Token: WGC

Our Global ICO is Live

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-11-01
End date:

Registrated in: Undefined

Platform: Ethereum


WeGen categories
WeGen token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 15000000 USD
Hard cap 30000000 USD
Tokens for sale 4,500,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO
Pre-sale 10%
WeGen news, social
WeGen search trends in Google

WeGen Roadmap

2014 -2017
- GoldMaxGroup established as an advanced
anti-counterfeit security technology developer
- G-MOV 3D label technology ready for sale
- Prototype WeGen Platform developed
- First G-MOV label sold in Korea
Q1 2018
WeGen Check mobile app development begins
- WeGen wallet and website developed
- WeGen whitepaper started
- Started developing WeGen communities
Q2 2018
- FIR-Gmov Ltd. established as a blockchain developer
- G-MOV and WeGen Platform integration begins
- Applied for Regulation D of the US Securities and Exchange Act
for WeGen's ICO
- Contracted US ICO consultant (International Blockchain Consulting)
Q3 2018
- G-MOV and WeGen Platform integrated
- Secured G-MOV MOU with FoodRoad (Starbucks supplier)
Q4 2018
- WeGen Check mobile app completed
- Completed WeGen Platform Whitepaper v2.1
- WeGen Platform native online mall development begins
- WeGen coin Pre-sale and ICO
Q1 2019
- Start integrating big data tools for manufacturers and distributors
- Start developing 3D advertising solution for advertisers
- Start securing cryptocurrency exchange listings
Q2 2019
- Start G-MOV stamping technology development
- WeGen Platform mall developed
- WeGen Platform P2P encrypted brokerage exchanges developed
- Start introducing G-MOV labels to Southeast Asia
- Start partnering with existing on/offline vendors internationally
Q3 2019
- Start developing overseas P2P encrypted brokerage exchange
- Upgrade G-MOV to enable dual QR code integration
- Start expanding in Southeast Asia; introduce WeGen Platform
Q4 2019
- Planned partnerships with 3D label manufacturers in ten countries begins
- Start developing WeGen payment solution
- Start collaborating with related start-ups and incubators internationally
Q1 2020
- Start employing big data and A.I. to optimize WeGen Platform
- Start expanding G-MOV labels in North America
Q2 2020
- WeGen payment system due
- Continue expanding in North America; introduce WeGen Platform
Q3 2020
- Start investing to create robust customer and technical support team
- Introduce G-MOV labels to the European Union
Q4 2020
- Start developing more partnerships with international 3D label manufacturers
- Start commercializing G-MOV stamping process
- Continue expanding in the European Union; introduce WeGen Platform
Bumsoo Lee
Bumsoo Lee Bumsoo Lee

Jack Euihwan Jung
Jack Euihwan Jung CEO, CryptoGoldMaxA Inc.

Tom Lash
Tom Lash VP, CryptoGoldMaxA Inc.

Yongtaek Lee
Yongtaek Lee Global Sales Director

Raghuram Bala Bio
Advisors Raghuram Bala Bio CEO, NetObjex Inc

Brad O'Hara
Advisors Brad O'Hara Project Director, IBC Group

Charles Cheolhyeong Jo
Advisors Charles Cheolhyeong Jo CEO, Atphone, Inc

Sean Kim
Advisors Sean Kim CTO, Forelink Inc.

Sean Kim
Sean Kim
CTO, Forelink Inc.
Advisor & Strategic Partner