Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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NairaX NairaX 3.4 2019-08-31 Bringing Fiat to the Blockchain Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract Nigeria
Bitcademy Football Bitcademy Football 3.4 2019-09-01 2019-10-31 Football Academies powered by the blockchain. Empowering youth all over the world. Platform Poland
Illuminates Illuminates 3.7 2019-09-01 Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts Art, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Platform, Real estate, Retail, Smart Contract, Software, Tourism, Virtual Reality Ukraine
Rokkex Rokkex 3.9 2019-08-26 Crypto Exchange by Cybersecurity Professionals Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Estonia
VIHOR - Sports Challenges VIHOR - Sports Challenges 3.7 2019-09-01 VIHOR Connects You To The World Map of Recreational Sports Sports Austria
UTime Token (UTMT) UTime Token (UTMT) 2.6 2019-09-03 Make Your Time Tradable and Sustainable Charity, Health Singapore
KryptoRedeem KryptoRedeem 2.8 2019-08-26 We Deliver Happiness And New Experiences To Our Clients Platform, Retail Mexico
TOURCOM Blockchain TOURCOM Blockchain 2.8 2019-09-02 Independent Travel Support System Tourism Singapore
Crypt-Oink on RAKUN Project Crypt-Oink on RAKUN Project 3.2 2019-09-01 An Ethereum Based Racing Game Entertainment, Internet, Platform Singapore
Bidao Bidao 2.6 2019-09-06 Decentralized Finance and Erustless Stablecoin on Binance-Chain Platform Germany
Soraix Soraix 3.4 2019-08-26 Equity Token & Crypto Currency Exchange Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform Switzerland
ETERBIT ETERBIT 2.4 2019-09-01 A Future CryptoMarket and Trading Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform Philippines
RE CITY HOUSE (RECH) RE CITY HOUSE (RECH) 2.3 2019-09-01 Real Estate Project On Turtlenetwork Cryptocurrency, Real estate, Software, Tourism Greece
Adrenaline Adrenaline 2.6 2019-08-29 Adrenaline AI IEO on ZBG Launchpad Cryptocurrency, Platform
Allbebet Allbebet 3.0 2019-08-26 Neurointelligence in The Service Of Sport Casino & Gambling, Platform Estonia
ATECH ATECH 2.4 2019-08-30 A Decentralized Security Token Cryptocurrency, Platform Thailand
C Estates C Estates 2.4 2019-09-02 Making Real Estate Easy For Everyone Platform Singapore
DIVO DIVO 3.9 2019-09-11 Global Platform for the Fashion Industry Platform UK
SETiToken SETiToken 3.5 2019-08-26 A Decentralized Gateway To The World‘s Digital Ecosystem Investment United Arab Emirates
CARE TOKEN CARE TOKEN 3.4 2019-08-24 Senior Health Care Utility Token Cryptocurrency, Health Nigeria
MeterQubes MeterQubes 3.2 2019-09-08 Trade Digital Assets With An Edge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Internet, Investment, Legal, Manufacturing, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Netherlands
Ten Billion Coin IEO Ten Billion Coin IEO 3.2 2019-08-28 Ten Billion Coin Cryptocurrency China
Stan World Stan World 2.4 2019-09-12 Create and Live in Realities With Like-Minded Friends Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Platform, Software, Virtual Reality United States Virgin Islands
EZ365 EZ365 3.5 2019-09-05 Revolutionary Digital Asset Ecosystem Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform Malta
Nova Mining Nova Mining 3.2 2019-09-15 Nova Mining Farm Cryptocurrency Macedonia
Bancacy Bancacy 3.0 2019-09-01 Digital Commodity Money That Solidifies Smart Contract Israel
PIXBY Project PIXBY Project 2.9 2019-08-31 Pixby Project - Where Creativity Is Rewarded Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract, Software Malaysia
Robin8 Robin8 3.1 2019-08-28 Everyone Is A Kol, Everyone Has A Voice Cryptocurrency, Platform USA
CazPlus CazPlus 2.6 2019-09-15 An Ethereum Powered Utility Token And a Stable Crypto Currency Cryptocurrency, Platform
Wish Chain Wish Chain 2.9 2019-08-27 Measuring the Value of Experience Cryptocurrency Singapore
Want Marketplaces Want Marketplaces 4.1 2019-09-16 $3.26 Million Utility Token IEO Platform British Virgin Islands
PARSIQ PARSIQ 3.5 2019-09-15 Blockchain Monitoring and Compliance Solutions Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Software Estonia
Diagon Diagon 3.4 2019-09-16 Global Decentralize eSports Ecosystem with One Coin to Power four Platforms Cryptocurrency, Sports Cyprus
SNTX IEO SNTX IEO 4.5 2019-09-20 A Compact Peer-to-peer Trading Platform Business services Malta
FunnyToken FunnyToken 3.3 2019-08-26 SImPlE, iNsTaNt, SeCuRe, GlObAl Casino & Gambling, Platform Turkey
Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0 Project Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0 Project 3.2 2019-09-01 Integrated From Skipjack’s Proprietary Technology Internet Singapore 3.4 2019-09-03 First & Only Quantum Resistant Ecosystem for the Crypto World Platform Estonia
SDAT EXCHANGE ICO SDAT EXCHANGE ICO 3.3 2019-09-03 SDAT Exchange is the World’s First Ultra-High-Speed Decentralized Exchange Investment Belize
nahmii nahmii 2.7 2019-09-16 Nahmii: The Future of Blockchain Scaling Today Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Smart Contract, Software Singapore
VITA VITA 3.2 2019-09-01 Bringing the Smart Mortgage to the world Cryptocurrency, Real estate UK
MYbDAIRY Smart Farms MYbDAIRY Smart Farms 3.7 2019-09-17 Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Based Dairy Products Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Malaysia
OkGlobal Coin Switch OkGlobal Coin Switch 2.6 2019-09-20 Instant Cross Payment And Service Platform Cryptocurrency USA
Panerora Panerora 2.9 2019-09-01 The Blockchain Payment Infrastructure For the Unbanked Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Smart Contract South Africa
LCX LCX 3.7 2019-09-13 to Exclusively Offer LCX Token Via Initial Exchange Offering Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Liechtenstein
MobiePay MobiePay 3.0 2019-08-25 Universal Payment Ecosystem Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform USA
Super 8 Super 8 2.3 2019-09-11 Move Super8 in a Second For Less Than a Cent. Casino & Gambling, Platform
USNS USNS 1.8 2019-09-03 Ubiquitous Social Network Service Platform
Band Protocol Band Protocol 3.5 2019-09-16 We Build Bridges between Blockchains and the Real World Platform UK
Walkex Walkex 3.3 2019-09-15 Walkex Pre-sale Token of Your ICO That Change Your Life Cryptocurrency Estonia