Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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Personal Wager Personal Wager 3.2 2020-01-01 Wager On Esports On The Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Platform, Sports Caribbean Netherlands
Silver Coin Silver Coin 2.8 2020-01-01 Global Digital Money Backed StabelCoin Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Indonesia
Teslafunds Teslafunds 2.6 2019-12-26 Welcome to the Teslafunds Cryptocurrency, Platform Serbia
Pawtocol Pawtocol 2.8 2019-12-27 The World’s Most Advanced Pet Community Media USA
weeMarketplaceAccessToken weeMarketplaceAccessToken 2.7 2020-01-15 2020-02-15 The Wee Ecosystem Goes Blockchain Payments/Wallets, Retail Switzerland
Muse Protocol Muse Protocol 2.4 2020-01-05 Muse Protocol Is Making Magic Happen Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Platform USA
Bitcoin Classic Bitcoin Classic 2.4 2019-12-24 Bitcoin Classic: Implementing the original Bitcoin Protocol Cryptocurrency
SilkRoadCoin SilkRoadCoin 2.7 2020-01-06 Decentralized Banking Platform Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform Switzerland
Wolfs Group Wolfs Group 2.8 2020-01-03 Wolfs Group a New Face Of Investment Investment, Platform Estonia
BDAM Coin (BDAM Exchange, BDAM Pay and BDAM dAPP Store) BDAM Coin (BDAM Exchange, BDAM Pay and BDAM dAPP Store) 3.9 2020-01-01 BDAM-British Digital Asset Management Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Hong Kong
Etherarctoken Etherarctoken 2.9 2020-01-01 Etherarctoken Is a Utility Token That Will Be Used For The Business Purpose Banking, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Malaysia
xx Network xx Network 3.3 2020-01-16 The Decentralized Dream, Realized. Speed Privacy And Security On A Global S Cryptocurrency Cayman Islands
Okschain Okschain 3.7 2019-12-26 Join The World Of Innovation Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Estonia
Isiklar Coin Isiklar Coin 2.9 2020-01-13 Where Deep Traditions Meet Innovation Business services Bulgaria
UnoChain UnoChain 2.9 2020-01-03 Double-Layered Public Blockchain Ecosystem Infrastructure, Platform UK
EXMR FDN EXMR FDN 3.0 2019-12-21 Integrating Developers For a Better Future in The Crypto World Cryptocurrency USA
Palaamon Crowdfunding Palaamon Crowdfunding 2.2 2020-01-10 We Take The Pain Out Of Data Science Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Health Switzerland
Grand50 Grand50 2.6 2020-01-10 Transparent And Sustainable Finance With 1 Grand Art, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Charity, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Internet, Platform South Korea