Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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Dexive Dexive 3.5 2020-03-12 The Advanced And Social Decentralized Digital Exchange Cryptocurrency UK
Recoon Recoon 2.8 2020-03-10 The Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol Infrastructure, Platform UK
Centric Centric 3.5 2020-03-14 Investment Opportunity to Global Currency Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract UK
LKSCOIN LKSCOIN 2.9 2020-03-31 Culture is not a Profession for the Few Communication, Media Italy
Plosive Plosive 2.6 2020-03-31 Mobile Mining Platform Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Platform USA
CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE AND SHOP CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE AND SHOP 3.5 2020-03-10 CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE AND SHOP Banking, Business services, Charity, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Retail, Software Thailand
IG-Crypto Holding IG-Crypto Holding 3.3 2020-04-01 Cloud-Mining with Renewable energy Business services, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Investment, Platform Turkey
Kingdomgame Kingdomgame 3.0 2020-03-12 IT’S NOT JUST A GAME IT IS KINGDOM Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Investment, Platform Vietnam