Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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NiMEDix ecosystem NiMEDix ecosystem 2.8 2019-11-01 Africas's 1st Decentralized HealthCare Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Health, Infrastructure, Platform Nigeria
PodMiners PodMiners 3.9 2019-11-10 A Blockchain Based Platform to Express Your Views Entertainment Estonia 3.6 2019-11-06 The Ultimate Content Monetisation System Platform
ALT-TOP ALT-TOP 3.7 2019-11-01 Agriculture - Token Ownership Platform Platform Singapore
Bitcollar Bitcollar 3.5 2019-10-25 All-in-one Crypto Payment and Investment Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Hong Kong
DACX DACX 3.8 2019-10-26 Global Regulator Compliant Exchange Platform Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Real estate, Smart Contract UK
BNC Token BNC Token 3.5 2019-10-21 Token IEO Sign Up Today Cryptocurrency, Platform New Zealand
PADOSCOIN PADOSCOIN 2.7 2019-10-31 The Most Profitable Diversified Crypto Techno Mining Centres In The World Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet Indonesia
Kauri Kauri 3.2 2019-10-22 Big Solution For Small Money Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Retail, Tourism Marshall Islands
CryptoCocktail Coin CryptoCocktail Coin 2.9 2019-10-22 The First Currency Exclusively For Food And Beverages Cryptocurrency
GBC KOREA GBC KOREA 2.1 2019-10-22 Global M&A Platform Platform
ledgerium ledgerium 3.4 2019-11-04 Every transaction. Every where. Every time. Banking, Business services, Platform, Software Australia
KAVA KAVA 2.4 2019-10-23 A Cross-Chain Platform for Decentralized Finance Platform
BlobFlow BlobFlow 2.4 2019-11-11 BlobFlow Medium of Exchange Cryptocurrency, Platform
Global Crypto Alliance Global Crypto Alliance 4.0 2019-10-30 The Very First Token Powered by ERC777 Cryptocurrency Malta
Bankaero Bankaero 3.0 2019-10-22 Secure Multi-Currency Wallet for Exchanging Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
K Tune K Tune 3.2 2019-10-30 Worldwide Collaboration for K-Pop Art, Entertainment Switzerland
TOXIC TOXIC 2.6 2019-10-28 Secure Communication & Crypto Freedom On The First Place Communication, Cryptocurrency, Software Ukraine
Digital Telecom Digital Telecom 2.0 2019-11-15 Bringing Blockchain Technology To The Telecom Sector Communication, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
The Hustle App The Hustle App 3.4 2019-10-24 Promoting Health, Fitness and Wellness Cryptocurrency, Health, Sports USA
Coalculus Coalculus 2.9 2019-11-01 Blockchain Financial Services Platform Infrastructure Singapore
INVIZION (NVZN) INVIZION (NVZN) 2.2 2019-11-15 Envision Life Cleaner & Brighter Cryptocurrency, Energy, Smart Contract USA
CODEO TOKEN CODEO TOKEN 3.3 2019-11-08 The New World Digital Asset Banking, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract British Virgin Islands