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Crypto Online Gaming Based on Blockchain Technology

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Start date: 2019-04-20
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Registrated in: Hong Kong

Platform: Ethereum
Type: Utility


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Casino & Gambling Platform
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 7,500 ETH
Hard cap 25,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 350,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price in PreICO 1 XDE = 0.000075 ETH
Minimal investment 1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Table of Contents
Global Gambling Market
Crypto gambling
Cryptocurrency trends in gambling
Problems and solutions
Games on platform
Developer store
XDE Token
Token sale
Profit generation
Marketing strategy
Risks Associated with Crypto Gambling

Gambling has always been an important part of human culture, long before written history began.
The earliest recorded evidence of gambling dates back to ancient China over 4,300 years ago.
It wasn’t just the Chinese who were gamblers
either, the people of many of the great ancient
civilizations, including the Egyptians and the Greeks, are also known to have enjoyed a bet or two.
Today, gambling is more popular than ever and has become the preferred pastime for many a thrill-
seeker and risk taker.
Thanks to the Internet and the growth of online gambling, betting has become a worldwide
phenomenon. Gambling is now an international industry and a marketplace with huge business
potential. The convenience and benefits of Internet gambling are attracting ever-greater numbers
of new players from around the world.
Although the Internet has opened the door to a new worl over the industry. The suspicion even
exists that online gambling has made the problem worse. Since casinos are clos...

XDeck was founded in 2017 and have been actively developing their platform since then.
XDeck has already developed several working dapps based on our own cryptocurrency and
uniqueinfrastructure. Unlike our competitors, we already have a number of functioning games,
whichdemonstrates our concept and features integration. All of the games are based on
blockchaintechnology, using encryption and and our unique dapps.
We are creating a platform where cheating is technically impossible. We believe that blockchain
and decentralization will change the gambling world forever and will make gambling fair and
transparent. As a pioneer in the crypto gambling industry, we believe that XDeck will change
thegambling universe.
This document describes the main features of our project and explains how the platform will

Market Overview
Global Gambling Market
Gambling as a mode of entertainment dates back several centuries. Over the years, it has become
an integral part of human existence. As a result, the gambling industry is consistently growing by
leaps and bounds. With the passing of time, it has experienced numerous innovations, most of the
recent ones having an association with the advent of the internet. And due to the developments
associated with the internet, the market is currently split into two major verticals, online and live
gambling. In the period between 2011 and 2017,
growth in both verticals has been phenomenal.
During the period between 2018 and 2022, this growth is expected to continue at a significantly higher
annual rate of 8.45% according to the
Global Gambling Markets 2018-2022
by ResearchAndMarkets.
com. Among the key drivers responsible for the growth of the sector is its contribution to the
global economy. In the US alone for instance, the industry contributed 0.91% of th...

The Advent of the Internet and Online Gambling
Among the most significant developments in the gambling market is the emergence and growth of
online gambling. Making its first appearances around 1994, its growth has been propelled by the
increasing adoption of the internet. The number of players back then was largely limited as only few
people had constant access to online platforms. But with time, easy internet access has made it a
major competitor for offline platforms.
One of its main benefits is the ability to take the casino to the player and allow them to indulge
at their convenience and from the comfort of their personal devices. Moreover, the fact that it is
not limited to floor space has made it possible for service providers to expand their offerings.
Easier evolution of traditional games is yet another advantage. For instance, three-reeled slots are
currently available as 3D slots on online platforms.
At present, the largest online gambling market globally is Europe. In 2015, the market alone ma...

Sports Betting
Sports betting is the second most popular gambling activity after casino games and slots, making
30 to 40% of the global gambling industry.
Even though it is already a billion-dollar industry,
there is a huge unregulated industry in Asia and other places. Operating under illegal syndicate,
these outfits could be worth many more billions of dollars. In the year 2015, the regulated sports
betting market was worth around $58 billion, growing to $77 billion in 2016.
According to a survey by Statista, almost half of the adult population (18+ years) in the US has bet
on a sporting event at least once. Yet another
shows why consumers in the US like to bet
on sports as depicted in the graph below:

Virtual Reality
Rapidly growing to become a major cornerstone of the industry, virtual reality (VR) is among the
fastest growing trends in the industry. The technology transports a player to an alternate, artificially
created reality. ...

The Rise of Female Gambling
Though gambling has commonly been considered a preserve of males, the gradual shift in gender
roles is taking a toll on the industry. Recent reports show that as many as 45% of online gamblers
are female. However, the shift has not been as prevalent in brick and mortar establishments.
Considering the preference of females to private gambling, developers are therefore working on
online casinos specifically designed to appeal to the fairer gender.
of such platforms include QueenVegas Casino, Lucky Pants Bingo Casino, Space Lily
Casino and Maria Casino.
Looking into the Future
There is no doubt that the gambling market is among the fastest growing sectors of the economy
globally. It is expected that the online gambling market, in particular, will register massive growth
in the foreseeable future. Driven by the prevalence of mobile phone use and access to high speed
internet, the online gambling sector is expected to be worth more than

Crypto gambling
The Meteoric Rise of Crypto Gambling
With the emergence of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology, the gambling
industry has been undergoing a massive disruption. Developments within this space have been
growing rapidly given the inherent advantages it has to offer to market players.
History of Crypto Gambling
The gambling industry was among the earliest adopters of digital currency use. Even before bitcoin
and other virtual coins rose to mainstream popularity, they were already being used in the sector.
Following the launch of bitcoin in January 2009, it took only about two years for the first BTC poker
site to launch.
Seals with Clubs (SwC)
was launched in August 2011, handling all cash-ins and
cash-outs in bitcoin.
April 2012 saw the launch of SatoshiDice, a bitcoin-based dice gambling site, by ShapeShift founder
Erik Voorhees. Within a few weeks of its launch, half of the bitcoin blockchain transactions were
attributed to the site. In ...

xDeck Roadmap

Concept Development. Market research.
Games Engine Development. Pre ICO April.
Online poker launch. Private sale. LA Game Expo presentation. ICO final sale.
Mobile platform launching.
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