promotion specialist

Andrey Gillikh
Andrey Gillikh Developer of advanced UX/UI

Mikhail Gerasimov
Mikhail Gerasimov IT specialist

Alyona Ivanova
Alyona Ivanova Editor-In-Chief

Oksana Tovstoles
Oksana Tovstoles Chief manager of our project

Alexandra Fefelova
Alexandra Fefelova Illustrator

Ruslan Sadovnikov
Ruslan Sadovnikov Chief Legal Advisor

Alexey Gagarin
Alexey Gagarin Specialist in the promotion of projects in the media

Bakhodur Madzhitov
Bakhodur Madzhitov Web programming specialist

Alyona Kachan
Alyona Kachan Multi-skilled designer

Evgeny Saratovtsev
Evgeny Saratovtsev DevOps engineer

Ksenia Oleynik
Ksenia Oleynik Multidisciplinary specialist

Aidar Salimov
Aidar Salimov 3D graphic designer and illustrator

Dmitry Musersky
Advisors Dmitry Musersky Olympic champion of 2012 in volleyball

Dmitry Teryomenko
Advisors Dmitry Teryomenko Legionnaire of the Ukrainian national volleyball team

Kirill Granev
Kirill Granev
CEO, co-founder
Mikhail Gerasimov
Mikhail Gerasimov
IT specialist
Head of blockchain development