WTO Foundation
WTO Foundation
Token: WTO

Global Digital Assets Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-30
End date: 2018-04-30

Registrated in: Taiwan

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Smart Contract
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries None
Hard cap 13,333,333 USDT
Tokens for sale 400,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 USD = 30 WTO
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

WTO Foundation aims to create the best digital asset platform for those
interested in digital commodities. As some people have already men-
tioned, we are the like the Amazon or TaoBao (leading Chinese e-com-
merce platform) of the crypto-finance world and we aim to become the
world's leading boutique for digital assets.
Our platform will be the first with global offices in different continents
and support for multiple languages. We will make it possible for people
from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States to pur-
chase digital assets as easily as if shopping on Amazon.
Project website
Application Of Ecosystem

Main Functions of WTO
2.1 We Up
Discount for the Token Initiator (TI)
2.2 We Together
Cooperation with TI to carry out WTO airdrops
2.3 We Only
Exclusive sales
2.4 We Pass
Priority to purchase
2.5 We Super
Super Project Exclusive Channel
2.6 We Love
Project Recommended Incentives
2.7 We Report
The right to read and buy the digital asset report
2.8 We VIP
Private customer service
WTO Sales Plan
3.1 Token Gerenation
3.2 Locked position
3.3 Distribution and price
3.4 sales
3.5 Repurchase
Use of Funds
Vesting Plan for
WTO Team
7.1 Establish the blockchain and the
digital assets community.
7.2 Maintain a global WTO community
with entrepreneurs, other communi-
ties, major crypto exchanges, various
types of investors, digital commodity
enthusiasts and digi...

The WTO Foundation is setting up in Switzerland.
Its first application, WeToken, is a digital asset platform, which was founded in 2017 in Taipei.
Nick Lee
Nick Lee, with more than 18 years of experience in the financial sector and
technology companies, he has designed a series of innovative products from
scratch. He is a cross-industry resource integrator of digital commerce, as
well as a serial entrepreneur in the software and hardware industries. Over
the years, he has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and United States to
organize B2B & B2C deals at large international exhibitions, including CES,
With many years of experience in traditional and digital marketing, he has a
firm focus on integrated international business. He has coached organiza-
tions in various industries regarding ICO’s and e-commerce.
WTO Foundation

Elias Ahonen
Elias Ahonen is Founder & CEO of Token Valley, a global group
offering professional consultancy for block-chain projects in the
areas of strategy, whitepapers, technical guidance, website
building, PR, partnerships, and mining facilities. In addition to
this, Token Valley is building a comprehensive block-chain educa-
tion & due diligence platform that gathers metrics and evalua-
tions on block-chain projects around the world.
The author of the ‘Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Cryp-
to-Currencies (April 15, 2016, ISBN-10: 0995089906)’, has named
Elias as ‘one of the first Bitcoin historians’ by Bitcoin.com and is
widely recognized as an authority in his field by both peers and in
the media. He has previously worked as a data analyst, consul-
tant, and as a geopolitical researcher.
Caigen Chen
Chief Research Officer
The Opinion leader and partner of WeiYoi Capital Venture,
blockchain investor as ...

Yani Lee
International Business Development Consultant
Yani Lee is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship,
and has devoted herself to promoting entrepreneurship since
2011 by creating the IDEAS Show as a platform to connect
international entrepreneurs. She organized ASIA BEAT (an Asian
Startup event in 2014), and SPRINT (an international student
Hackathon in 2017).
Yani’s experience includes key positions at The Institute for
Information Industry, Venture Partner of South Korea VC, Shift, as
an advisor to various startup events across China, and currently
as a Taiwan business consultant and co-founder of Asia Bit. She
strives to create the next wave of change for the startup commu-
nity with blockchain technology.
Maxi Kuan
JP Business Developer
Majored in Japanese in Taiwan and been living in Japan/Tokyo
for 10 years. 15-year experience in Internet Business/Digital
Industry and Media startups. Served in video technology a...

Main Functions of WTO
The main priority of the WTO foundation in 2018 Q1 is to improve the perfor-
mance of WeToken. Other applications will be deployed afterwards.
We Up.
Discount for the Token Initiator (TI)
The TI is required to pay 2% of the total sales amount on the platform as a
service fee to the WeToken platform. However, a TI who holds WTO can use it
to offset part of this service fee (floating), up to a maximum of 50% offset (TI
needs to sign a contract with WeToken regarding the number of WTO to be
used before the sale kicks off, and that WTO amount shall be locked during
the sales period).
We Together.
Cooperation with TI to carry out WTO airdrops
For each sale in WeToken, we will work with the TI to carry out the WTO
airdrops in accordance with the size of the sales.
We Only.
Exclusive sales
WeToken will inherit a small amount of unique international token sales projects
whereas some will be exclusive ...

Main Functions of WTO
We Pass.
Priority to Purchase.
Users can buy the We Pass service (estimated 1% of the purchase amount) to get
priority access to purchase the token. The user can use WTO to fully discount 1%
of the We Pass fee; every WTO, which the user holds, can be used for discount
For example: when a user buys 15,000 USDT and the We Pass at the same time,
the user would need to pay 150 USDT. However, if the user holds 450 WTO, the
cost of We Pass is completely discounted.
Platform users do not have to purchase WTO in advance, and there is no lock
period. Users only need to add WTO into the shopping basket while purchasing
their chosen digital assets; the cost of We Pass is automatically discounted.
We Super.
Super Project Exclusive Channel
We are working with a few top global companies right now and will become a
vital partner to these unicorns once they enter the crypto finance world. Those
big projects will ea...

Main Functions of WTO
We Report.
The right to read and buy the digital asset report
Users who hold WTO can receive a monthly evaluation report. Users may wield
WTO to buy the latest analysis reports on digital assets.
Private customer service
WTO holders are entitled to a higher tier of customer service.
WTO Foundation

WTO Foundation Roadmap

WeToken was founded in Taiwan.

Finish international sales of three items, including Matryx, Bottos and Gifto.

WeToken Mobile version.

WeToken European office.
WTO Event.

WTO issued.

WTO listed.

WTO Nordic office.
WTO Swiss office.
Caigen Chen
Caigen Chen Chief Research Officer

Ewelina Budrzycka
Ewelina Budrzycka Creative Director

Yani Lee
Yani Lee International Business Developer Consultant

Maxi Kuan
Maxi Kuan JP Business Developer

Elias Ahonen
Elias Ahonen
ITO Advisor
ITO Advisor
Nick Lee
Nick Lee
Project Resources Coordinator of EvenToken