Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
Pacmancoin Pacmancoin 2.4 2018-05-05 The Connection Between Past and Future Platform
Befund Befund 2.5 2018-05-16 Service Platform for Fund Platform Singapore
BCG BCG 3.3 2018-05-15 Decentralization Prediction Markets Platform Singapore
LeadRex LeadRex 3.8 2018-05-21 AI-based platform for lead generation Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Internet, Platform, Software USA
U Run It U Run It 3.4 2018-05-15 New Era in Gambling Industry Platform Hong Kong
Elysian Elysian 4.3 2018-05-21 A Blockchain-Based Platform for Online Stores Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Virtual Reality Belize
Loandex Loandex 2.8 2018-05-07 Commission Free Trading Exchange Platform India
MaxData MaxData 3.8 2018-05-01 2018-05-31 Discover the New Service Economy Big Data, Business services, Energy, Platform, Retail Gibraltar
Invest in Brokers Invest in Brokers 4.8 2018-05-26 2018-07-15 The Future Of Your Investments Education, Investment, Platform UK
3DES 3DES 2.0 2018-05-01 Slicing as Fast as Possible Platform
Atlantis Blue Digital Atlantis Blue Digital 3.4 2018-05-01 Tokens on the Stellar Network Cryptocurrency, Investment Dominican Republic
GENEXI GENEXI 4.0 2018-05-01 Accelerating Biotech Breakthroughs Big Data, Health, Platform Switzerland
EtainPower Token ICO EtainPower Token ICO 2.9 2018-05-07 Blockchain-Based Energy Ecosystem Pwered By AI Energy Malta
Global REIT Global REIT 2.9 2018-05-01 Global REIT - Blockchain Based REIT Real estate United Arab Emirates
HybridBlock HybridBlock 3.4 2018-05-23 Robust Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract Hong Kong
Swiss Alps Mining Swiss Alps Mining 4.1 2018-05-22 The Smart Mining Company Platform Switzerland
DocTailor DocTailor 4.2 2018-05-03 DocTailor Software, Smart Contract, Legal United Kingdom
Cryptfunder Cryptfunder 4.8 2018-05-25 Decentralized Funding Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Cayman Islands
ViValid ViValid 3.9 2018-05-14 Every Item Has A Story Art, Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Internet, Platform Estonia
Typerium Typerium 3.8 2018-05-21 Decentralised Content Creation Platform Platform United Kingdom
Luckchemy Luckchemy 4.5 2018-04-30 2018-07-20 Provably Fair Online Gambling Platform Platform, Smart Contract Gibraltar
GRE GRE 3.3 2018-05-18 Global Risk Exchange Infrastructure Hong Kong
Bitmillex Bitmillex 3.5 2018-05-17 The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment United Kingdom
HOLD HOLD 3.6 2018-05-04 Hold Crypto, Get Instant Cash Banking Malta
Phantasma Phantasma 2.6 2018-05-22 Decentralized, Fast & Secure Communication, Other
Datablockchain Datablockchain 3.9 2018-05-27 Merging Big Data, AI And Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Platform
WeGold WeGold 2.6 2018-05-15 World’s First Travel Blockchain Tourism Singapore
DUCATUR DUCATUR 3.0 2018-05-01 First MultiChain Oracles Framework Big Data, Business services, Platform Estonia
Habibicoin Habibicoin 2.8 2018-04-30 2018-06-17 The Real Estate Backed Crypto Currency Real estate UAE
Howdoo Howdoo 4.3 2018-05-02 2018-06-02 A New Kind of Messaging Communication UK
MVLchain MVLchain 3.5 2018-05-15 Mass Vehicle Ledger Other
SURETY.AI SURETY.AI 3.5 2018-05-01 Smart Micro-Insurance for the Unbanked Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract
Forever Has Fallen Forever Has Fallen 4.6 2018-05-08 Forever Fallen powered by Forever Coin Entertainment Australia
Blockchain Hotels Blockchain Hotels 4.2 2018-04-30 2018-05-31 The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain Real estate, Tourism Gibraltar
Whalesburg Whalesburg 4.6 2018-04-30 Worlds First Enterprice Ready Platform Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Software Czech Republic
Namahe Namahe 4.0 2018-05-24 Namahe, a Leap Forward to a Sustainable Future Platform Singapore
MPCX MPCX 3.8 2018-05-07 Digital Wealth Management Platform Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform United Kingdom
Mine Mine 3.3 2018-05-27 Potential to Change the World Cryptocurrency Philippines
Slate Slate 3.0 2018-05-11 Unrestricted Global Entertainment Access Business services, Entertainment, Media Canada
Bitxoxo Bitxoxo 4.0 2018-05-01 Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform India & Australia
Railz Railz 3.8 2018-05-01 A Language for Robot Conversations Internet United Kingdom
Treon Treon 3.9 2018-05-21 Crypto Revolution to Utility Payments Communication, Energy Estonia
TrustedCars Flex TrustedCars Flex 4.8 2018-05-14 Changing Car Ownership Forever Platform Germany
CGCX CGCX 3.3 2018-05-01 First Hybrid Crypto Platform in Singapore Cryptocurrency Singapore
Cryptoflix Cryptoflix 3.1 2018-05-15 2018-06-15 Watch movies. Fund films. Get cryptos. Repeat. Entertainment Barbados
CyteCoin CyteCoin 3.8 2018-05-07 Decentralized Advertising Platform Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Virtual Reality Hong Kong
Memority Memority 4.1 2018-05-16 Data Storage Revolution on Blockchain Platform Estonia
Properbuz Properbuz 3.8 2018-05-24 Global Real Estate Marketplace & a Social Network Real estate UK
CryptoPolice CryptoPolice 4.8 2018-05-15 First Community Based Decentralized Police Platform Estonia
ENTRY ENTRY 4.0 2018-04-30 2018-07-30 The People’s Bank of Blockchain Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Lithuania
AutoBay AutoBay 3.4 2018-05-09 2018-06-08 Buy, Sell &Auction Any Vehicle with Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail Argentina
Vuulr Vuulr 3.9 2018-05-02 New Broadcast Content Economy Entertainment Singapore
AQUA AQUA 3.9 2018-05-07 Data Driven Platform Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Platform, Retail, Software, Tourism USA
TridentCoin TridentCoin 2.8 2018-05-01 New Era Of Investment In Crypto Index Fund Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment Malta
GoneTrippin GoneTrippin 2.6 2018-04-30 Make Every Trip an Adventure Business services, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Platform, Retail, Tourism USA
Asura Coin Asura Coin 3.0 2018-05-07 The World's Frst Self-Sustainable eSports Platform Casino & Gambling, Entertainment, Platform, Sports
TowerBee TowerBee 3.9 2018-05-05 Disrupting The $ 120 Billion Saas Industry Big Data, Internet, Software Estonia
Block Broker Block Broker 4.4 2018-05-11 Decentralized ICO Broker Platform Australia
Plentix Plentix 4.5 2018-05-20 Application Aiming to Connect and Reward Investment Australia
Kryptonium Kryptonium 3.5 2018-04-30 The Ultimate Privacy Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Platform Hong Kong
Mandala Mandala 3.9 2018-05-11 Connecting the Universe through Blockchain Investment, Platform Cayman Islands
Kleros Kleros 3.6 2018-05-15 The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer Business services, Platform, Smart Contract France
Blocnation Blocnation 3.9 2018-05-03 Unlocking the Lifestyle Payment Ecosystem in Asia Entertainment Philippines
IP Gold IP Gold 4.5 2018-05-02 Proven Profitable IP Address Ecosystem Internet, Platform
INCX INCX 3.0 2018-05-14 Ultra-Scalable Simple, Secure & Compliant Cryptocurrency, Platform Singapore
Hirefreehands Hirefreehands 4.0 2018-05-14 The Workplace of the Future Business services Hong Kong
Gese Gese 3.5 2018-05-15 Watch What You Drink Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform Cyprus
UMKA UMKA 2.9 2018-05-01 Decentralized Labor Market Business services, Education, Platform, Smart Contract Seychelles
PeerAtlas PeerAtlas 3.6 2018-05-01 Make Medical Information Free Health Malta
INGOT COIN INGOT COIN 3.6 2018-05-01 Wallet with a Digital Bank Banking, Cryptocurrency Estonia
flyCARE flyCARE 3.1 2018-05-14 It's No Longer an Utopia Health Belgium
Zichain Zichain 3.9 2018-05-21 Pioneering Crypto Finance Investment, Platform UK
Sentinel Protocol Sentinel Protocol 3.5 2018-05-23 Rebels With A Cause Platform
Litenett Litenett 3.1 2018-05-14 Multimedia Social Network Communication, Media, Platform Germany
ROMAD ROMAD 3.9 2018-05-27 The Next-Generation Antivirus Big Data, Real estate Switzerland
GreenX GreenX 3.8 2018-05-15 Green Energy Network Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Smart Contract Singapore
Quadrant Quadrant 3.9 2018-05-01 A Blueprint for Mapping Decentralized Data Big Data
WPP WPP 2.8 2018-04-29 Global Green Energy Solutions Business services, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Energy, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
CoinUs CoinUs 3.8 2018-04-29 Revolutionary Hybrid Multi-Wallet Electronics, Platform, Software South Korea
BiteX BiteX 3.9 2018-05-09 The First Locally-Embedded Crypto-Bank Banking, Platform Singapore
Quantor Quantor 3.6 2018-05-14 Quantitative Investments In Decentralized Economy Education, Investment, Platform UK
Hupplat Hupplat 2.9 2018-05-20 Do You Have Any Hup? Art, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Platform Turkey
Trustier Trustier 3.5 2018-05-01 Invest In a World of Trust Big Data, Business services, Communication, Internet, Platform Netherlands
Investa Investa 4.0 2018-05-01 2018-06-30 Investa Banking Ecosystem Banking, Investment, Platform ENGLAND 4.0 2018-05-18 Gauge the Sentiments of Users' Reactions Artificial Intelligence, Big Data United Kingdom
Faba Invest Faba Invest 2.6 2018-05-02 Faba Helps Companies to Grow Platform UK
SleekPlay SleekPlay 4.0 2018-05-14 Content Monetization Reinvented Platform Seychelles
Shipit Shipit 4.5 2018-05-01 NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Saint Kitts and Nevis
CoVEX CoVEX 4.0 2018-05-12 All In One Digital Trading Platform Platform UK
BELDEX BELDEX 2.6 2018-05-01 Hybrid Decentralized Crypto Exchange Cryptocurrency Malaysia
Tradelize Tradelize 4.8 2018-05-01 Your Laser Sword in Cryptocurrency Trading Business services, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Georgia
Ydentity Ydentity 3.5 2018-05-07 Your True Identity Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet
MBYS MBYS 4.3 2018-05-05 2018-06-15 Professional Networking Protocol Business services, Platform Estonia
Free Market Token Free Market Token 2.6 2018-05-07 Be Part of the Peer-to-Peer Crypto Marketplace Infrastructure, Retail, Smart Contract Australia
Trimpo Trimpo 4.5 2018-05-15 Helps Merchants Selling On Marketplaces Big Data, Business services, Platform, Retail USA
Intiva Intiva 3.3 2018-04-30 Introducing Decentralized Credentialing Platform
Tokpie Tokpie 4.3 2018-05-01 Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency-Fiat and Swap Exchange Platform Hong Kong
Safinus Safinus 4.0 2018-05-02 2018-06-02 Platform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services Russia
Box2Table Box2Table 3.8 2018-05-08 Solution for Restaurant Managemen Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract United States
NWPSolution NWPSolution 4.6 2018-04-30 2018-06-10 Healthcare Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health, Platform Estonia
CryptoAds CryptoAds 3.6 2018-05-15 A Powerful Ad Platform Built on Ethereum Platform Ukraine
BitScreener BitScreener 3.6 2018-05-15 The World's First Financial Data Ecosystem Software Singapore
CryptoRobotics CryptoRobotics 3.6 2018-05-20 One-Stop-Shop Trade Terminal for Exchanges Cryptocurrency Gibraltar
Gramaton Token Gramaton Token 3.1 2018-05-20 Cloud-mining Organization Cryptocurrency, Platform Belarus
Cryptocean Cryptocean 4.1 2018-05-15 Ecosystem, Processing, Cryptoexchange Banking, Platform Afghanistan
BotChain BotChain 3.3 2018-05-08 AI-Powered Knowledge Base for Business Teams Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Infrastructure USA
Vikky Vikky 3.0 2018-05-02 Mining Blockchain by Jobs Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Australia 3.9 2018-05-01 End2End Encrypted Email & File Storage Business services, Communication, Internet, Platform, Software Andorra
Payportal Payportal 4.3 2018-05-21 Bill Payments and Money Transfers Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform India
CheckCar CheckCar 3.8 2018-05-16 Diagnosis of Cars on the Blockchain Big Data, Business services, Communication, Platform, Smart Contract Russia
Beyond Seen Screen Beyond Seen Screen 3.9 2018-04-30 The Missing Link Between Video And Content Entertainment, Media, Platform Croatia
Gastery Gastery 4.5 2018-05-01 Automation of Rests Client-Side Big Data, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Platform, Software, Tourism Russia
Blupass Blupass 3.6 2018-05-15 2018-07-15 Bringing you instant health insurance claims using blockchain technology. Platform, Health USA
Game Stars Game Stars 4.1 2018-05-03 Join The World Of Cybersports Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Sports Seychellees
Pool of Stake Pool of Stake 3.7 2018-05-02 2018-06-03 Pool for Proof of Stake Blockchains Smart Contract Switzerland
Pink Taxi Token Pink Taxi Token 2.9 2018-05-15 Community Based Taxi Program Platform UK
JOYS JOYS 3.8 2018-05-16 Transforming Digital Money Into Real Goods Retail Russia
Solarex Solarex 3.4 2018-05-18 Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Ecosystem Energy, Infrastructure UK
Petal Petal 2.4 2018-05-15 Decentralised Positivity as We Call It Business services, Charity, Education, Infrastructure, Investment India
Holdvest Holdvest 3.4 2018-05-08 Your Universal Gateway To The Crypto-Markets Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform
Jupiter Project Jupiter Project 2.8 2018-05-07 The World Strongest Security for All Artificial Intelligence Japan
BitStump BitStump 3.8 2018-05-15 BitStump is Future Wallet Cryptocurrency, Internet Australia
FXPay FXPay 2.6 2018-05-01 Foriegn Exchange Trading per Day Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract United Kingdom
Evident Proof Evident Proof 4.3 2018-05-10 Data Verification and Proof Services Business services Gibraltar
Borneo Borneo 3.3 2018-05-01 Borneo Island Investment Indonesia
GOODWORK GOODWORK 3.9 2018-05-19 Ecosystem for Remote Teams Real estate RUSSIA
OUNA OUNA 4.1 2018-05-01 2018-05-30 Shaping the Future of Human Resources Platform Gibraltar
Telluria Telluria 2.9 2018-05-07 Telluria Marketplace Cryptocurrency, Investment, Legal, Platform, Smart Contract Austria
Cosplay Token Cosplay Token 3.8 2018-04-30 Cosplay Platform based on Blockchain Entertainment Hong Kong
Chubex Chubex 3.6 2018-05-01 Secured Open Digital Assets Exchange for Everyone Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Hong Kong
Gamico Gamico 3.1 2018-05-01 2018-06-30 Play To Live, Live To Play Platform, Smart Contract Hong Kong
IDMoney IDMoney 4.6 2018-05-01 The First Social, Global,Public Crypto Communication, Legal, Smart Contract Costa Rica
Swace Swace 4.3 2018-05-14 Now User-brand Interaction Becomes An Adventure Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Health, Media, Platform, Virtual Reality Lithuania
NEST NEST 3.6 2018-05-01 2018-05-30 The Gateway To Investing In Real Estate Real estate USA
Saturn Protocol Saturn Protocol 2.5 2018-05-01 2018-07-31 Crypto Traders Club Cryptocurrency
Saturn Network Saturn Network 2.8 2018-05-01 Future of Trustless Cryptocurrency
Bettium Bettium 3.9 2018-05-20 Big Data at Work For You Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Sports Estonia
Advanced Miners Advanced Miners 2.6 2018-04-30 The Revolution in the World of Mining Investment, Software Hong Kong
LiveContracts LiveContracts 3.0 2018-05-01 2018-06-01 A fair legal system for everyone Legal Netherlands
CyBit CyBit 3.9 2018-05-10 Platform To Empower Startups And Investors Business services, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract USA
Yizoot Yizoot 3.5 2018-04-30 Join the Interactive Media Revolution Platform
CoooCoin CoooCoin 3.4 2018-05-01 2018-05-31 A City In The Cloud Platform
Dylyver Dylyver 3.8 2018-05-16 Ride Sharing Service And Social Transportation Business services, Platform Hungary
Desto Desto 3.0 2018-05-01 2018-08-31 We plant. We harvest. We share. Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Asean
ZNAQ ZNAQ 4.0 2018-05-14 First Crypto Index Traded as a Token Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
EventJoin EventJoin 2.6 2018-05-11 Platform For Professional Networking Events Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Internet, Media, Platform, Software USA
Metabase Metabase 2.8 2018-05-14 A Scalable Blockchain For Building Dapps Business services, Infrastructure, Platform Hong Kong
Union Union 3.4 2018-05-01 2018-07-31 Ecosystem for Collaborative Savings and Lending Banking India
GANA GANA 3.3 2018-05-21 Technologies Studies Big Data and AI Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Estonia
Alethena Alethena 4.0 2018-05-23 Empowering Investment Investment Switzerland
Money By Design Money By Design 3.6 2018-05-01 2018-08-31 Bringing the Power of Blockchain to Institutions Banking, Platform, Smart Contract France
VU VU 4.9 2018-05-01 Your World Is Waiting Virtual Reality USA
SwissRealCoin SwissRealCoin 4.1 2018-05-23 Switzerland’s First Real Estate Crypto Token Real estate Switzerland
HashCard HashCard 3.9 2018-05-01 Revolutionising HOW You Use Credit & Debit Cards Banking Hong Kong
WisePass WisePass 3.5 2018-05-25 Lifestyle Cryptocurrency Platform Business services, Entertainment Singapore
Trilliant Trilliant 2.4 2018-05-27 Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment Switzerland
BFEX BFEX 4.4 2018-05-01 Civilized Human Society Banking, Platform Hong Kong
Monoreto Monoreto 3.4 2018-05-10 A Social Network With Monetization Of Likes Communication, Entertainment, Media, Platform Singapore
Cruisebit Cruisebit 3.1 2018-05-10 Introducing the World’s Most Secure Coin Banking UK
GDPR.Cash GDPR.Cash 3.5 2018-05-01 Network of Data Privacy Experts Business services, Platform Bulgaria
TeamMate TeamMate 2.9 2018-05-15 Gamified Fitness Data Health, Sports
TLPAC TLPAC 2.5 2018-05-01 We Are Reinventing Education Education USA
Acred Acred 2.5 2018-05-16 2018-05-31 Incentivizes Sharing Data Real estate Singapore
CoinSelf CoinSelf 3.9 2018-05-25 World Biggest Crypto Platform Cryptocurrency UK
Trivver Trivver 3.6 2018-05-14 Monetizing Extended Reality Platform, Virtual Reality USA
Blockchain IoT Network Blockchain IoT Network 2.4 2018-05-01 World’s First Blockless DAG IoT Network Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract India
REANIMATOR REANIMATOR 2.3 2018-05-04 New Era Of Blockchain Cinema Entertainment
CVerification CVerification 3.6 2018-05-13 2018-06-10 Blockchain-based Recruitment Business services, Communication, Education, Legal, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Germany
LenusChain LenusChain 4.4 2018-05-14 Providing You with Comprehensible Health Data Health Switzerland
Delicia Delicia 4.1 2018-05-10 Decentralized Food Network Artificial Intelligence, Energy Estonia
HotEngine HotEngine 3.1 2018-05-01 2018-07-30 Decentralized BookingEngine Runs in the BlockChain Tourism Turkey
Aigo Aigo 3.3 2018-05-11 Aigo is a Revolution in Personal Assistants Artificial Intelligence USA
ODEEP ODEEP 3.9 2018-05-14 Make Every Single Drop Count Other Malta
Group Project Group Project 3.6 2018-04-30 2018-05-30 Fighting Counterfeits Using Blockchain Retail United States of America
Sonic Sonic 2.6 2018-05-14 The Decentralized Reward System - Fans & Musicians Art, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
WankCoin WankCoin 2.9 2018-05-07 Entertainment Industry Business services, Entertainment, Virtual Reality Seychelles
CurrenExchange CurrenExchange 2.8 2018-05-18 A Trading Platform for Digital Assets Banking, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract United Kingdom
iAqua iAqua 3.3 2018-04-29 ICO canceled Health, Infrastructure, Investment Australia
CrossHedge CrossHedge 3.5 2018-05-22 Join the Next Generation of Fund Management Investment France
EcoStart EcoStart 2.1 2018-05-25 Public Distributed Cryptographic Platform Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment Estonia
NYiGDE? NYiGDE? 3.6 2018-05-16 Blockchain Marketplace for Global E-Commerce Platform, Retail Estonia
DYNO DYNO 3.1 2018-05-01 Re-defining the Sports Industry Platform Germany
Double Land Double Land 3.6 2018-05-15 MMO Economic Blockchain Game Entertainment Seychelles
SupplyBloc SupplyBloc 3.6 2018-05-15 An Approach to Supply-Chain Infrastructure Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Platform, Retail, Software United States
Switcoin Switcoin 2.9 2018-05-12 The Cryptocurrency With Its Own Ecosystem Communication, Media Netherlands
Warrantoken Warrantoken 3.8 2018-05-05 Automating & Secuting Warranties Platform United States
IDTechnology IDTechnology 2.5 2018-05-15 Invest Your Ether In The Data Platform Israel
Superfruit Superfruit 3.4 2018-05-14 Guarding Your Health Health, Manufacturing
Carbon Dollar X Carbon Dollar X 2.4 2018-05-11 The Asset Backed Digital Cryptocurrency Blockchain Platform, Banking, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Payments/Wallets, Platform, Smart Contract Malaysia
Monaco Estate Monaco Estate 3.5 2018-05-01 2018-05-30 Monaco Estate Token. Real estate Switzerland
Adblurb Adblurb 2018-05-01 2018-05-30 The Future of Advertising. Content/Advertising United Kingdom
OVATO OVATO 3.1 2018-05-10 2018-05-31 A Rewards, Earning and Giving Based Token! Business services, Cryptocurrency Singapore
CafeCoin CafeCoin 2.3 2018-04-30 2018-07-30 The Top Blockchain for Retail Stores and Customer Cryptocurrency BVI
Stellargoldcoin Stellargoldcoin 3.4 2018-05-05 2018-10-15 First Cryptocurrency For Mining Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency India
Cosmecoin Cosmecoin 4.4 2018-05-10 2018-06-01 Future Of Cosmetic Surgery And Medical Aesthetics Health, Software UK
GladAge GladAge 3.9 2018-05-01 2018-05-30 Say Hello To GladAge Infrastructure Australia
Zeto Zeto 3.3 2018-04-30 Pioneering a Scalable, Global Food-Safety Business services, Manufacturing, Retail, Software Ireland
Spotcoin Spotcoin 4.5 2018-05-01 2018-06-01 Streamlined FinTech Solutions To Access Capital Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Retail Georgia
STAY STAY 3.8 2018-05-01 Hotel an Innovative Way of Implementing Blockchain Platform, Real estate Indonesia
Invictus Invictus 3.3 2018-04-30 Master Intelligent Investing Investment Cayman Islands
Stitched Stitched 2.8 2018-05-01 Defying the Ordinary in Extraondinary Wayse Virtual Reality Spain
Equadex Equadex 3.5 2018-05-01 The Future of Funds Banking Japan
nedscoin nedscoin 3.4 2018-05-14 Licensed Bookmaking Company Platform Australia
Hala Hala 4.3 2018-05-02 AI Platform for Business Artificial Intelligence Estonia
VenusEnergy VenusEnergy 2.5 2018-05-05 Ethereum Mining Energy
Game Gold Game Gold 2.9 2018-05-01 We Working Hard on Every Gamer Dream Entertainment Costa Rica
PropertyClub PropertyClub 1.9 2018-05-01 Revolutionizing Real Estate Through Blockchain Investment, Real estate USA
DatEat DatEat 2.9 2018-05-09 Love is All Around Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Media, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Singapore
KuwaitKoin KuwaitKoin 2.1 2018-05-20 KuwaitKoin Internet, Software Kuwait
Invictus Hyperion Fund Invictus Hyperion Fund 3.8 2018-04-30 Diverse Investment in the Top Up-and-Coming ICO's Investment Cayman Islands
TOS TOS 2.4 2018-05-06 Thing Operating System Big Data, Internet, Platform Singapore
PayBlok PayBlok 3.3 2018-05-15 B2B Payments Within the InstaSupply Platform Business services United Kingdom
AMO Coin AMO Coin 3.6 2018-05-14 Driving Car Data Revolution Cryptocurrency, Platform Singapore
Assetbase Foundation Assetbase Foundation 3.0 2018-05-01 Changing the Way you Bank, Borrow and Lend Banking, Business services, Charity, Education, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Seychelles
Smart City Enterprise Smart City Enterprise 2.5 2018-05-15 Fro, Infra-Red to Ultra Violet Business services, Communication, Education, Energy, Infrastructure, Internet, Legal, Media, Platform, Smart Contract Czech Republic
3cCoin 3cCoin 2.5 2018-05-10 Industrial Products Composite Cellular Concrete Manufacturing Bulgaria
HomeMine HomeMine 3.6 2018-05-21 2018-06-21 Passive Mining on Household Electrical Appliances Energy, Electronics Estonia
ACUDEEN ACUDEEN 3.2 2018-05-27 Decentralized Ecosystem For Movable Assets Banking Singapore
EasyLife EasyLife 2.6 2018-05-01 The Most Significant ICO Ever Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform USA
Synth Synth 2.6 2018-05-11 Decentralized Platform for Java Developers Software Singapore
REO REO 2.3 2018-05-05 Al, Blockchain, Real Estate Investment Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Netherlands
MB8Coin MB8Coin 2.9 2018-05-07 A Real World Cryptocurrency with Retail Outlets Business services Hungary
Alphacon Alphacon 3.3 2018-05-23 Big Data Revolution in Healthcare Health Singapore
Netterium Netterium 3.3 2018-04-30 The World’s Influencer Marketing Platform Platform UK
PeruCoin PeruCoin 4.4 2018-05-21 The ICO That will Change Peru Education Perú
MGLTOKEN MGLTOKEN 2.1 2018-05-18 Your Valuable Digital Asset Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Mongolia
i-chain i-chain 2.1 2018-05-17 Dedicated to the Benefits of the Society Business services British Virgin Islands