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Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol

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Business services Content/Advertising Smart Contract
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5,000,000 ICX
Hard cap 11,000,000 ICX
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weBloc Protocol is the advertising protocol that tokenizes and connects the conventional digital advertising ecosystem with the blockchain-based advertising ecosystem. weBloc Protocol is the official advertising platform on the iCON Platform provided to the weBloc alliance.
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Definition of Advertising
Change in Advertising Market
Problem Recognition
Service Definition
Tokenized Advertising Alliance
Targeted User Intention
Technical Definition
Definition of Economy
Token Economy System
Participation Reward
Reputation Reward
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This Whitepaper is produced to introduce the blockchain-based advertising platform weBloc and its philosophy, business models, and so on. This document is
not produced to recommend investment but to help users refer to the information. All content on the Whitepaper including the project conclusion, schedule, and
performance described in the roadmap is not guaranteed. This Whitepaper can be modified according to change in the weBloc team policy or decisions made and
any part related to the Whitepaper is not testified or guaranteed. The responsibility for the results (irrespective of profit and loss) of any activity including decision
making referring to or using the Whitepaper completely lies on the person who made the decisions. The weBloc team does not take any responsibility for damage,
loss, or any other liability of using this Whitepaper. This Whitepaper is not allowed to be copied, used, or released without the consent of the weBloc team and it is
required to pay attention to confidentiality and security. Th...

Definition of Advertising
As the saying that advertising has been existing in different forms from the beginning
of the human race, everyone is exposed to advertising every second - when watching
TV, reading newspaper, or surfing the Web. Some say that the origin of advertising
is the thank you note to Pharaoh Ptolemy of the Ancient Egypt in 300 B.C. written
by monks for the prerogative they had and others say it is the wanted document for
escaped slaves excavated in Thenes and estimated to be written in 1300 B.C.
Advertising has transformed over time: From ancient times of the barter of goods to
the mid 18th century, it played a role as a simple notification via verbal and visual com-
munication due to high illiteracy rates. However, advertising had systematically ad-
vanced thanks to advances in printing technology in the end of the 18th century and
the Industrial Revolution in the mid 19th century. Since then, paper advertisements,
flyers, posters, newspaper, and other printed advertise...

Definition of
From the marketing point of view, advertising can be considered to be a subordinate
part of marketing. Promotion is defined as the key element of advertising among the
elements of marketing including product, price, distribution, and promotion. In this
point of view, advertising is defined as a tool for management and marketing. How-
ever, from the communication-centered point of view, advertising can be defined as
delivering messages and expressing and exchanging “meanings”.
In details, there can be different opinions on the definition of advertising according to
different perspectives. But there would be no second opinion on the idea that adver-
tising refers to action to build a link between all participants to achieve certain goals
(messages, sales, participations, etc.) via the beginning of advertising and origin of the
Advertising as the link gathering participants has both various positive and negative
impacts. Advertising plays vari...

Change in the Advertising Market
Early In the 1990s, when the Internet was not widely used yet, media such as TV,
radio and newspapers took the key part of the media industry. Naturally, the adver-
tising market focused on TV, radio and newspapers. Utmost efforts were required to
maximize the advertising effectiveness and the same holds true today. How to utilize
the existing media mattered most for marketers then. However, all the media were
single-sided back then, making it impossible to measure how many people reacted
to advertisements and how many people made purchase thanks to advertisements.
Moreover, there were only a limited number of media in the advertising market. The
power of media overwhelmed advertisers, making them lose the power to negotiate.
The value of users who had to be exposed to those media was not appreciated as well.
Advertisers had to pay fixed rates for advertisements and users had to pay prices
for using media. The advertising market dominated by the conventiona...

Change in the
With the widespread of smartphones, various types of advertisement were emerged:
interactive advertisements combined with the QR code, mass-MMS advertisements,
in-game advertisements, advertisements using mobile coupon and social commerce,
search advertisements using location-based GPS technology, etc. Today, we are living
in an era of multi-media using digital technologies.
Digital advertisements expand its horizon with the intersection of the smart media. It
is creating brand new advertisements and commerce market by combining content
and commerce. It was impossible in the conventional Internet or mobile advertisement
environment. Moreover, the new types of advertisement such as interactive advertise-
ments, program sponsorships, and combination of social media and TV commercials
can satisfy customers and the clients at the same time. Such new advertisements will
enrich the consumption in the digital society thanks to smart media advertiseme...

Change in the
Digital advertisement market is developing faster as the society is ushering into the
mobile era, creating many different business sectors. In the Digital advertisement
market, throughout the process from registration of advertisements to exposing ad-
vertisements to users, there are many businesses: establishing agencies that gather
advertisers to provide advertisements on behalf of them, building a trade market
for advertisements with advertiser-side platforms, the data management platform
business for managing and supporting user-targeting data, and building a media-side
platform that can help media make more profits.
These various business areas have been created to expose advertisements more
efficiently to users.
In the early stage of the digital advertising era, advertisers made a direct contract with
publishers to execute advertisements and could receive the result report. As the dig-
ital advertising market exponentially increas...

Change in the
In the early stage of the digital advertising era, there was no issue if it was possible to
connect media having websites with advertisers. Advertisers could contact desirable
media to make a contract and send advertisements to media. And then media edited
the HTML page to expose the website or homepage with banner images.
However, such methods had caused inefficiency to in terms of the work of media,
having difficulties managing advertisers. It was inefficient for media to edit the HTML
codes every time and inventory management also got difficult. In the meantime, ad-
vertisers had to check every website whether advertisements were exposed properly
to users. As the number of media had risen, it had got more and more difficult manag-
ing the efficiency of advertisements comprehensively.
To tackle this issue, advertisement servers for advertisers and media were introduced
and platform network businesses started to deal with this issue. Such pla...

weBloc Roadmap

March 2018
Technical MoU with theloop.
May 2018
Participation in Consensus 2018.
Distribution of the concept whitepaper.
July 2018

PoC (Reward-based advertising platform) launch.
API open for rewarding-advertisement platform based on ICX token.
September 2018

Advanced reservation: start to participate.
Q4 2018
Independent Platform: Beta open.
Q1 2019

CPI Ad-based protocol beta open.
Q2 2019
Protocol beta open.
Q3 2019

Official Protocol open.
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