Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
Dominium Dominium P 2018-09-03 2018-12-31 Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world! Real estate, Investment, Business services Netherlands
HARA HARA P 2018-11-14 2018-11-30 Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange. Big Data, Data/Computing/AI, Infrastructure Singapore
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REMIIT REMIIT 3.2 2018-10-22 2018-11-25 Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment Platform Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking Singapore
Membrana Membrana 3.2 2018-11-01 Trust Management of Digital Assets Cryptocurrency Cayman Islands
Snapparazzi - Be The World’s Eye Snapparazzi - Be The World’s Eye 3.0 2018-10-15 2018-11-30 Take photos and videos of unique events that you are witnessing during your daily routine. Use the Snapparazzi app to sell them to local and global media outlets, getting paid immediately! Reporters, Content Creators, Moderators and Viewers earn SNPC Content/Advertising, Cryptocurrency, Media Malta
CoTrader CoTrader 3.9 2018-10-31 2018-12-31 Transparent Investment Funds Marketplace Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency Saint Kitts and Nevis
Terawatt Terawatt 2.4 2018-10-16 2018-12-15 Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology Infrastructure, Energy/Utilities, Energy, Business services, Blockchain Platform, Smart Contract Netherlands
Black Insurance Black Insurance 3.6 2018-11-01 2018-11-30 Market Place for Insurance Brokers and Investors Business services, Investment Estonia
RealtyReturns RealtyReturns 2.7 2018-10-23 2018-11-23 Cross-Border, Blockchain-Based Real Estate Marketplace Asset Management, Blockchain Platform, Investment, Real estate, Smart Contract USA 3.4 2018-11-01 2018-11-30 Decentralized Database for Dating Big Data, Infrastructure, Platform Singapore
HighVibe.Network HighVibe.Network 3.2 2018-11-11 2018-12-12 Awakening Human Potential Virtual Reality, Tourism, Smart Contract, Retail, Platform, Media, Internet, Health, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency Estonia
EverLife.AI EverLife.AI 3.9 2018-10-16 2018-11-15 AI Avatar Network Artificial Intelligence Singapore
eLocations eLocations 3.5 2018-11-01 The Future of Retail Property on the Blockchain Smart Contract, Retail, Real estate, Platform, Investment, Business services, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Switzerland
Kuende Kuende 2.5 2018-10-19 2018-11-16 Putting The Social Back Into Social Networks Media, Entertainment, Communication, Platform Switzerland
XERA XERA 4.6 2018-11-05 2018-12-31 Dynamizing Cryptocurrency Trading Investment, Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
Inmusik Inmusik 3.3 2018-11-12 2018-12-12 Global Music Economy on Blockchain Media, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Platform Ireland
NeoPlace NeoPlace 3.3 2018-10-15 2018-11-30 Earn Crypto. Spend Crypto. Cryptocurrency Singapore
SOAR SOAR 3.4 2018-11-09 2018-11-23 Decentralized Drone Platform Big Data, Blockchain Platform, Artificial Intelligence Singapore
W12 W12 4.3 2018-11-01 2018-12-12 W12 - is an open protocol for creation and execution of milestone based smart contracts. The protocol consists of smart contract templates (no programming skills required), DAO governance and a decentralized oracles network, that controls execution o Platform Singapore
Loligo Loligo 3.8 2018-10-20 World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform France
Silent Silent 3.3 2018-11-01 2018-11-30 For a Powerful Future Other, Infrastructure, Energy Switzerland
Mix Rent Mix Rent 3.4 2018-10-17 2018-11-17 Rent And Share Vehicles Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Platform Ireland
EveryCoin EveryCoin 3.5 2018-10-25 2018-12-25 A new decentralized Financial Platform utilizing Multi BlockChain. Thailand
V-ID Token V-ID Token 4.0 2018-10-15 2018-12-15 Blockchain Powered Validation Platform, Security/Identity Netherlands
Stacktical Stacktical 4.1 2018-11-01 2018-12-31 Automatic Downtime Compensation Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract France
ALLCARE ALLCARE 2.9 2018-11-01 Makes Company Benefits Like Healthcare Platform Singapore
EZ Exchange EZ Exchange 3.5 2018-10-22 2018-12-17 EZ Exchange is building the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world by putting traders first, with robust support and industry-leading security, ensuring that users never deal with a substandard customer experience when trading cryptocurrency. Malta
Helix3 Helix3 2.6 2018-10-15 Take Control of Your Health Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health, Platform, Smart Contract, Software United States
Credible Network Credible Network 4.1 2018-10-15 2018-11-15 Reinventing Credit Scoring Banking Singapore
Feon Feon 2.1 2018-10-15 Payment by Touch Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Internet, Investment Russia
Monoreto Monoreto 3.4 2018-10-20 2018-12-31 A Social Network With Monetization Of Likes Entertainment, Communication, Media, Platform Singapore
GameChain GameChain 2.7 2018-10-18 Build Your World. Rule Your World. Electronics, Software, Virtual Reality Isle of Man
RainCheck RainCheck 3.9 2018-11-05 Manage and Aggregate Reward Points Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet Australia
Enzym Enzym 3.0 2018-10-15 Game That Makes You Meet Many People Entertainment, Virtual Reality France
Cryptobike Cryptobike 2.3 2018-11-01 A Currency Powering The Bike Sharing Economy Business services, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Tourism
ASSPACE ASSPACE 2.2 2018-10-25 2019-01-01 Private decentralized 18+ social network Internet, Cryptocurrency
EasyGuide EasyGuide 2.9 2018-10-17 Unites Travellers All Over the World Platform Estonia
Festy Festy 2.9 2018-10-29 Payments for the Next Generation Banking, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Entertainment, Health, Infrastructure, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Software, Tourism Ireland
BUILDCash BUILDCash 3.6 2018-11-02 2018-12-31 BUILDCash (B1x) is freely tradable digital money that is integrated in the BUILD1x ecosystem for the construction industry that will enable builders and craftsmen to: find work and projects, validate work completion, and facilitate instant payments. USA
ServAdvisor ServAdvisor 2.9 2018-11-12 2018-12-12 Local Service Consumers and Travellers Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Business services, Artificial Intelligence, Retail, Smart Contract, Tourism Germany