Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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Makeafolio Makeafolio 3.3 2018-07-01 Complete Cryptocurrency Management Education USA
IXTUS IXTUS 2.9 2018-07-16 Edutainment Token Education China
CAREONchain CAREONchain 3.3 2018-07-01 A Decentralized Vehicle Platform Other, Platform Singapore
WAR FIELD WAR FIELD 4.0 2018-06-28 Play to Win Crypto! Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Platform, Virtual Reality UAE
AVINOC AVINOC 3.1 2018-07-15 2018-07-31 Aviation Network Operation Chain Infrastructure, Communication, Platform, Business services Hong Kong
Fanfare Fanfare 3.6 2018-07-17 Social Commerce Community Entertainment, Retail Singapore
Fluzcoin Fluzcoin 4.0 2018-07-01 2018-09-15 The Intelligent Retail Currency Platform, Cryptocurrency, Retail Panama
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain 4.0 2018-07-13 2018-08-17 Short usernames as smart addresses, search and find other users by usernames, cryptocurrency point of sale system for businesses - all built on the 1st indexed and fully searchable blockchain. Costa Rica
Jibbit Jibbit 4.5 2018-07-01 Blockchain Meets Cannabis Cryptocurrency, Health, Platform Germany
ExToke ExToke 3.4 2018-06-27 Decentralized Token Exchange Internet, Investment, Smart Contract Australia
Inmediate Inmediate 2.5 2018-07-18 2018-07-22 Catapulting Insurance Into the Digital Age Smart Contract Singapore
Coin Analyst Coin Analyst 3.3 2018-07-07 Maximise Your Trading Profit Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Germany
STRYKZ STRYKZ 3.8 2018-06-29 The Token For All Football Fans Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Sports Germany
Attrace Attrace 3.4 2018-06-21 Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform Banking, Big Data, Business services, Communication, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Internet, Media, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Software Netherlands
Accounting Blockchain Accounting Blockchain 3.6 2018-07-15 The Future of Accounting at Your Fingertips Business services, Platform, Software Malta
Cryptassist Cryptassist 3.0 2018-06-28 Everything You Need on One Platform Platform Malaysia
ephelants360 ephelants360 3.8 2018-06-28 Content Production Platform Artificial Intelligence, Entertainment, Media USA
Bloxia Bloxia 3.3 2018-07-15 The Blockchain Accelerator Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Germany
WONO WONO 3.9 2018-06-29 Share What You Have Get What You Want Platform, Real estate, Tourism Russia
CoinLaunch CoinLaunch 1.8 2018-07-01 End-to-End Crypto-issuance Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Barbados
Letsbet Letsbet 3.0 2018-07-07 Crypto Price Predictions Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Investment, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract Germany
Sports Ledger Sports Ledger 3.6 2018-07-12 The Future of Sports Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform, Smart Contract, Software, Sports United Kingdom
RedCab RedCab 4.0 2018-06-22 2018-08-15 Decentralized Transportation Solution Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Tourism Egypt
Cyber Capital Invest Cyber Capital Invest 3.5 2018-07-16 Profit From the Cryptocurrency Without Loss Investment Estonia
W Green Pay W Green Pay 3.3 2018-06-26 Blockchain from W-Foundations Platform Singapore
0xcert 0xcert 4.5 2018-06-26 Supporting Uniqueness Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Slovenia
Monopoly Monopoly 4.0 2018-07-05 Decentralized Investment Platform Cryptocurrency Gibraltar
ERN ERN 3.8 2018-06-25 The Earn Audio Sharing Platform Entertainment UK
HEdpAY HEdpAY 3.4 2018-07-09 Decentralized Banking Token Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
Depository Network Depository Network 3.5 2018-06-26 Multi-Platform Collateral Infrastructure Infrastructure, Platform Estonia
GIDCoin GIDCoin 3.1 2018-07-01 Covered By Diamonds And Gold Cryptocurrency, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform Switzerland
WINiota WINiota 4.0 2018-07-01 Decentralized On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino Casino & Gambling Gibraltar
EkkBaz EkkBaz 4.3 2018-06-25 Baz Protocol for $8.5 Trillion FMCG Market Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract Singapore
OPP Open WiFi OPP Open WiFi 4.0 2018-07-01 Free to Access Open WiFi Hotspot Network Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Software UK
TuurnT TuurnT 3.9 2018-06-21 Let's People Pay You to Party Entertainment Canada
Rays Network Rays Network 3.8 2018-07-01 A New Cryptocurrency and a Blockchain Cryptocurrency UK
Moonlight Moonlight 2.5 2018-07-08 Employment. Redefined. Artificial Intelligence, Platform USA
Online Online 4.1 2018-07-08 2018-07-31 platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable, thus marking a groundbreaking change of the Internet. Platform, Internet UK 2.6 2018-07-01 Hold Digital Assets Get Cash Platform China, Hong Kong
FlipNpik FlipNpik 4.3 2018-07-01 Collaborative Social Media Business services, Cryptocurrency, Media, Software France
Explorio Explorio 3.4 2018-07-01 Travel Reviews Platform Tourism Gibraltar
BigBang BigBang 3.4 2018-07-01 Play and Get Loyalty Points You Can Trade Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Estonia
GlobeCas GlobeCas 3.6 2018-07-03 The Truest Entertainment Journey Platform Switzerland
Vip2Fan Vip2Fan 2.9 2018-07-17 Platform to Purchase Art, Smart Contract Spain
LVX LVX 3.3 2018-07-01 Derivatives Exchange Platform Hong Kong
Capital Capital 3.8 2018-07-01 Private Communication Solution Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Romania
Clash&GO Clash&GO 4.0 2018-07-10 AR Strategy With Blockchain Integrated Entertainment
Phoneum Phoneum 4.3 2018-06-21 Mobile Only Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Canada
BandZ BandZ 3.3 2018-07-02 A Secure Global Extranet Powered By Blockchain Platform Estonia
Humancoin Humancoin 3.7 2018-07-01 Humancoin is Set to Herald a New Era for Charity Cryptocurrency UK
Health FX Health FX 4.3 2018-07-14 The Future of Healthcare Health Singapore
ENDO Protocol ENDO Protocol 4.1 2018-06-26 ENDO Blockchain Protocol Platform Singapore
OpenBrix OpenBrix 3.1 2018-07-08 A Simple Open Network Available to Every One Real estate UK
Blockonomics Blockonomics 4.4 2018-07-01 Re Imagining Bitcoin and E-Commerce Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Retail, Software India
TycoonCoin TycoonCoin 2.2 2018-07-09 Turning Tokens Into Profits Business services
Blockvest Blockvest 3.2 2018-07-01 Innovating the Crypto Currency World Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform USA
Choon Choon 3.5 2018-07-02 Crypto & Tunes Entertainment, Platform UK
Tedchain Tedchain 3.5 2018-07-17 2018-10-08 Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Investment, Internet, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Platform, Software Poland
Ethereum Travel Token Ethereum Travel Token 4.3 2018-07-01 Unleash the Power to Travel Tourism
MEDICOHEALTH MEDICOHEALTH 3.6 2018-07-01 2018-08-01 The Biggest Doctor-Patient Environment Health, Communication, Platform Switzerland
Bitbose Bitbose 3.9 2018-07-16 2018-11-30 The Future Of Crypto Investments Platform UK
Humanscape Humanscape 4.1 2018-06-22 Solution to Incurable Diseases Health Hong Kong
Cointradebase Cointradebase 3.4 2018-07-10 Global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Nigeria
ULTRIX ULTRIX 3.7 2018-07-10 A Digital Payments Platform Platform Singapore
Tokenize Xchange Tokenize Xchange 2.4 2018-07-18 More than just a Digital Currency Exchange Cryptocurrency Singapore
One+1 One+1 3.6 2018-07-17 Open the window to the real world with us! Charity, Cryptocurrency
QuickX Protocol QuickX Protocol 3.9 2018-07-01 Quickest Cross Blockchain Transactions Platform Malta
Playrs Playrs 3.8 2018-07-01 Big Data to Decentralize the Sports Industry Big Data, Sports
Philanthor Philanthor 3.8 2018-07-01 Join Us To Change The World Charity, Education, Energy, Health, Investment USA
Aenco Aenco 4.0 2018-07-01 Global Healthtech Blockchain Financial Solutions Health Samoa
LaneAxis LaneAxis 3.8 2018-06-21 A Global Blockchain Solution for Transportation Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Cayman Island
Dataeum Dataeum 4.1 2018-07-02 Data Revolution Platform France
Block66 Block66 2.8 2018-07-12 We Are Securitizing Mortgages on the Blockchain Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Singapore
Swachhcoin Swachhcoin 4.7 2018-07-01 2018-08-08 Swachhcoin is Here to Help Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Smart Contract India
Yuan Developers Coin Yuan Developers Coin 3.0 2018-07-02 Blockchain Technology For Real Estate Business services, Cryptocurrency, Real estate Hong Kong
Cube Chain Cube Chain 2.7 2018-06-30 Cube Chain Crowdfunding Token Sale Platform, Retail, Software Malaysia
Trecento Blockchain Capital Trecento Blockchain Capital 3.8 2018-07-10 All-in-One Blockchain Investment Solution Platform Switzerland
Enecuum Enecuum 3.9 2018-06-22 2018-08-31 Blockchain of Tomorrow Business services, Platform Hong Kong
eLYQD eLYQD 3.0 2018-07-09 2018-09-30 eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the entire vaping industry. Internet, Platform USA
ShareMe Music ShareMe Music 2.8 2018-07-01 Become a part of Music History today Media
Ledgit Ledgit 2.6 2018-07-07 2018-08-07 Smart Application Platform Platform Singapore
JSEcoin JSEcoin 4.1 2018-07-11 Digital Currency - Designed for the Web Cryptocurrency UK
MCB MCB 3.8 2018-07-16 Online Bank Banking Estonia
MyCryptoBank MyCryptoBank 4.7 2018-07-16 Online Bank Banking Estonia
Scienceroot Scienceroot 3.7 2018-07-15 Blockchain-Based Scientific Ecosystem Communication, Education, Platform Romania
Boomstarter.Network Boomstarter.Network 3.1 2018-06-30 Unchain the World While Making Money Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore
Bitminer Factory Bitminer Factory 3.4 2018-07-01 Blockchain Made Sustainable Cryptocurrency, Energy Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fatum Fatum 2.5 2018-07-10 Fatum Project Media, Platform Hong Kong
KuBitX KuBitX 2.2 2018-07-01 Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Platform Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail Malta
Coinet Coinet 3.6 2018-06-22 Invest {Safely} Platform Afghanistan
PingPaid PingPaid 3.3 2018-07-01 Crypto payment solutions platform and protocol, bringing cryptocurrency mainstream Cryptocurrency Bahamas
XBIT XBIT 2.5 2018-07-10 ProjectX for Business Incubation Business services, Platform Singapore
Asset Allocation Token Asset Allocation Token 4.0 2018-07-01 Platform Will Help Crypto Investors Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Smart Contract, Software
Bronix Bronix 3.1 2018-06-22 Exchange Platform Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Platform Australia
Ternion Ternion 3.4 2018-06-29 The Digital Reserve Currency for Everyone Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform Estonia
Varanida Varanida 3.9 2018-06-25 Fair & Transparent Digital Ecosystem Media France
DANS DANS 2.5 2018-07-01 Exchange of Advertisements Based on Blockchain Other UK
Caloriecoin (CAL) Caloriecoin (CAL) 3.4 2018-07-01 2018-07-31 Take Care of Your Health & Fill Your Wallet Platform, Payments/Wallets, Health, Business services, Big Data, Smart Contract Singapore
ClearAid ClearAid 4.1 2018-07-07 Transparent Charity on Blockchain Charity Estonia
N.Exchange N.Exchange 3.5 2018-07-15 A Whole Eco-system Cryptocurrency UK
FRELDO FRELDO 3.3 2018-07-16 2018-09-17 Unleash the Power of Service Market Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Smart Contract, Business services Canada
Tombola Tombola 2.7 2018-07-01 Standard of World Blockchain Based Gambling Cryptocurrency, Platform Hong Kong
GrowPayment GrowPayment 3.0 2018-07-01 2018-09-30 Cannabis Marketplace Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Retail Canada
Trabet Trabet 3.3 2018-06-27 Digital Currency for Trading and Betting Casino & Gambling, Platform
Exbitrade Exbitrade 2.8 2018-07-04 Own Thy World Platform India
Bitsive Exchange Bitsive Exchange 2.1 2018-07-09 Bitsive Hybrid Exchange Platform USA
EXTRADECOIN EXTRADECOIN 3.5 2018-07-01 Trade and Play Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Singapore
LiTeum LiTeum 3.4 2018-06-26 Blockchain & AI Inspired Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Retail Czech Republic
StreamPay StreamPay 2.1 2018-06-30 Streampay Is An Enterprise Goods Smart Contract Estonia
Pig World Pig World 3.4 2018-06-28 Hybrid Decentralized Online Casino Platform
AITrading AITrading 3.9 2018-07-04 Unique AI-powered Trading Ecosystem Platform Estonia
TrustVerse TrustVerse 2.3 2018-06-25 Wealth Management Platform Platform Singapore
EMINENT EMINENT 3.3 2018-06-27 The Mother Of All Apps Platform Singapore
EarthCycle EarthCycle 2.4 2018-07-01 Earthcycle Coin Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment Zimbabwe 2.4 2018-07-01 Privately-held Index Fund Investment, Smart Contract, Software BVI
Astoria Astoria 3.2 2018-07-16 Make, Deploy and Publish Your Own ICO Platform, Software Singapore
Re:Factor Re:Factor 4.1 2018-07-08 New Asset In Global Crypto Economy Business services, Infrastructure, Platform Singapore
Helios Neural Network Helios Neural Network 2.3 2018-07-01 Powering AI on the Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Health Australia
LogisticsX LogisticsX 2.7 2018-07-15 Trust-less Network for Last-Mile Logistics Platform Singapore
4ARTechnologies 4ARTechnologies 2.5 2018-07-09 We Are Solving the ART World's Biggest Problem Art, Platform Switzerland
CryptoSouk CryptoSouk 3.0 2018-07-09 Your Gateway To The Crypto World Cryptocurrency, Platform Vincent and the Grenadines
Trufield Trufield 2.9 2018-07-03 Eletronic Medical Records Application Health UK
PexCash PexCash 2.8 2018-07-04 Secure and Instant P2P Money Transfer Banking, Cryptocurrency Egypt
BIRC BIRC 3.3 2018-07-16 Business Interactive Reward Coin Platform Taiwan
TPX Network TPX Network 3.3 2018-07-17 Send Money Like You Send Information Banking, Business services, Internet UK
Kastle Kastle 3.5 2018-07-15 Next Generation Alt-Coin Exchange Platform USA
genEOS genEOS 2.7 2018-06-26 2018-12-23 Blockchain 4.0 for Business Platform, Infrastructure USA
EVA EVA 2.4 2018-06-28 The event ticketing revolution is here Business services, Entertainment, Platform Switzerland
AvaGo AvaGo 3.6 2018-06-26 Broadcast Management and Operator Actions Platform, Virtual Reality Singapore
STAYGE STAYGE 2.9 2018-07-16 Tokenize the Fandom Entertainment Estonia
Teledactyl Teledactyl 2.7 2018-07-03 Blockchain for Healthcare Health USA
AREF AREF 3.3 2018-06-30 Decentralized Advertising Business services, Platform, Retail Taiwan
Istrium Istrium 3.1 2018-06-21 2018-08-19 Create and deploy your own blockchain in just few clicks with Istrium. You can create a blockchain for storing data, or get your own cryptocurrency which will be added to our market place where Istrium (ISM) will be the cryptocurrency of reference. Platform France
Harbor Harbor 3.9 2018-07-03 Software Marketplace & UAICO Business services, Smart Contract, Software Singapore
Ultroneum Ultroneum 2.3 2018-07-03 The Evolution Of Crypto Financial Management Business services, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Internet, Investment, Software Estonia
LeoPays LeoPays 3.7 2018-07-16 Social Business Network Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Smart Contract Afghanistan
Bittellux Bittellux 2.2 2018-07-10 Platform For Crypto Traders Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Communication, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Estonia
Spade Coin Spade Coin 1.8 2018-07-05 Valuing Your Trust Cryptocurrency, Platform UAE
Cryptov8 Cryptov8 3.5 2018-07-14 Bringing Banking to Blockchain Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
Coal Coin Coal Coin 2.6 2018-07-02 Virtual Investment In A Real Product Energy, Manufacturing Russian Federation
MarketC MarketC 2.5 2018-07-03 Digital Payment Anywhere, Anytime Platform Germany
Elepig Elepig 4.0 2018-06-25 A Wealth of Opportunities for Everyone Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
RedFund RedFund 3.0 2018-07-01 Real Estate Development Fund Real estate Mexico
LEXZOOM LEXZOOM 3.4 2018-07-01 Decentralized Real Estate Investment Trust Real estate United Arab Emirates
Bit-learn Bit-learn 2.6 2018-07-15 Learn Offers, Learn Crypto Investing and Learn Crypto Trading Platform Germany
EGold EGold 3.5 2018-06-25 Stable Cryptocurrency, Backed by Gold Cryptocurrency UK
BookMyGain BookMyGain 3.0 2018-06-21 Smart-Swap Contracts On Blockchain Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment United Arab Emirates
DeFund Project DeFund Project 2.3 2018-07-16 The First Decentralized Crypto-Fund Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Italy
EQI EQI 3.1 2018-06-21 EQI Aims to Renvent Banking Banking Cayman Islands
Aleef Aleef 3.7 2018-07-05 Contemporary Cryptocurrency Platform
Tempow Tempow 2.7 2018-07-01 One Token. Three Platforms. Four Profit Sources. Software Singapore
Rhizome Rhizome 2.3 2018-07-15 Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Education, Smart Contract France
BeeMedics BeeMedics 2.6 2018-07-01 A Breath of Fresh Air Health USA
Gnome Invasion Gnome Invasion 2.6 2018-07-11 Collect Real Gaming-Cards On The Blockchain Entertainment, Gaming/AR/VR Estonia
Support Chain Support Chain 2.6 2018-07-15 The World's Only Project to Bring People Together Business services, Charity, Cryptocurrency, Platform
AI Opinion AI Opinion 3.0 2018-07-01 Medicine AI Artificial Intelligence, Health Estonia
EOS Auction EOS Auction 2.6 2018-07-12 EOS Auction Platform Art, Big Data, Platform, Real estate, Software Hong Kong
ArtNoy ArtNoy 2.6 2018-07-01 WorldWide Art Registration Art Israel
IViN IViN 2.6 2018-07-01 Intelligent Virtual Network Internet, Platform, Virtual Reality Estonia
SilkChain SilkChain 3.3 2018-07-01 2018-07-30 The First Blockchain Based Platform in Global Smart Contract, Internet Singapore
UVIDIFY UVIDIFY 2.9 2018-07-05 The First Video-Based World Market Business services, Communication, Media, Platform, Retail UK
imusify imusify 3.3 2018-07-01 Get IMU. Rock Out. Get Paid. Media Gibraltar
TonerCoin TonerCoin 3.1 2018-07-01 Token, Secured by Real Assets Manufacturing Russia
qiibee qiibee 3.1 2018-06-26 Loyalty on the Blockchain Business services, Platform Switzerland
iRegMed iRegMed 2.6 2018-07-01 Shaping the Future of Medicine Together Health, Platform Luxembourg
Cybercoinium Cybercoinium 1.9 2018-07-01 Everything Begins With You Platform USA
RFT RFT 2.8 2018-07-05 Where the Odds are in Your Control Platform Japan
Taurus0X Taurus0X 2.6 2018-06-21 2018-09-06 Distributed off-chain / on-chain protocol powering smart derivatives from end to end, for any asset over any network. Platform, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking, Smart Contract, Software USA
RYFTS RYFTS 2.8 2018-07-05 Where the Odds are in Your Control Casino & Gambling Japan
Taurus Taurus 2.6 2018-06-21 Smart Derivatives Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software United States
EtherAce Speculation Platform EtherAce Speculation Platform 3.0 2018-07-12 A Speculation Platform Made for All Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
Umewin Umewin 2.8 2018-07-01 Rethinking the World of Mobile Advertising Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Charity, Media, Platform Argentina
TEROS TEROS 2.3 2018-06-30 Public Scrutiny Smart Contracts Smart Contract, Software Malta
IonChain IonChain 3.6 2018-07-07 A High-Capacity IonChain Transactional System Platform Finland
Officium Officium 2.3 2018-07-01 The World Leading Decentralized Marketplace Platform UK
GGX GGX 1.8 2018-06-22 Endorsed by Intellectual Properties Platform
Mindfire Mindfire 2.6 2018-07-01 Decoding the Mind for Humankind Platform Switzerland
BlockClick BlockClick 3.8 2018-07-01 Blockchain Technology for Digital Marketing Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Australia
Arizn Arizn 3.5 2018-06-26 Tokenised Crowd Funding Platform Investment, Platform, Smart Contract South Africa
UniDAG UniDAG 3.4 2018-07-01 Independent Decentralized Ecosystem Platform Estonia
Omeno Omeno 3.3 2018-06-28 Your Financial Freedom Starts Here Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Education, Internet, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform, Software Belize
Tixguru Tixguru 2.7 2018-07-01 Best Trading Experience to You Platform Singapore
CryptovationX CryptovationX 2.9 2018-07-01 The Best Friend for Crypto Investors Artificial Intelligence, Investment British Virgin Islands
InfraCoins InfraCoins 2.8 2018-07-15 Crypto Real Estate Platform Platform, Real estate Malaysia 2.6 2018-07-07 Building a Blockchain S-a-a-S for Online Consumer Smart Contract
MintFlint MintFlint 2.0 2018-07-07 Data That Drives Business services, Platform, Software
NONECoin NONECoin 2.2 2018-07-14 Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform Cryptocurrency Germany
CryptoLink Network CryptoLink Network 2.2 2018-07-13 A Fully Decentralized Oracle Network Business services, Smart Contract Russia
BEATRIX BEATRIX 2.1 2018-07-18 Energy and Telecommunications Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Infrastructure, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform Germany