Token: ZFL

Trading & Financing - One Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-22
End date:

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China
Tokens for sale 200,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ZFL = 0.36 USD
Acceppting BTC, ETH, BCH
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Executive Summary
Zuflo aims to be a trading & financing platform for the industry 4.0 era using technologies like
Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence to reduce the number of counterparties, thus lowering the
cost of services and for the end consumer along with state of an art new trading & banking
features. Zuflo will allow platform users to improve efficiency, error reduction, time savings,
and straight-through processing without any intermediaries, and with AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Management tools.
In addition Zuflo will enable/empower more control and more transparency of dealing banking
and trading operations.
Most of the ICOs look very complicated to understand as they are brining innovative solutions
with advanced technological ecosystem. The objective of this white paper is simplify the usage
& implications of Zuflo. This white paper sketches the core constituents encompassing Zuflo,
how they interact, and points how the network can be secure and efficient providing mu...

Blockchain/Sidechain Platform
Blockchain is an immutable, shared ledger that provides
needed visibility across the business network
Blockchain allows collaboration between several parties that may not know each other, or that
are located in different geographical locations. It's like an account ledger that you insert
information, similar to a database, he said, but once that information is in there, it is extremely
challenging to alter it. 'Blockchain allows a level of trust develop'. Specially, within the financial
sector, blockchain technology has a big impact. Buyers and sellers need to have mechanisms
they can know and trust to handle their financing, and blockchain is being very actively piloted
in that area.
With blockchain, participants in the transaction:

Share a single platform with secure access

Receive a full view of the process

Are able to drill down to see all steps in the process

Can see exact moment when a delay or error o...

Incorporation in Estonia
Zuflo is incorporated in Republic of Estonia due to several features. Estonia regulates
cryptocurrency exchanges and this gives Zuflo’s investors and users a confidenc
e. Relatedly
there are no limitations as to cryptocurrency investments, so the country is more than
preferable for companies that hold an ICO. The friendly attitude of local regulators and its EU
membership also seem to be important for Blockchain companies. Zuflo also appreciates that
the regulatory conditions for ICO are friendly and Estonia offers low costs for running a business
which will benefit all the Zuflo’s stakeholders.

Challenges with Current Trading
The ease of use/ the lack of user‐friendliness: Sending and receiving digital money is still
because each time the user decides to spend cryptocurrency, he/she is required
to visit three different websites to be able to do simple operations such as setting up a wallet,
making an exchange or spending cryptocurrency. Users are also lacking confidence in the
safety of their funds.
Inefficiency of Current Trading Platforms
Account verification processing time is slow
Elevated transaction fees
Lack of end-to-end visibility
Utilize incompatible systems
Have to launch a dispute to resolve issues Support takes time, tie up money and strain

Zuflo as Trading Solution
Easing Entry to Crypto Trade
Crypto trade rapidly growing market where investors are seeking for an exceptional
of growth. However, so many users consider it is too complicated to enter in crypto trade and
feel burden for themselves. Number of exchanges in the space extends trade facilities among
cryptocurrencies but most of them are limited to specific geographic regions. To overcome the
geographical barrier and fiat currency to cryptocurrency trading, Zuflo is a new platform
which is meeting the present market needs.
Crypto markets are borderless, open 24/7, subject to marginal regulatory mechanism, and
propound huge potentials for growth. Due to these features, crypto markets are an incredible,
new opportunity for investors over traditional markets. Zuflo’s objective is to reduce the
barriers of entry to crypto investment markets by providing tools and services that make
interacting, handling and trading crypto assets approachable to everyo...

Trade-on-the-Go Functionality
With Zuflo we are committed to create a whole new user experience with mobile app for
trading along with state on an art desktop platform.
Secure & Safe Wallet
Our customers would have the safety of their cryptocurrency and fiat currency with unique
encryption technology as we are going to make our platform highly sophisticated in terms of
Contemporary Trading Features
Our core aim is our customer’s satisfaction and removing out all the disadvantages of the
existing exchanges globally. Zuflo is rolling out the trading platform in the following order:

Spot trading

Margin trading


Anonymous instant exchange

Decentralized network exchange

Challenges with Current Financing
Millions of global citizens have minimal access to banking services and are forced to take out
credit lines from informal channels with annual interest as high as 4,000 percent. It’s not that
conventional banks don’t want to serve more people, it's just that it's unprofitable for them to
do so in remote and less populated areas.
Digital transformation is lagging for SME lending big time. Getting a short-term loan can be an
excruciating task, especially for the small and medium scale enterprises which do not know the
strings. It is mentioned in a credible small business survey, that even with the advent of new-
age online lending platforms, small businesses continue to find troubles while seeking capital.
The survey also revealed that 45% of the loan applications were rejected more than once, and
23% were unaware of the reasons their applications were rejected. Similarly holders of digital
assets have limited liquidity options in today’s cash based digital economy. <...

Zuflo as Financing Solution
The lending industry is in dire need of new innovations to ensure an easy, transparent and
accessible financing ecosystem for the SMEs. And that is where Zuflo with its blockchain and
smart contracts technology based platform comes in. Zuflo is an ecology over which we can
lend money to applicants against existing assets or without assets via Ethereums’s smart
contracts technology. It is lending and borrowing network that allows users to leverage their
blockchain assets to secure cash loans.
Access to Lending
On-boarding the missing population to the benefits of the global financial system is key in order
to provide a sustainable solution for their future economic outlook.
Our blockchain based platform allows for easier auditability and more operational efficiencies
that ultimately translate to a lower cost of lending than traditional service providers using
centralized databases are able to offer.
Lending Identity
Zuflo would empower applicant with block...

Zuflo Roadmap

March 2017-December2017
Research and Technical Analysis to implement integration of FX & Crypto on Blockchain Platform.
February 2018
Incorporation in ESTONIA.
February 22, 2018 - April 15, 2018
Pre-ICO Tier 1.
April 16, 2018 -April 30, 2018
Pre-ICO Tier 2.
May 01, 2018 - May 30, 2018
Token Sale (ICO Period).
Q2 2018
Early adoption by known Exchanges, which provides Zuflo.io Exchange a springboard to deploy innovation to a network of hundreds of thousands.
Q2 2018
Fx integration and Zuflo.io Exchange launch with Web 2.0 layer.
Q2 2018
Formation of Liquidity Pool.
Q3 2018
Banking License and launch Zuflo Financing Services to SMEs.
Q3 2018
Banking integrate into Zuflo.io Exchange platform, including FX starting with Capital Markets on BLOCKCHAIN.
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