Token: ZEEW

“Right Now” Delivery Disruption

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-25
End date: 2018-06-23

Registrated in: Latvia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Zeew categories
Business services
Zeew token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China
Soft cap 200,000 USD
Hard cap 12,000,000 ZEEW
Tokens for sale 10,000,000
Price 1 ZEEW = 1.6 USD
Price in PreICO 1 ZEEW = 0.5 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Zeew -
“sound”, it’s
the sound of anything moving so
fast like Zeeeeeew We believe that everyone
should get his packages delivered 'Right
Now' why wait 1-2 business days when you
order something online?
You may call us 'Uber for packages' we allow SME's to send any package in minutes,
Our platform connects any store or Internet shop with the nearest available courier
That can carry their package to their client immediately.
Zeew is currently being used by 58 businesses on daily bases, anyone can use their own
car/bicycle or scooter to deliver packages and make money.
Incorporated in European Union
SIA ZEEW is Latvian company that will be guiding during this ICO, SIA ZEEW will not be the company that will receive the funds we will
incorporate separate company for that after the pre-ICO

1. Executive Summary
Meet the 'Uber' for all last-mile deliveries.
ZEEW is based on the MVP - commercially available on-demand
delivery platform - ZEEW (zeew.eu),
Which is already operating in 1 country in Europe for the past 3 month and
have 58 businesses using us on daily bases.
Zeew currently serves flower shops, pharmacies, cosmetic shops, printing
houses and more - now we plan is to go beyond that and include B2B
infrastructure built on block chain to allow any business with multiple
locations to monitor, track and deliver products in minutes, to go global, to
deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.
Zeew will transform the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have
anything delivered on-demand.
Our revolutionary Hyperlocal Logistics platform on block chain
connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything
from any store or restaurant in minutes
Zeew is proud winner of:
LatBAN pitch competition
MITA Malta Innovation grant

2. Zeew Vision
Since we started Zeew, we have been continuously transforming the way businesses
ship stuff.
Combining latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence driven chat-bot
technology, deliveries by drone and robots with current Zeew
infrastructure, operations, Zeew ventures to re-invent the shipping &
ordering experience on block chain, while improving upon business
inefficiencies caused by human.
“Using our own research, big data and proprietary expertise, Zeew is
developing tools that will change the way we choose, order and deliver
goods. Modern lifestyles demand a much more tightly integrated
service - nowadays almost anything can be ordered through apps and
messengers lightning-fast, but the delivery industry has been too slow in
adapting to these changes.
This is where Zeew steps in with vision to disrupt the last-mile industry

3. Market
On-Demand 215B market is ready for disruption
What is the potential?
The on-demand delivery market is
ready for disruption.
There is no denying that on-demand
economy will transform the way people
transact or use services. Think Uber, Think
Airbnb, the services that invade through
the business environment and how they
bring an untold ease to customer
’s life
using smartphones.
Zeew will do the same thing to on-
demand delivery
With the currently ongoing pivot
to block chain technology and
innovations, we believe that we
are witnessing a clear shift that
will make the
On-demand delivery market

Actual footage of our current fleet of
Freelancers using their own cars to deliver goods from Small & Medium
Businesses; currently we have over 120 couriers
The principle is simple - each new business store or brand that are on the platform,
drive more users onto it and increases the demand for the couriers.
They drive sales and ad revenues up, thus increasing the usage and demand for the
ZEEW Token.
As the value of ZEEW token increases, the network cycle starts again, with even more
businesses, users and couriers.
(Take in mind that every new business puts sticker and advertising of Zeew on their
windows, tables etc.
Couriers carry the bags with Zeew name on them, users tell their friends about amazing
service we provide. Soon everywhere you go in the city, every 10 minutes you see

5. Multiple Uses and Benefits for ZEEW token
Tokens give us the power to incentivize participants to produce net benefits for the
community. They allow us to align everyone's incentive around a single aim: creating
truly next-generation on-demand Delivery Company with a community that benefits
together. By extension, a well-designed token should grow in value alongside the
company. With the token our goal is to create a network effects.
1. Used by clients to access discounts and premiums on the platform;
2. Used by businesses to pay for advertisement on the platform;
3. Received as bonuses by couriers;
4. Received as a reward for clients and couriers who refer people to the platform;
5. Used to access features and functions specific to the platform.

6. Idea and time line
JAN 2017
Team formed
Assembling team without
wasn’t easy, our
team members who joined
Zeew over 1 year ago was
based on vision that could
change the last mile
delivery industry
NOV 2017
Finally the moment has
come and we launched
our product mid
November 2017, we
learned a lot during the 3
month operations and we
saw the potential our
platform could disrupt the
$215 billion on-demand
Delivery industry
APR-JUN 2018
ICO Campaign
Funds aggregated during this
campaign will be used for the
initial development of the
business and technologies as well as
international expansion.
NOV 2016
Idea was born
CEO & Founder Mohamed
Ghaith, “I love
electronics online, always, the
main reason why sometimes i
utilize a product was due
to delivery time, it takes d...

Zeew Roadmap

November 2016
Idea was born
January 2017
Team formed
September 2017
Got Investment
November 2017
February 2018
April 2018
ICO Campaign
Expansion through Innovation
Mohamed Ghaith
Mohamed Ghaith CEO & Founder

Denis Kaibagarov
Denis Kaibagarov Co-Founder & CTO

Ciprian Khlud
Ciprian Khlud Head of Blockchain development

Artur Melecis
Artur Melecis Crypto community manager

Andrew Garbuzov
Andrew Garbuzov Front-End Developer