Name End date Rate Describtion Categories Country
Tr3zor Tr3zor 2022-01-31 The first global lost and found blockchain network Tr3zor presents a sustainable solution to the problem of finding lost or stolen belongings through the utilization of blockchain technology and the implementation of multiple incentive mechanisms. Blockchain Platform, Communication, Cryptocurrency Estonia
Sismessage Sismessage 2021-10-31 Sismessage messenger is transparent global free platform based on blockchain, connecting million people from around the world. Hong Kong
Alpha Messenger Alpha Messenger 2021-10-20 Alpha Messenger provides the fully secure correspondence with a simple, fast cryptocurrency conversion. Taiwan
Kyodai Global Kyodai Global 2021-09-16 Kyodai is a Global Investment Platform Finance UK
SCOIN SCOIN 2021-09-10 SCOIN is a crypto exchange aggregator platform that provides the unified view from multiple exchanges for traders to get the best prices. Cryptocurrency India
SCOIN SCOIN 2021-09-10 A crypto exchange aggregator platform provides unified view from multiple exchanges for traders to get the best prices. Smart Contract India
Jpgoldcoin Jpgoldcoin 2021-08-20 Jpgoldcoin offers what the best of cryptocurrencies like BTC offers the investors and sustains the wealth because it is backed by gold that guarantees and preserves value. Other USA
Polka Ventures Polka Ventures 2021-06-30 Alternative investment fund Finance Hong Kong 2021-06-27 FlowCom draws inspiration from the multi-billion-dollar advertisement industry to design and implement a three-party architecture that aims to bring 5G and satellite internet to the mass. Blockchain Platform Estonia
N2 Coin N2 Coin 2021-06-15 "N2 brings together both Banking and Crypto services onto a single platform. N2 aims at upgrading the current Business Model by harnessing the power of Blockchain technology. " Banking Spain
Kesef Finance Kesef Finance 2021-05-30 Step Into The Most Accessible Platform for DeFi Easiest way to trade, store, send & earn crypto with a wallet and a virtual debit card. Cryptocurrency, Finance UK
Zenchain Protocol Zenchain Protocol 2021-05-02 A Dedicated Blockchain That Is Optimized Specifically For DeFi And NFTs Afghanistan
2local 2local 2021-04-30 4.0 "2local is a Loyalty Platform supporting Sustainability and Prosperity for all. Sharing the Profit from Yield Farms and Staking Pools with its users. • Loyalty Platform Sustainability and Local-to-Local • Decentralized Exchange (swap) • Staking Cryptocurrency, Platform, Communication Netherlands
True Tesla Technologies True Tesla Technologies 2021-04-30 Tesla Technologies brings together many years of experience and talent to showcase the very best in environmentally friendly solutions. Our team are constantly seeking to innovate in this area. We are launching an installation program for two of our Other Turkey
Ather Ather 2021-04-30 Ather project has some great Features secure, useful, & easy-to-use Product based on Tron blockchain, it will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system . Other Indonesia
2local 2local 2021-04-30 2local a loyalty platform supporting sustainability and prosperity for all. Driven by its own L2L-coin on a new ultra-fast blockchain with a Decentralized Exchange build on top of it. The new blockchain will be fully ERC-721 compatible for other pr Banking, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
coindogg coindogg 2021-04-24 A digital rewards platform for content creators and their supporters Finance Australia
Shopicoin Shopicoin 2021-04-20 The combination of blockchain technology and online e-commerce marketplace is a potent one and has the promise of unimaginable growth. Our vision - to bring our products and services to millions of people around the world, leveraging on the revolutio Cryptocurrency India
TimeCoinProtocol TimeCoinProtocol 2021-04-15 Decentralized sharing economy protocol using the Ethereum blockchain Cryptocurrency Switzerland
Nominex Nominex 2021-04-07 Nominex is a cryptocurrency exchange with an already developed and functioning infrastructure. Cryptocurrency, Finance Seychelles
Operand Operand 2021-03-28 Operand works charging 1% transaction fee and re-distributes that fee to all existing Operand holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction. Therefore, all fees go to token holders. The percentage Estonia
PEACH PEACH 2021-03-15 Enriching Lives With The Prospect Of Prosperity Banking, Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency USA
Gchain - Games Assets Interact Blockchain Gchain - Games Assets Interact Blockchain 2021-03-02 Gchain is ethereum based platform to help game developers issue erc20 tokens for their game assets on the Ethereum blockchain, and these tokens are interacting with the real assets of their games inside the game. Blockchain Platform, Platform Canada
Holder Finance Holder Finance 2021-02-28 A highly scarce, community centric value retention token that resides on the Ethereum DeFi network Finance Undefined
MY IDENTITY Coin (MYID) MY IDENTITY Coin (MYID) 2021-02-25 MYID Coin is a project to create the World's First "Tagging/wrapping" technology to eliminate risks from loss or theft. MY IDENTITY Coin is part of "The Money Project" used to code OkGlobal Coins with each owners identifying information. Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency Singapore
VIBEXXX VIBEXXX 2021-02-17 VIBEXXX is creating a decentralized social media platform and rewarding mechanism powered by Ethereum blockchain. Platform British Virgin Islands
YPro Token YPro Token 2021-02-16 YPro.Finance is a DeFi project. Right now we are working on developing and launching three main products - yield farming platform - public launch 25 Feb 2021, token staking platform and a protocol for exchanging ERC-20 tokens. Finance Belgium
VELA VELA 2021-02-10 Monetize your time in the game! Vela is a platform for people of any age, sex and nationality who like to play computer games and leverage social media or develop new games and apps. All together they create a unique blockchain infrastructure making Casino & Gambling, Electronics, Entertainment Palau
MBI DeFi MBI DeFi 2021-01-31 MBI DeFi The First Stock Split Defi Platform in The World Finance Malta
Igniv Igniv 2021-01-31 Peer-To-Peer Property Platform, Free To Use, Earn Crypto Rewards Other Undefined
Fieldcoin Fieldcoin 2021-01-30 3.7 Connecting Real Estate to Blockchain Infrastructure, Platform, Real estate UK
CyberTime Finance CyberTime Finance 2021-01-26 We create the first NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists and NFT enthusiasts Other Undefined
Tosdis Finance Tosdis Finance 2021-01-20 The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution (TosDis) powered with Liquid Staking Finance Undefined
MyCryptoPlay MyCryptoPlay 2021-01-10 MyCryptoPlay is world’s #1 blockchain-based advanced real-time fantasy trading platform which allows one to participate in various Cryptocurrency price prediction contests and compete with peers all around the world. Blockchain Platform Germany
Republic Note Republic Note 2020-12-31 Republic Note - the future of private investing Finance, Cryptocurrency USA
Crypto Commonwealth Crypto Commonwealth 2020-12-31 The first innovative scientific publisher and asset manager on blockchain, Crypto Commonwealth offers all contributors to its ecosystem good compensation in COMM, the natural token. Cryptocurrency Singapore
PayFbit (PFBT)    PayFbit (PFBT) 2020-12-31 Unique blockchain based crypto-assets ecosystem of the future. A new smart blockchain based payment solution for managing digital assets & fiat currencies Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency UK
Aluna.Social Aluna.Social 2020-12-29 2.7 Aluna's vision is to gamify finance and create the ultimate social trading experience for a Web 3.0 world. Investment, Cryptocurrency, Platform British Virgin Islands
MATCH Token MATCH Token 2020-12-27 MATCH is a utility token for the De-Fi in a form of liquidity staking and Decentralized Bet (De-Bet) for sports ecosystem which provides the first sports betting in decentralized way. Cryptocurrency Singapore
DefiNetwork DefiNetwork 2020-12-25 World First Decentralized Finance Network Where You Can Define Your Own Interest Rates. Banking, Finance Sweden
DXF Token DXF Token 2020-11-25 DEXFIN is a community-based exchange for digital assets and alternative investments Cryptocurrency, Finance Czech Republic
DealDefi Token Presale DealDefi Token Presale 2020-11-24 DealDefi Token Presale is Live On Bounce! ✅ DealDefi Network: An heterogeneous blockchain for lending and borrowing and market place decentralized finance. Blockchain Platform, Finance UK
SIKA CASH SIKA CASH 2020-11-10 Sika cash is wallet app, instant fiat money transfer with crypto. A peer-to-peer blockchain payments system with lending platform and instant crypto cash out directly withdrawal in your local bank (less than 10 seconds), powered by stellar network. Banking, Business services, Commerce/Retail, Finance France
KINGSWAP KINGSWAP 2020-10-27 KingSwap is the newest decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity pool platform that is better evolution of UniSwap. In addition to offering off-ramp fiat currency converting solutions to allow users great convenience between the fiat and cryptocurrency. Blockchain Platform, Content/Advertising, Cryptocurrency, Payments/Wallets, Smart Contract Singapore
GSX Distribution GSX Distribution 2020-10-24 Gold Secured Currency is the first stable coin that increases in asset value indefinitely. Investment, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Platform India
Zin Finance Zin Finance 2020-10-15 Zin Finance - DeFi with smart savings and growth UK
Desire Finance ICO Desire Finance ICO 2020-10-15 Desire Finance is a DeFi product launcher which enables anybody to create their own decentralized product in just a few minutes. Finance Undefined
FLOW BLOCKCHAIN FLOW BLOCKCHAIN 2020-10-02 The FLOW token is the native asset for the Flow blockchain. The token is a low-inflation and low-circulating-supply reserve asset that is used by validators, developers, and users to participate in the FLOW network and earn rewards. It is also used t Blockchain Platform Canada
JoinGrowth Network JoinGrowth Network 2020-10-01 2.5 Bluiding a blockchain for free online classes and over the broder transactions all on our own social media network Mexico
Second Earth SET Second Earth SET 2020-09-28 The future of tourism has arrived. Join our travelers community and be one of the pioneers of Virtual Reality Travel! Tourism, Virtual Reality Israel
Paradefi Token Paradefi Token 2020-09-27 Paradefi the money market management protocol on Defi ecology focusing on Lending, Fiat Liquidity, and Governance with highest-level security and performance Finance Malta
Coppell Roofing Pro Coppell Roofing Pro 2020-09-24 Leaking roof is an embarrassment as well as a potential risk for your housimg structure. It brings along fungus and rust that are detrimental to the life of your house. With Coppell Roofing Pro, roof leak repairs are just a phone call away. Check out Other United States minor outlying islands
Uncommonn Uncommonn 2020-09-20 The UCT token is a reward point token. One that will reward customers for performing acts that are beneficial to our global environment such as uploading data to increase the lifecycle of a product as well as selling their secondhand clothes Commerce/Retail Netherlands
VKenaf Project VKenaf Project 2020-09-14 VKenafChain records the entire process of producing, manufacturing, processing, and selling Kenafas a blockchain. And it creates a healthy and transparent ecosystem through the issuance and distribution of VkenafToken. VKenafChain consists of VkenafB Platform Singapore
Milcoin ICO Milcoin ICO 2020-09-09 3.3 A Second Generation Cryptocurrency Real estate Bahamas
NanoDex NanoDex 2020-09-09 About NNX: As Nanodex, we are working on Robot arm technologies. We design robot automation systems to be used in the production facilities of the factories. We produce more economical, more ergonomic and more advanced biological arms for amputes in Blockchain Platform, Software Malta
RFCoin RFCoin 2020-09-08 We are proud to introduce the Rainforest Coin (RFCoin), an asset-backed cryptocurrency built on the foundation of blockchain technology and is issued to preserve a goal of 20 million hectors of rainforest and the habitats of the endangered species. Real estate Bahamas
Gdigit Gdigit 2020-08-15 Digital currency backed by real gold Cryptocurrency Hong Kong
Monolith DAO Monolith DAO 2020-08-10 Monolith Crypto Ruble - The first decentralized ruble stablecoin Cryptocurrency Spain
TOZEX TOZEX 2020-07-22 Tozex is a financing platform which combines a token issuance module “Tokenpad” allowing to launch a token based crowdfunding campaign (ICO, STO and BRO) with an embedded crypto asset market place. Finance France
ReapChain ReapChain 2020-07-22 Secure and transparent Blockchain-based IoT ecosystem Electronics, IoT Estonia
Crypto Finserve Crypto Finserve 2020-07-15 CryptoFinserve is designed as an integrated payment token that connects any fiat and crypto currency directly to the global payments. Crypto Finserve aims to become payment system between crypto currency and local currency. Banking, Blockchain Platform, Business services, Finance, Payments/Wallets Cyprus
White Stripe Lottery White Stripe Lottery 2020-07-05 2.8 Changing the View of Gambling Casino & Gambling Russian Federation
ClinTex ClinTex 2020-06-30 3.4 Blockchain Powered Clinical Trial Management Health, Other Malta
Sphinks Token Sphinks Token 2020-06-27 3.3 The Future Of Decentralized Money Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency, Banking Australia
Crypto Tron Crypto Tron 2020-06-24 Crypto Tron will be Thailand’s newest and most sophisticated crypto company. A highly advanced crypto exchange, with its own ATM network and a modern crypto retail platform, plus portability between crypto and fiat. Commerce/Retail, Cryptocurrency, Software Thailand
FreelancerChain FreelancerChain 2020-06-21 FreelancerChain is a new-generation Blockchain-powered freelance platform where any freelancer throughout the world can find a job and receive payment. Blockchain Platform, Software Turkey
CryptoMiningCoin CryptoMiningCoin 2020-06-20 CryptoMiningCoin-CMC is the next generation cryptocurrency mining solution in the whole crypto market that will be used for mining, trading and lending purposes. CMC users can mine CMC, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE, CNB, BNB and USDT. Finance Singapore
learno (LRT) learno (LRT) 2020-06-20 Learno aims to start an virtual reality education sharing platform that runs on blockchain technology.Learno platform will also generate VR cryptocurrency when each user participates in any course..Visit here : Education Estonia
nano ecosystem nano ecosystem 2020-06-18 Nano Ecosystem is an upgrade from universal blockchain to professional blockchain technology Business services Korea
BitcoinBlink BitcoinBlink 2020-06-16 BitcoinBlink is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange that is optimized for speed, protected against external threats, and simplified for user-friendliness. Finance, Platform Estonia
RIVERMOUNT RIVERMOUNT 2020-05-01 RiverMount project was made to create a transparent financial infra by developing a platform that was easy and convenient to use without intermediates. Finance Cayman Islands
BRIDGE COIN BRIDGE COIN 2020-05-01 Freedom to online trading, like never before. Romania
BRIDGE BRIDGE 2020-05-01 3.7 BRIDGE (BD) is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency issued by BRIDGE team for BRI Romania
Amazonians Green Coin Amazonians Green Coin 2020-04-30 3.2 Welcome to The First Ever Green ICO Smart Contract Switzerland
axxtoken axxtoken 2020-04-22 Real Token Real Usage. Commerce/Retail, Funding/VC, Payments/Wallets, Tourism Hong Kong
ARMTOKEN ARMTOKEN 2020-04-19 Do you want to support and save millions of bees? By purchasing our ARMTOKEN you can make sure that we will educate community members and sponsor beekeepers to purchase and keep hives in places, where there are not dangerous environment for the bees. Health, Business services Armenia
UnfoldU IEO UnfoldU IEO 2020-04-10 UnfoldU is a revolutionary AI backed school education platform. India
Reckoon Reckoon 2020-04-06 The Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS). A standardised and universal way to fulfil the shoppers wish basket using smart contract to execute a better outcome for retailers and shoppers. Infrastructure UK 2020-03-31 Place where you have access to extensive knowledge supported by our experts in many areas: investments, crypto-economics, analysis of trader’s psychology. Investment, Cryptocurrency, Platform Poland
Cannacor (Pty) Ltd Cannacor (Pty) Ltd 2020-03-31 3.7 Where Cannabis Cultivation and Blockchain Technology Combine Seamlessly Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Manufacturing, Business services, Big Data, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Lesotho
Astra Network Astra Network 2020-03-31 Astra Network is a tourism social platform dedicated to global social network users, ensuring core values of Astra (fairness, transparency and effectiveness), aiming at creating new famous travel bloggers and KOLs in the tourism market. Tourism Singapore
EzyStayz EzyStayz 2020-03-29 Ezysatyz is a rental platform where you can book accommodation, rent out properties and experience travel on the blockchain. Platform Australia
Nexxus Rewards Nexxus Rewards 2020-03-29 Real Utility Buyer Demand The Internal Currency of Nexxus Rewards USA
AMZCoin AMZCoin 2020-03-25 Robust project based on the participation of several reputable platforms in the market. Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract UK
Bitchane Bitchane 2020-03-08 Bitchane is a DeFi project providing access to instant financing by allowing users to trade, lend, and borrow tokens directly from their wallets. UK
NeuronChain NeuronChain 2020-03-01 3.5 NeuronChain is a lightning fast financial network with a vision to build tomorrow’s financial system by creating a borderless world by cutting out intermediaries and providing access to the billions of people underserved by the current systems. Cryptocurrency, Banking, Platform Hong Kong
KABN STO KABN STO 2020-02-28 KABN’s mission is to create a world-class suite of products and services that support the decentralized market economy, globally enabling consumers to take control of their digital identity and personal data. Security/Identity Gibraltar
NEXT NEXT 2020-02-28 is a public limited company (BV) registered in the Netherlands. The company’s legal entities are based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Since December 2017 we have grown to a team of almost 20 professionals. Blockchain Platform, Crypto Mining, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Netherlands
Solarypto Solarypto 2020-02-28 Solarypto provides an environment-friendly solution to reducing the cost of cryptocurrency blockchain mining. Using algorithms aimed at reducing energy consumption in cryptocurrency blockchain mining. Solarypto will increase the life of data centers Energy/Utilities, Energy UK
Peace Token Peace Token 2020-02-25 3.0 Peace token is the Leading Ethereum based Blockchain of Digital Creation. Charity Singapore
DCI Ecosystem DCI Ecosystem 2020-02-23 DCI Ecosystem is a new world where individuals, businesses,firms, service and software providers, can benefit from each other. An open world where individuals can access investment opportunities. Platform, Investment, Finance Malta
Burstex Burstex 2020-02-23 Burstex is the World's First crowd owned exchange, meaning all profits are distributed among BEX token-holders. Finance Slovakia
Wolfs Group Wolfs Group 2020-02-20 Wolfs Group has 20 years experience of Real Estate and have started investing in Fintech and New Technologies. With acquisition of Ferpay LTD and having partnership with VISA multi currency cards and international transaction are made simpler. Estonia
weeMarketplaceAccessToken weeMarketplaceAccessToken 2020-02-15 2.7 The Wee Ecosystem Goes Blockchain Retail, Payments/Wallets Switzerland
BitherCash BitherCash 2020-01-20 2.9 Pure Lending Investment Dubai
PointPay PointPay 2020-01-19 PointPay is a revolutionary blockchain-powered online platform with a unique combination of features, including a multi-currency crypto wallet, PointPay crypto exchange platform, and the full-spectrum PointPay Cryptobank. Finance UK
JULLAR project - The global eradication of Shitcoins JULLAR project - The global eradication of Shitcoins 2020-01-13 The JULLAR is a unique platform in the world for liquidation of Shitcoins, a platform of holding tournaments for cryptocurrency owners, blockchain technologies of open ICO project checks and interaction with a wide audience of blockchain community. Blockchain Platform Belarus
NYiGDE? NYiGDE? 2019-12-31 3.6 Blockchain Marketplace for Global E-Commerce Commerce/Retail, Platform, Retail Estonia
HyperionX HyperionX 2019-12-31 3.4 The Smart Market Ecosystem Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Energy, Education, Communication, Charity, Business services, Artificial Intelligence USA
MUST Protocol MUST Protocol 2019-12-31 The protocol of tokenization, confirmation and transfer of rights to assets through non-fungible tokens Infrastructure, Platform Estonia
Asure Network Asure Network 2019-12-31 First scalable decentralized social security network Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure Switzerland
DEN Wallet DEN Wallet 2019-12-31 DEN Wallet is nothing but an answer to all your needs when it comes to the real Decentralized cryptocurrency industry. We’re here to kick-ass and win over the market from the well-known MetaMask Wallet. Platform United Arab Emirates
Reposco Reposco 2019-12-31 The token which acts as an investment vehicle for all our users! Finance Philippines
Hawk Network Hawk Network 2019-12-30 Distributed Intelligent Internet of Things of Hawk Network Platform China
LIBERTY LIBERTY 2019-12-20 Liberty ERC20 Token was designed to be a storage of wealth in the same way Bitcoin and another level of Security was added. This mechanism gives users who don't have to deal with large amount of coins to handle his assets. Business services Korea
TWQ Token TWQ Token 2019-12-18 iP2PGlobal Platform aims to re-shape personal financing by being the first Shariah compliant P2P loan platform and the first to introduce unsecured crypto loans. Borrowers will have to stake TWQ Tokens when applying for loans on the platform. Finance, Investment, Platform Cayman Islands
PBET PBET 2019-12-15 The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified Gaming Platform. Casino & Gambling Cyprus
ELAD Network ELAD Network 2019-12-10 1.8 Combining Blockchain, Real Estate & Artificial Intelligence for a smarter way to invest! Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Real estate UK
HYGH HYGH 2019-12-07 The Future Of Advertising Content/Advertising, Internet, Media/Content, Platform Switzerland
Universe Coin IEO Universe Coin IEO 2019-12-07 3.5 The techonology for cryptocurrency transactions is here Cryptocurrency Portugal
Universe Coin Universe Coin 2019-12-07 Universe Coin is an innovative payment platform for cryptocurrency billing, immediate conversion into fiat currency and corresponding delivery to the seller also in fiat currency, with speed, simplicity and security for customers and retailers. Portugal
Coinstantine Coinstantine 2019-11-30 Make Your Tokens Distributions Simple. Coinstantine makes mass tokens distribution easy, from your wallet to unlimited others in one transaction only. Save Time. Save Money. Platform Netherlands
Biohal Token Biohal Token 2019-11-30 Biohal is a decentralized preventive medicine platform that extensively uses liquid biopsy authentication protocol to detect Cancer and Alzheimer's at early stages. Drugs/Health Malta
MSRise MSRise 2019-11-30 A new generation of energy efficient miners from 550 to 800 watts Other Singapore
Coinstantine Coinstantine 2019-11-30 Coinstantine makes mass token distributions easier and cheaper. Platform Netherlands
SRX Token SRX Token 2019-11-24 Equity Token exchange platform featuring a one of a kind revenue sharing model. Asset Management, Payments/Wallets Switzerland
Tyler Tx Roofing Pro Tyler Tx Roofing Pro 2019-11-16 Are you looking for a dependable and affordable roofing contractor? If, yes, then you can get in touch with Tyler Tx Roofing Pro who can very well help you out in Tyler Roof Leak Repair. Business services USA
indieOn indieOn 2019-11-15 indieOn helping artists market, manage, monetize and distribute their creative content and rewarding audiences for their participation on the platform. Entertainment USA
Stan World Stan World 2019-11-14 2.4 Create and Live in Realities With Like-Minded Friends Media, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Software, Virtual Reality USA
Bitcademy Football Bitcademy Football 2019-10-31 3.4 Football Academies powered by the blockchain. Empowering youth all over the world. Platform Poland
MyTVchain MyTVchain 2019-10-31 The first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs, powered by blockchain. Commerce/Retail, Sports France
Monart STO Monart STO 2019-10-31 Monart the innovative international art community & marketplace Art Malta
CORP CORP 2019-10-30 The biggest adoption project of cryptoeconomics in Latin America Business services Peru
Hey Bitcoin Hey Bitcoin 2019-10-25 is a blockchain-based system that compiles a worldwide database of traders by analyzing the performance of different traders, enabling investors to select the best traders based on their risk and profitability profile. Finance, Investment Estonia
Azultec Azultec 2019-10-20 The easiest way to earn crypto currencies! Crypto Mining Germany
azultec azultec 2019-10-20 The easiest way to earn crypto currencies! Manufacturing Germany
BeatzCoin BeatzCoin 2019-10-04 VibraVid is a decentralized answer to the way people view and share digital content. Entertainment Canada
KryptoRedeem ICO KryptoRedeem ICO 2019-10-02 Loyalty, rewards and promotions customized for eCommerce and retailers of products or services. Retail Mexico
Bytus Bytus 2019-10-01 3.3 Payment by Cryptocurrency with Instant Conversion into Fiat Finance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Platform, Banking USA
iCoin International iCoin International 2019-10-01 Investing in real diamond mining and using the proceeds to create a competitive market for iCoin International Crypto Mining Sierra Leone
Wise Network Wise Network 2019-09-30 Wise is an innovative developer of analog-mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip who created an eco-system that enables a universe of applications on IoT and mobile devices using distributed ledger technology while backed by integrated-circuit-product-develo Data/Computing/AI, Manufacturing Costa Rica
MediConnect MediConnect 2019-09-30 MediConnect is a blockchain solution intended to revolutionise the way medication is managed and traced in the UK. Big Data, Business services, Drugs/Health, Health, Industry/Logistics, Infrastructure, Security/Identity UK
FESSCHAIN FESSCHAIN 2019-09-30 Fesschain dares to improve the shortcomings of blockchain so that the obstacles in the road of mass adoption can be minimised. Fesschain is disrupting the sluggish transaction methods with the fess blockchain powered by Neutrino Framework. Cryptocurrency, Data/Computing/AI Malta
Ten Billion Coin IEO Ten Billion Coin IEO 2019-09-28 It is the blockchain coin for which we are onboarding Chinese companies into blockchain integration for their systems. The companies using our blockchain integration services are required to pay 20% of their fees via our coin. Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency China
MONET MONET 2019-09-27 MONET is a public network architecture for mobile blockchains on demand. Based on a powerful consensus system Babble, with ad hoc blockchains MONET can process thousands of transactions per second with near instant finality. Blockchain Platform, Platform, Software Switzerland
Denton Fence Company -DentonRoofingPro Denton Fence Company -DentonRoofingPro 2019-09-18 Denton Roofing Company USA
SportGift SportGift 2019-09-15 3.2 SportGift, The First Sports App That gives You Prizes Sports Ecuador
KNL ecosystem KNL ecosystem 2019-09-15 KNL – is a platform that unites and considers the needs of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. We provide each participant with the opportunities and instruments that make up a whole chain of efficient processes Cryptocurrency, Health, Sports Estonia 2019-09-15 is the 1st socially powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry, created to connect travellers and holidaymakers around the world, as well as providing all the resources they require to plan, book and record their trips online Media/Content, Media, Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Payments/Wallets, Software, Tourism Romania
TOURCOM Blockchain TOURCOM Blockchain 2019-09-04 2.8 Independent Travel Support System Tourism Singapore
ArtPro ArtPro 2019-09-03 2.6 The Art of Blockchain Platform, Art Malta
LOVE Air Coffee LOVE Air Coffee 2019-08-31 The project brought together a new-generation coffee production network based on the air roasting method, with its implementation using coffee shops and an application based on blockchain technology, combining all the processes together. Manufacturing Ukraine
PixelBit PixelBit 2019-08-31 PIXELBIT (PXB Token) is a dedicated crypto currency based on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as a foundation for In-Game purchases, unlocking additional content as well as an ingenious system for earning PXB coins while playing games. Casino & Gambling Germany
BRIKCOIN BRIKCOIN 2019-08-31 Revolutionizing UK Affordable Housing with solid revenue generation. Finance, Real estate UK
MIDASCAPS MIDASCAPS 2019-08-31 The MIDASCAPS ecosystem and business model is predominantly centred around the production of capsules - an innovative technology for conveniently carrying and dispensing nutritional supplements. Cryptocurrency, Health, Sports Portugal
Storecoin Storecoin 2019-08-30 Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform that will transform data into programmable money (into datacoins). Cryptocurrency USA
TeleCoin X TeleCoin X 2019-08-30 TELE is a decentralized privacy network, utilizing PoW and PoS protocols with master node capabilities. Blockchain Platform UK
STAKEO STAKEO 2019-08-29 Stakeo is a smart peer-to-peer gambling platform that utilizes distributed ledger technology to create a secure, decentralized, and automated experience. Betting/Gambling Singapore
BehaviourExchange BehaviourExchange 2019-08-25 3.8 Behaviour Exchange. Big Data, Internet, Software, Artificial Intelligence Malta
HOX HOX 2019-08-23 We have built Hugo app for earning by sharing happiness of HOX Payments/Wallets, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Charity Turkey
Kriptotrackers Token Kriptotrackers Token 2019-08-22 Kriptotrackers is a collaborative project whose purpose is to reduce the risk for investors interested in blockchain, by tracking the characteristics that give value to each project showing the result of the follow-up in a simple way to interpret. Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Data/Computing/AI Mexico
ParamountDax ParamountDax 2019-08-19 The creation of a technological platform, able to exchange Cryptocurrencies, with daily profit investment. Finance UK
Lancer.Network Lancer.Network 2019-08-18 Lancer.Network can be compared to an online labor market in the field of blockchain where users don’t need special or high qualifications to earn online. Content/Advertising Russian Federation
DAVORCOINX DAVORCOINX 2019-08-14 DAVORX that uses the Ethereum Blockchain database is not controlled by a party, but is so open to the public that it is impossible for someone to forge transactions in Blockchain. All transactions are recorded live, transparent, and fast. Singapore
Mitewallet Mitewallet 2019-08-03 We are building a platform to buy and sell assets, crypto and fiat simultaneously. is a platform for the future of spending that powering that for the new financial blockchain. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem a Internet, Platform Australia
CRESIO CRESIO 2019-08-01 The CNMV gives the green light to CRESIO, being the first legal ICO in Spain. Cresio was born as a result of the need to create a platform that offers in a single space the possibility to operate regardless of the degree of user experience simultane Investment, Finance, Cryptocurrency, Crypto Mining, Blockchain Platform, Payments/Wallets, Platform, Software Spain
Fort Financial Crypto (FortFC) Fort Financial Crypto (FortFC) 2019-07-31 Unique Cryptoliquidity Aggregator Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Platform, Smart Contract Marshall Islands
SESSIA SESSIA 2019-07-30 SESSIA’s team has developed a unique iOS and Android software that eliminates the technological debt issue of many companies in less than 10 minutes. USA
AssetStream AssetStream 2019-07-11 The Global Decentralized Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform, Replacing Intermediaries With Blockchain Technology Banking, Cryptocurrency, Finance Estonia
TOKO TOKO 2019-07-11 Accelerating the growth of micro, small & medium enterprises (MSME) in emerging markets. Investment Indonesia
NeuralTrade Network NeuralTrade Network 2019-07-07 NeuralTrade is a decentralized blockchain-based neural network, which predicts cryptoexchanges signals. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Platform, Data/Computing/AI, Platform, Prediction Market Andorra 2019-07-01 Yanubuks is a secure cloud based ICO hosting platform and Tokens/all coins investment Masternode Hosting that operates on ethereum smart contract. Our ICO hosting platform and Masternode services currently covers all tokens Blockchain Platform, Crypto Mining UK
ASGARD ECO FUND ASGARD ECO FUND 2019-06-30 ASGARD is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific environmental tasks. It is a culture of digital investment in projects eliminating ecological crimes. Blockchain Platform, Investment United Arab Emirates
EXBEGA EXBEGA 2019-06-30 EXBEGA is the acronym of EXchange, BEtting and GAmbling. The name says it all. EXBEGA combines a crypto currency exchange with sports betting and casino games - from a single source, inside 1 machine. Finance, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Casino & Gambling, Blockchain Platform, Betting/Gambling, Banking, Investment, Payments/Wallets Austria
Bither Platform Bither Platform 2019-06-28 Three-layer solution, Multi-mining capability, and Optimizing the energy consumption Smart Contract, Platform, Infrastructure, Energy, Cryptocurrency Georgia
Nebluro Nebluro 2019-06-25 Global decentralized exchange with Artificial Intelligence. Singapore
Ebosia Ebosia 2019-06-23 Smart solutions for electrical vehicles based in blockchain technology. Energy Switzerland
Toyken Toyken 2019-06-18 Specialty Toy Retailer with primary focus on video game toys, anime, sci-fi and horror themes hard-to-find collectibles. We have massive potential in our unique, non-conventional proven specialty retail method, with a hook. Entertainment, Retail United States minor outlying islands
Kingcuan Kingcuan 2019-06-16 Earn daily and passive profit by lending your tokens to KINGCUAN. Earned income is based on our trading activities and the volatility of the crypto markets. Investment, Prediction Market Indonesia
Guider Guider 2019-06-10 Guider - direct connection travellers and guides with a principle of Uber! Invest in a rest! Tourism Russian Federation
Volum Volum 2019-06-07 Blockchain-based holding company with diversified investment portfolio of best-of-breed market disruptors. Blockchain Platform Estonia
Conjure Conjure 2019-06-01 Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency. USA
Bit Agro Bit Agro 2019-06-01 Bitagor is an international project aimed at creation of P2P platform where people and companies can directly credit each other without intermediaries. Make the world a better place! Make the prices lower! Reduce the fraud risk for market players! Energy/Utilities Estonia
Review.Network Review.Network 2019-05-31 3.5 A Decentralized High Quality Market Feedback Platform Business services, Communication, Content/Advertising, Platform, Artificial Intelligence Cyprus
healthbank healthbank 2019-05-31 healthbank is revolutionising how personal health data is exchanged, stored and monetized Jobs/Marketplace, Health, Data/Computing/AI Switzerland
Adult X Token Adult X Token 2019-05-31 All-In-One Solution for the Adult Entertainment Industry Art, Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Platform Austria
PARQ PARQ 2019-05-31 Parksen combats worldwide traffic congestion and pollution through a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, which utilizes the IOTA and Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, IoT devices, artificial intelligence, and a real-time parking app. Infrastructure Netherlands
Lexray Lexray 2019-05-31 LexRay is a decision-enabling mobile platform that empowers organizations to run their operations from anywhere. Platform Switzerland
Streamex Streamex 2019-05-31 First Crypto Trading platform that brings trading competitions and leaderboards of top traders as well as community trading pools. Platform Hong Kong
BEER Coin BEER Coin 2019-05-30 "Develop BEER as a cryptocurrency linked to the value of tangible assets and consumer product sales in new and growing markets. Business services Portugal
BINAX BINAX 2019-05-30 Binax improves every inconvenience from previous cryptocurrency trade markets, to serve YOU only with the best. Finance Malta
Binax Binax 2019-05-30 Binax is a digital asset trading platform that operates under a sharing economic model. Binax is leading the “sharing model” in business operation, forcus on sharing the benefits from business revenue with partners, investors , trader and community m Cryptocurrency Malta
Facite Facite 2019-05-29 Blockchain Business Model In Kazakhstan Blockchain Platform, Business services, Finance, Investment Kazakhstan
GraphenTech GraphenTech 2019-05-27 3.9 GraphenTech is a project that merges 2 disruptive technologies, Graphene and Blockchain. Manufacturing, Electronics, Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
Property Coin Property Coin 2019-05-26 4.0 Your blockchain based real estate platform Real estate, Other, Investment, Cryptocurrency USA
Petchains Petchains 2019-05-25 Petchains is dedicated to a global panpet market information management system and the trading platform. The solution is developed on the modern and global technologies like big data and blockchain . Blockchain Platform Singapore
ClinicAll ClinicAll 2019-05-20 The ClinicAll combines all types of health related services into one software platform, enabling the worldwide digitalization of healthcare-related services and the modernization of hospitals. Health Gibraltar
i-chain i-chain 2019-05-16 2.1 I-CHAIN.NET is a global online insurance platform based on blockchain technology Smart Contract British Virgin Islands 2019-05-15 3.9 First Complete crypto derivatives exchange with live TestNet: Finance, Platform Seychelles
Togacoin Togacoin 2019-05-01 Mining as a service in a Multi-activity data center, powered by green energy Energy, Crypto Mining, Other UK
VOLENTIX VOLENTIX 2019-05-01 Volentix is building a decentralized digital assets exchange connected with a secure multi-currency cross-blockchain peer-to-peer wallet, a user-friendly market-ratings analytical interface, and an incentives-based recruitment program Investment, Platform, Prediction Market, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Georgia
Quantocoin Quantocoin 2019-04-30 4.1 Quantocoin is a revolutionary blockchain cutting edge banking platform for 3.8 billion people. We solve the problem with adoption of cryptocurrencies into normal life. Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
Agacoin Agacoin 2019-04-30 AgaCoin It is the ICO that will change the way to donate in NGOs Blockchain Platform, Charity, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Jobs/Marketplace, Payments/Wallets, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Peru
aassio aassio 2019-04-30 We want to create a better life with real estate Real estate Hong Kong [email protected] 2019-04-30 HighBank stands for Intuitive Interactive Instinctive crypto eco system British Virgin Islands
Renovato Trading OÜ Renovato Trading OÜ 2019-04-30 Invest and Trade Smarter with Renovato. Investment USA
Skelpy Skelpy 2019-04-23 Skelpy aim is to create a decentralized and clear blockchain, in which every wallet has a certified digital identity. Transactions will be visible to everybody, but the individuals will be certified and recognized following visibility criterion. Cryptocurrency, Security/Identity UK
ephelants360 ephelants360 2019-04-21 3.8 Content Production Platform Entertainment, Media, Artificial Intelligence USA
Release Project Release Project 2019-04-20 2.0 Social Media Dispersed Platform Internet Japan
SMART TRADE COIN SMART TRADE COIN 2019-04-15 SMART TRADE COIN works with four official bank connections to make sure that you have your crypto in less than 3 working days. Investment Malta
DigitalBits DigitalBits 2019-04-15 DigitalBits closes the gap of blockchain adoption by integrating with consumer apps - unlocking value in the pockets of millions. Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform Cayman Islands
cosquare cosquare 2019-04-14 cosquare is a global social marketplace with its own CSQ currency. We are on a mission to make shopping truly social and rewarding for consumers, influencers and brands. Cryptocurrency, Platform, Commerce/Retail, Retail Switzerland
PeruCoin PeruCoin 2019-04-12 4.4 The ICO That will Change Peru Cryptocurrency, Crypto Mining, Education Peru
Clarity Clarity 2019-04-08 3.3 Clarity is THE global business advisory platform for small business owners. Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Platform, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence, Software Jersey
Zebi Zebi 2019-03-31 3.1 Blockchaining India’s Big Data Internet, Business services, Big Data, Banking Singapore
CURES Token CURES Token 2019-03-31 Receive the CARE that you deserve Drugs/Health Bulgaria
Börser Börser 2019-03-31 Shares of a holding company in the form of cryptocurrency. Finance, Platform Costa Rica
Swinca Swinca 2019-03-31 Real Estate Finance Revolution Real estate Switzerland
EMJAC EMJAC 2019-03-31 Turning Waste To Wealth Banking, Business services, Platform Singapore
BitBook AG BitBook AG 2019-03-31 Bitbook is a new gambling and betting platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining a diverse range of betting options and gambling games into one transparent platform. Betting/Gambling Costa Rica
Followine Followine 2019-03-28 Followine is the first ecosystem that aims to fight against the counterfeiting of wine, by using the Blockchain Technology. Business services Italy
Poseidon Poseidon 2019-03-24 3.0 Own Your Carbon Footprint Blockchain Platform Malta
Cryprowine Exchange Cryprowine Exchange 2019-03-21 CWEX - Real World Asset Trading Platform using cryptocurrency Blockchain Platform, Other Swaziland
VTUUR VTUUR 2019-03-20 4.1 Live Virtual Reality Platform Token Artificial Intelligence, Tourism, Virtual Reality Estonia
WIBX WIBX 2019-03-20 Wibx is the utility token that will revolutionize the exchange relationships between brands and consumers, transforming social networks users into digital influencers. Wibx is the native token and the mean of exchange of the WiBOO platform, a sophis Cryptocurrency Brazil
Medical Cannabis Coin Medical Cannabis Coin 2019-03-18 Medical Cannabis for the Blockchain Era Medical revolution for Well-being of Humanity Be a part of Medical Revolution break-through with Innovation Driven Medical Technology using Cannabis for Treatment of Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, HIV/A Health British Virgin Islands
Great British Pound Token Great British Pound Token 2019-03-15 'GBPT' is an online store that will offer electronic products from the top 10 Electronics brands and some more with most used products, not only this but also will offer the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). Crypto Mining, Cryptocurrency, Electronics UK
airtoto airtoto 2019-03-14 Powered by a peer to peer network for real time participation, analysis and instant winning cash out, Airtoto very much could be be leader and role model for skill based lottery games and other respective Blockchain solutions. Betting/Gambling, Casino & Gambling Hong Kong
PARADISE TOKEN PARADISE TOKEN 2019-03-09 Direct Global Hotel Booking Powered by Dapps. No Middlemen. 0% Commission. No centralized reservation platform. The more PDT you have, the longer your holidays will be . Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Investment, Platform, Software, Tourism UK
DapCash DapCash 2019-03-07 2.8 Quantum apocalypse resistant cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Russian Federation
3DAX 3DAX 2019-03-07 Introducing 3DAX: A hybrid platform on the blockchain with a complete ecosystem for both the new and existing investors. #3DAX simplifies the complexities of #blockchain technology caused by the existing digital divide which for new users. Banking Indonesia
PRIMARY PRIMARY 2019-02-28 2.8 We Connect Blockchain With the Real World Real estate, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Smart Contract, Software Switzerland
Platio Platio 2019-02-28 Next generation banking and trading platform. UK
 CryptoProfile CryptoProfile 2019-02-28 CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and research thoroughly before we accept them as our client. We offer our clients 100% return of all profits through marketing. Content/Advertising, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Media/Content Singapore
Honest Mining Honest Mining 2019-02-28 HONEST MINING - a company with simple mission: building trustworthy and easy crypto mining that is accessible to everyone. HONEST TOKEN (HNST) is the native currency of Honest Mining Platform which will be used for all transaction activities. Other Singapore
EzCash EzCash 2019-02-20 EZ Cash is a C2C Blockchain Marketplace that connects individuals to do business with each other on a secure and peer-to-peer blockchain network. Communication, Commerce/Retail Estonia
W12 W12 2019-02-15 4.3 W12 - is an open protocol for creation and execution of milestone based smart contracts. The protocol consists of smart contract templates (no programming skills required), DAO governance and a decentralized oracles network, that controls execution o Platform Singapore
LIQNET LIQNET 2019-02-15 3.3 The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology Platform, Cryptocurrency, Banking Singapore
ARAW Token ARAW Token 2019-02-15 The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem Finance, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking, Platform UK
TRAVELVEE TRAVELVEE 2019-02-15 TravelVee - Market for unoccupied rooms Platform, Tourism Bulgaria
Raido Financial Raido Financial 2019-02-15 Your Digital Innovator Belize
CoTrader CoTrader 2019-02-14 3.9 Transparent Investment Funds Marketplace Investment, Cryptocurrency, Platform Saint Kitts and Nevis
Electrominer Electrominer 2019-02-12 3.5 Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem Crypto Mining, Blockchain Platform USA
Lynked.World Lynked.World 2019-02-10 Lynking World Through Blockchain Platform, Software, Business services Netherlands
Nick Nick 2019-02-08 One project, One currency, Many advantages Finance Estonia
KIBIS KIBIS 2019-02-06 KIBIS is a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want. Platform UK
PowerCorp PowerCorp 2019-02-01 PoweCorp offers the most liquid asset-backed token in the marketplace. Cryptocurrency, Investment Hong Kong
InziderX P2P Exchange InziderX P2P Exchange 2019-02-01 InziderX: Decentralized for Security - Centralized for Liquidity! Investment Belize
BrikBit BrikBit 2019-01-31 3.5 BrikBit is the first blockchain Lisk-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations and transactions for Real Estate for operators and final owners without classical financial instruments and middlemen. Blockchain Platform, Infrastructure, Real estate Switzerland
CustomCoin Platform CustomCoin Platform 2019-01-31 2.7 CustomCoin Platform will deal with crediting of small construction business in Switzerland.crypto-currency bank for construction companies. loans in fiat for platform tokens. Anchoring cryptocurrency to fiat Banking, Finance Switzerland
BuratinoBS BuratinoBS 2019-01-31 3.2 Multi-Mining System for SHA-256 and SCRYPT Electronics, Cryptocurrency, Crypto Mining, Energy/Utilities, Manufacturing Latvia
SUAPP SUAPP 2019-01-31 3.8 Decentralized Idea Sharing and Reward Blockchain Platform Other, Platform, Education, Business services Nigeria
Pantercon Pantercon 2019-01-31 Pantercon reinvents corporate financing and supports start-ups! Next generation start-up and business network! START YOUR IDEA WITH THE PANTER! Business services, Funding/VC, Platform, Security/Identity, Blockchain Platform, Smart Contract Austria
Maester Protocol Maester Protocol 2019-01-31 World's first protocol for On-demand Consulting Internet, Communication Estonia
URIS URIS 2019-01-31 The solution for startups and VC funds that will revolutionize how new ventures raise capital in a truly global, transparent and efficient way. Funding/VC Switzerland
AIDUS AIDUS 2019-01-31 Global First Decentralized Funding Platform Finance, Business services, Platform Hong Kong
Healthy Corporation Healthy Corporation 2019-01-31 2.9 African Medicinal Cannabis Seychelles
BuratinoBS BuratinoBS 2019-01-31 Multi-mining system for SHA-256 and SCRYPT Blockchain Platform, Manufacturing, Software Latvia
XCOYNZSTO XCOYNZSTO 2019-01-31 4.3 An Exchange Where You Set Your Own Fee Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract UK
GastroAdvisor GastroAdvisor 2019-01-30 2.3 Research, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants Software, Platform Switzerland
GoodGameCenter GoodGameCenter 2019-01-27 First international ecosystem for gamers based on blockchain! Gaming/AR/VR Estonia
Vertex Vertex 2019-01-25 The worlds first ICO aftermarket Cryptocurrency, Business services, Platform Cayman Islands
Bittrace Bittrace 2019-01-25 3.4 Decentralized Payment Network Services Cryptocurrency UK
Decentralized Fan Coaching Decentralized Fan Coaching 2019-01-22 “The first real world decentralizing activity token” Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Sports Spain
SISHUB SISHUB 2019-01-20 The decentralized anonymous STEEL Ecosystem is designed to create a single solution for highly secured data sharing, messaging, and payment transactions. Security/Identity Hong Kong
RigoBlock RigoBlock 2019-01-18 2.3 Decentralized Asset Management Network Asset Management Switzerland
433token 433token 2019-01-16 By using 433 Token, everyone in the world can enjoy soccer like never before. 433 Token’s mission is to shatter the barrier between football superstars, young talents and their fans. The blockchain technology used by our project provides the transpar Entertainment Hong Kong
Kaiser Kaiser 2019-01-16 Blockchain & hardware security technology Banking Kyrgyzstan
Terawatt Terawatt 2019-01-15 2.4 Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology Business services, Energy, Energy/Utilities, Infrastructure, Smart Contract, Blockchain Platform Netherlands
OPP Open WiFi OPP Open WiFi 2019-01-15 2.6 Free to Access Open WiFi Hotspot Network Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Software, Big Data UK
moolyacoin moolyacoin 2019-01-15 3.4 The introduction of moolyacoin aims to promote the cause of - the World’s 1st Digital Startup Ecosystem, furthering the adoption of a common transactional coin allowing the global community users to access services of 'moolya platform'. Business services, Platform Estonia
CYO Token CYO Token 2019-01-15 3.0 German CleanTech company. Global plastic waste - and its solution. Ready to scale. ICO for CYO token coming up. Energy, Infrastructure, Smart Contract Germany
ASSPACE ASSPACE 2019-01-01 2.2 Private decentralized 18+ social network Internet, Cryptocurrency
GGPro GGPro 2019-01-01 GGPro is a blockchain platform that creates new opportunities for interaction between the gaming community, sponsors and game developers. Platform, Gaming/AR/VR, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Sports Malta
Ethereum Sweepstakes Ethereum Sweepstakes 2018-12-31 1.4 World's first blockchain sweepstakes Casino & Gambling Costa Rica
BUILDCash BUILDCash 2018-12-31 3.6 BUILDCash (B1x) is freely tradable digital money that is integrated in the BUILD1x ecosystem for the construction industry that will enable builders and craftsmen to: find work and projects, validate work completion, and facilitate instant payments. USA
Bulleon Bulleon 2018-12-31 4.4 Join the cryptocurrency revolution Investment, Cryptocurrency Finland
Neuromachine Neuromachine 2018-12-31 3.6 NRM is the world's first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Investment, Platform Estonia
Monoreto Monoreto 2018-12-31 3.4 A Social Network With Monetization Of Likes Entertainment, Communication, Media, Platform Singapore
XCHNG XCHNG 2018-12-31 2.9 Digital Advertising on Blockchain Big Data, Media USA
unitalent unitalent 2018-12-31 3.3 Join the Movement, Own Your Work! unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled platform for high-skill freelancers. We introduce the Talent Token for the future of freelancing. Platform Switzerland
Õpet Õpet 2018-12-31 We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make you smarter, faster and better during your journey as a High School student. Education, Internet, Platform Singapore
Mykrosystem Mykrosystem 2018-12-31 2.6 Protocol layer for seamless data agency and complete-economy Big Data marketplace Infrastructure, Data/Computing/AI, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Jobs/Marketplace, Security/Identity USA
Academia Lingu Academia Lingu 2018-12-31 3.4 This is a platform that offers both learners and teachers to share their knowledge and demands on an international platform by using Lingu Token. Education Turkey
Utile Network Utile Network 2018-12-31 3.8 Bringing It All Together for Asset Management Education, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication Poland
ZAZA ZAZA 2018-12-31 4.1 Decentralized B2B Connections Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Smart Contract, Business services United Arab Emirates
4ARTechnologies 4ARTechnologies 2018-12-31 2.5 We Are Solving the ART World's Biggest Problem Art, Platform Switzerland
BlueGold - Blockchain Cuises & Events  BlueGold - Blockchain Cuises & Events 2018-12-31 BlueGold wants to become the next reference currency for Blockchain events. In the spirit of the Blockchain freedom and independence, BlueGold offers cruises dedicated to the crypto-universe. Tourism Malta
Enecuum Enecuum 2018-12-31 3.9 Enecuum is the first blockchain in the world to unite millions of smartphones and other devices into a single network. Platform, Business services Hong Kong
Dominium Dominium 2018-12-31 1.6 Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world! Real estate, Investment, Business services Netherlands
Stacktical Stacktical 2018-12-31 4.1 Automatic Downtime Compensation Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract France
FILO ICO FILO ICO 2018-12-31 Filo is developing a decentralized global community connecting service providers and consumers. Investment Singapore
XERA XERA 2018-12-31 4.6 Dynamizing Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency UK
MusicLife MusicLife 2018-12-31 2.8 World's First Music Exchange Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Media, Business services Singapore
fiii fiii 2018-12-31 Making Cryptocurrencies available to all, for all purposes Blockchain Platform, Commerce/Retail, Crypto Mining, Finance Hong Kong
Lucre Global Lucre Global 2018-12-31 Lucre Global leverages Blockchain technology to be a user-friendly, decentralized, and safe cashless payment system intended to revolutionize the gaming industry. Cryptocurrency, Casino & Gambling USA
Era Swap Token Era Swap Token 2018-12-31 Brings You a Time Trading Social Community Platform Cryptocurrency, Charity, Business services, Education, Platform Malta
Crypto Noda Crypto Noda 2018-12-31 Crypto Noda is the first automated hosting service for connection, activation, analytics and maintenance of masternode. Platform, Software Russian Federation
GOLDFUND GOLDFUND 2018-12-31 GOLDFUND is a source of capital for mining and investment in precious metals and providing liquidity with cryptocurrency coins and physical gold exchange. Infrastructure Australia
Gaming Stars Gaming Stars 2018-12-30 2.1 EOS-powered gaming platform with a unique in-game bets concept Casino & Gambling, Entertainment, Gaming/AR/VR Switzerland
Intrachain Intrachain 2018-12-30 2.1 Process Mining SoftwareIntrachain is the world’s first process mining software with integrated blockchain. This technical architecture allows for different use cases: Intrachain Private and Intrachain Business. Business services, Smart Contract Germany
WinLastMile WinLastMile 2018-12-30 Win Last Mile (WLM) aims to provide better services to the elder and disable people, with a focus on Asian countries, starting from China and Taiwan. Our team includes experts specialized in blockchain, social welfare, health-care. Health Taiwan
Local Token Exchange Local Token Exchange 2018-12-30 3.4 Multi-coin P2P Decentralised Exchange Platform Spain
TOKENEO TOKENEO 2018-12-30 Tokeneo is a crypto-currency exchange whose investors are rewarded with 50% of the income, paid out on a daily basis. Tokeneo community owns 90% of the Ethereum-based TEO tokens. Our investors participate in Exchange's development. Finance, Blockchain Platform, Platform Poland
eLocations eLocations 2018-12-30 The World’s most comprehensive commercial real estate database powered by a secured blockchain network Swaziland
PayTezo PayTezo 2018-12-26 3.0 A Digital Payments Platform with Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Singapore
EveryCoin EveryCoin 2018-12-25 3.5 A new decentralized Financial Platform utilizing Multi BlockChain. Thailand
genEOS genEOS 2018-12-23 2.7 Blockchain 4.0 for Business Platform, Infrastructure USA
Republia Republia 2018-12-23 3.9 Leading Edge Ecosystem and Technology Other, Cryptocurrency, Platform British Virgin Islands
NAi NAi 2018-12-23 2.9 World's first financial market prediction platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence UK
Buron Buron 2018-12-21 2.9 Cryptocurrency mining Software, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Big Data Hong Kong
MillionCoin MillionCoin 2018-12-19 4.0 Cryptocurrency Which Support Global Trading System Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Retail Poland
Talentico Talentico 2018-12-18 2.8 Unified Investment Ecosystem for Connecting Talents Artificial Intelligence, Art, Blockchain Platform, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Internet, Other, Platform, Smart Contract, Sports Georgia
EZ Exchange EZ Exchange 2018-12-17 3.5 EZ Exchange is building the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world by putting traders first, with robust support and industry-leading security, ensuring that users never deal with a substandard customer experience when trading cryptocurrency. Malta
Spry One Spry One 2018-12-16 loyalty platform built on the Quarkchain that normalizes points ratios between businesses to effectively and fairly allow trading and redemption of issued points Blockchain Platform USA
RipaEx RipaEx 2018-12-16 Ripa Exchange is a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a strong focus on lowering the entry level of opening new exchanges and giving crypto traders safe and secure trading partners to operate on a daily basis. Asset Management, Business services, Infrastructure Italy
Canabio Canabio 2018-12-15 2.6 Highest quality, natural produced cannabinoid oil Health UK
Verifier Verifier 2018-12-15 3.7 Global Standard Of Trust Business services, Security/Identity Russian Federation
DNAtix DNAtix 2018-12-15 1.3 DNAtix is Developing the Future Ecosystem Israel
Bixtrim Bixtrim 2018-12-15 2.9 Multi-Functional Crypto-Exchange Platform Platform, Cryptocurrency, Banking Georgia
Fluzcoin Fluzcoin 2018-12-15 4.0 The Intelligent Retail Currency Platform, Cryptocurrency, Retail Panama
V-ID Token V-ID Token 2018-12-15 4.0 Blockchain Powered Validation Platform, Security/Identity Netherlands
Mt Pelerin Mt Pelerin 2018-12-15 3.0 Mt Pelerin is creating a new bank on blockchain that will connect people and businesses in whole new ways: as their own personal investment bank. Investment, Finance, Banking Switzerland
H-Education World H-Education World 2018-12-14 2.7 Biggest Token Sale in Education Sector Till Date Education Belize
Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018-12-13 A pure cryptocurrency exchange with world-class trading facility in coinoix exchange, Token holders can use CLX token to pay almost all type of fees including like trading fee, withdrawal fee, listing fees. Major crypto-pairs are available to trade. Cryptocurrency Estonia
Inmusik Inmusik 2018-12-12 3.3 Global Music Economy on Blockchain Media, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Platform Ireland
ServAdvisor ServAdvisor 2018-12-12 2.9 Local Service Consumers and Travellers Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Business services, Artificial Intelligence, Retail, Smart Contract, Tourism Germany 2018-12-09 is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets Finance Estonia
AllSporter AllSporter 2018-12-07 3.7 First decentralised P2P marketplace, where sports enthusiasts can book training, rent equipment and monetise personal data. Smart Contract, Platform, Health, Big Data, Sports UK
EZ Exchange EZ Exchange 2018-12-05 Exchange platform for simple, secure cryptocurrency trading Malta 2018-12-05 3.5 Jobs Marketplace Powered By Blockchain Georgia
D1 D1 2018-12-04 Diamond-backed token with downside protection Bulgaria
Soar Soar 2018-12-03 3.4 Soar is a decentralised global super-map of the world built on blockchain technology. The super-map will include access to daily satellite imagery feeds, high-resolution aerial sensors and drone content collected by the greater community. Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Singapore
KiMex KiMex 2018-12-02 3.2 Decentralized Binary Options Platform Hong Kong
UMKA UMKA 2018-12-01 2.9 Decentralized Labor Market Platform, Education, Business services, Smart Contract Seychelles
SmartCityCoinTestNet SmartCityCoinTestNet 2018-11-30 2.9 A LEGAL STRUCTURE OFFERING THE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR RESOURCE SHARING Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Energy/Utilities, Platform Switzerland
Echarge Echarge 2018-11-30 is the first alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles. Energy/Utilities Switzerland
Black Insurance Black Insurance 2018-11-30 3.6 Market Place for Insurance Brokers and Investors Business services, Investment Estonia
Bitbose Bitbose 2018-11-30 3.9 The Future Of Crypto Investments Platform UK
ICOVO ICOVO 2018-11-30 4.0 The World's First ICO Platform Implementing Protecting Investors With DAICO Finance, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
InBet InBet 2018-11-30 We create an honest betting service, where the bookmaker will be an intermediary between players, and not the casino, where you leave all the money. Blockchain Platform, Casino & Gambling British Virgin Islands
HEdpAY HEdpAY 2018-11-30 3.4 Decentralized Banking Token Cryptocurrency, Investment, Banking, Platform UK
Tkeycoin DAO Tkeycoin DAO 2018-11-30 Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence, opening a new world of opportunities for people and business. Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Platform Russian Federation
HARA HARA 2018-11-30 3.4 Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange. Big Data, Data/Computing/AI, Infrastructure Singapore
TalentSnap TalentSnap 2018-11-30 3.2 Zero-knowledge proof AI on the Blockchain to Automate Hiring Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Platform, Artificial Intelligence Canada
Snapparazzi - Be The World’s Eye Snapparazzi - Be The World’s Eye 2018-11-30 3.0 Take photos and videos of unique events that you are witnessing during your daily routine. Use the Snapparazzi app to sell them to local and global media outlets, getting paid immediately! Reporters, Content Creators, Moderators and Viewers earn SNPC Content/Advertising, Cryptocurrency, Media Malta 2018-11-30 3.4 Decentralized Database for Dating Big Data, Infrastructure, Platform Singapore
Adab Solutions Adab Solutions 2018-11-30 3.4 First Islamic Crypto Exchange Cryptocurrency, Investment, Business services United Arab Emirates
CraftR CraftR 2018-11-30 3.8 Powering E-commerce through the Blockchain Business services, Media, Art, Platform Switzerland
VolAir VolAir 2018-11-30 2.4 Luxury Lifestyle at Your Fingertips Tourism Switzerland
Silent Silent 2018-11-30 3.3 For a Powerful Future Other, Infrastructure, Energy Switzerland
Silent Silent 2018-11-30 Silent constructs and operates industrial Methanol Synthesis Plants producing CO2-neutral Methanol and researches new technologies for small-scale Methanol synthesis systems. Energy Switzerland
Neironix Neironix 2018-11-30 4.0 Rating Analytical Agency Platform, Media/Content, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data Estonia
Render It Coin Render It Coin 2018-11-30 3.2 Create the Future of Mining with Us Crypto Mining, Platform Ireland
Alux Alux 2018-11-30 2.8 Electronic Banking on Blockchain Technology Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence Spain
HealthyCoins HealthyCoins 2018-11-30 HealthyCoins let you gain legal access to the fast-growing medicinal cannabis cultivation industry which is very difficult to achieve otherwise. Drugs/Health Swaziland
Shark Lotto Shark Lotto 2018-11-30 Shark Lotto the most transparent, simplest and Honesty lottery Decentralized lottery powered by the Ethereum Blockchain Betting/Gambling USA
The Government Network The Government Network 2018-11-30 The Government Network is building a borderless nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) Business services, Platform, Smart Contract Belize
Unchainet Unchainet 2018-11-27 3.1 Decentralized Cloud Platform for Everyone Smart Contract, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services Australia
UNCHAINET UNCHAINET 2018-11-27 Unchainet's platform connects people and companies with available computing resources and clients who need them. Real economy powering the new decentralized cloud and blockchain platform. Data/Computing/AI, Infrastructure Australia
REMIIT REMIIT 2018-11-25 3.2 Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment Platform Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking Singapore
RealtyReturns RealtyReturns 2018-11-23 2.7 Cross-Border, Blockchain-Based Real Estate Marketplace Asset Management, Blockchain Platform, Investment, Real estate, Smart Contract USA
Gastery Gastery 2018-11-22 4.5 Platform for HORECA Customer Service Tourism, Software, Platform, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Communication, Big Data Russian Federation 2018-11-22 Investing Traditions in Technologies Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Legal, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence Singapore
Horyou Horyou 2018-11-18 Horyou, is a unique platform for social good, allowing to share ideas, be inspired and help each other. Horyou connects individuals, organizations and entities fostering social good ( Platform Switzerland
Mix Rent Mix Rent 2018-11-17 3.4 Rent And Share Vehicles Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Platform Ireland
Kuende Kuende 2018-11-16 2.5 Putting The Social Back Into Social Networks Media, Entertainment, Communication, Platform Switzerland
EverLife.AI EverLife.AI 2018-11-15 3.9 AI Avatar Network Artificial Intelligence Singapore
Run2Play - The Blockchain Fitness Platform Run2Play - The Blockchain Fitness Platform 2018-11-15 2.8 The Blockchain Fitness Platform Charity, Health, Platform, Software, Sports, Virtual Reality Switzerland
Laser Laser 2018-11-15 3.5 Blockchain Without Borders Platform Cayman Islands
AGRIC AGRIC 2018-11-15 AGRICC aims to integrate agricultural and fishery industry with blockchain technology. It covers a number of subdivided areas, it also connects agricultural and technologies to a “Agricultural IoT production line”. Manufacturing, Smart Contract, Big Data Malaysia
Credible Network Credible Network 2018-11-15 4.1 Reinventing Credit Scoring Banking Singapore
Renaissance Engineering Renaissance Engineering 2018-11-15 3.0 Decentralized Construction Projects Investment, Real estate Turkey 2018-11-15 eHalal develops Halal Enterprise Resource Planing & Supply Chain Management Systems and follows the Halal standard set by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and The Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (SMIIC). Software, Infrastructure Singapore
GGRocket GGRocket 2018-11-14 2.9 GG Rocket protocol opens unlimited opportunities for utilizing gaming data. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Gaming/AR/VR, Infrastructure Singapore
Bitdepositary Bitdepositary 2018-11-14 3.0 Bitdepositary the world’s first ICO Platform based on Salesforce and Blockchain set to Revolutionize ICO Marketplace Using a Specialist Vetting and User Voting System Legal, Business services, Banking Malta
Plaza Systems Plaza Systems 2018-11-12 4.1 Freedom Lifestyle Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Retail Singapore
BitSong BitSong 2018-11-10 4.0 Blockchain Music Streaming Entertainment Malta
TIPO TIPO 2018-11-10 4.3 The Tipping Point of E-commerce on Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Smart Contract Singapore
LeadRex LeadRex 2018-11-09 3.8 AI-based platform for lead generation Big Data, Business services, Internet, Platform, Software, Artificial Intelligence USA
MeliorAI MeliorAI 2018-11-08 Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research Artificial Intelligence Ireland
Liquid8 Liquid8 2018-11-07 3.0 Decentralized P2P Multi-Functional Platform Business services Singapore
MB8Coin MB8Coin 2018-11-05 2.9 A Real World Cryptocurrency with Retail Outlets Business services Hungary
Gabriel Vollmann Gabriel Vollmann 2018-11-05 BX.BET is a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem designed to revolutionize the future of betting. Malta
BX.BET BX.BET 2018-11-05 3.9 The Decentralized Betting Exchange Betting/Gambling Malta
BX.BET BX.BET 2018-11-05 BX.BET is a blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem designed to revolutionize the future of betting. Casino & Gambling Malta
Inpactor Inpactor 2018-11-04 4.5 This is an Open Invitation to the World Media, Charity, Business services, Platform Seychelles
Medipedia Medipedia 2018-11-04 Blockchain Medical Tourism Platform Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Health, Investment Singapore
Save Environment Token Save Environment Token 2018-11-03 4.1 A Noble Cause to Save Environment and Humanity Smart Contract, Retail, Platform, Health, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
BIG Foundation BIG Foundation 2018-11-01 2.2 Basic Income Guarantee Platform, Infrastructure Russia
Quixxi Connect Quixxi Connect 2018-11-01 1.9 Smart Crypto Payments Payments/Wallets, Platform Australia
HotCoin HotCoin 2018-11-01 HotCoin drives and promotes accessibility, privacy and trust in the $ Multi-Billion $ entertainment industries by providing a next generation payment solution to exceed next generation expectations. Entertainment, Cryptocurrency Seychelles
Ubecoin Ubecoin 2018-11-01 3.4 A Cryptocurrency Designed for Business and Entertainment Entertainment, Gaming/AR/VR, Real estate Gibraltar
Energy Premier Energy Premier 2018-10-31 3.9 Energy Premier Token Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Energy, Cryptocurrency Switzerland
WRIO WRIO 2018-10-31 3.5 All You Need Is a Browser Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Smart Contract Czech Republic
FXPay FXPay 2018-10-31 2.6 Foriegn Exchange Trading per Day Platform, Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Smart Contract UK
Trusted Cars FLEX Trusted Cars FLEX 2018-10-31 4.8 Award-Winning German Company is changing Car Ownership Forever Platform Germany
WeGold WeGold 2018-10-31 2.6 World’s First Travel Blockchain Tourism Singapore
FlipNpik FlipNpik 2018-10-31 4.3 FlipNpik is the first blockchain-based collaborative social media to allow users to monetize their social media posts by supporting their favorite local shops. Media/Content, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Software France
qiibee qiibee 2018-10-31 3.1 Loyalty on the Blockchain Business services, Platform Switzerland
Cremit Cremit 2018-10-31 3.0 Alt Coins Insurance & Banking Solutions Cremit token is presented herein as an insurance and banking solution provider using blockchain technology. Cremit will provide crypto currency hedging, a zero-fee exchange, smart wallet, fixed deposit certi Platform, Media, Investment, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking, Retail, Software, Sports Poland
Word of Mouth Pro Word of Mouth Pro 2018-10-31 The first total solver for the word mouth players. A decentralised social crypto certificator, inspired by the blockchain community. Infrastructure United Arab Emirates
Tachain Tachain 2018-10-31 3.8 Tachain is about scaling entertainment and transportation synergy onchain Entertainment, Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Platform UK
TrustBar TrustBar 2018-10-31 3.7 Decentralized Cross-Chain Exchange TrustBar is a highly anticipated project that is creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO platform. South Africa
BlocVehicle BlocVehicle 2018-10-31 2.4 Your data is yours. You can share your car with around the world. Make money with your car. Let your car work for you. Business services, Infrastructure, Platform Singapore
Your Data Safe Your Data Safe 2018-10-31 3.3 Our mission is simple; change the way consumer data is handled & traded via the redistribution of value, allowing personal data to be used & monetised for targeted marketing & advertising. Platform, Business services, Big Data UK
XELS XELS 2018-10-31 2.6 The XELS ecosystem will enable everyone to reduce their carbon footprint with every transaction. We are creating an asset-backed utility coin which integrates positive environmental impacts into everyday life. Energy, Business services, Platform Hong Kong - A Token-Driven Mining Company - A Token-Driven Mining Company 2018-10-31 4.0 Featuring an operationally ready product, an eco-conscious energy program, and the innovative asset-backed SRXIO token, Securix is offering greater value than cloud mining investments, providing a monthly passive gross revenue share to token holders. Business services, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
The Aclyd Project The Aclyd Project 2018-10-31 A Blockchain Based Identity Verification/Security System & Payment-Processing Platform. Industry/Logistics, Retail Bermuda
SilkChain SilkChain 2018-10-30 3.3 The First Blockchain Based Platform in Global Internet, Smart Contract Singapore
Pearl Pay Pearl Pay 2018-10-30 3.5 Your Virtual Money Logistics System Business services, Cryptocurrency, Banking Philippines
Soundeon Soundeon 2018-10-30 4.1 Blockchain Music Platform Entertainment, Investment, Media, Art, Platform Estonia
TalentChain TalentChain 2018-10-30 Talentchain aims to build an ecosystem of Universities,Corporates,Govt. Bodies,Notary & Talents for exploring,harnessing and benefitting from the decentralized properties inherent to Blockchain with every stakeholder making profits along the way. Education Malta
LendsBay LendsBay 2018-10-29 3.6 Credit Ecosystem Data/Computing/AI, Finance, Internet, Investment, Legal, Other, Communication, Commerce/Retail, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract Russian Federation 2018-10-29 3.3 The Ultimate Financial Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform France 2018-10-25 3.3 Your Gateway to the Internet of Value Platform France
NWS.One NWS.One 2018-10-24 3.0 Smart adaptive timeline service backed by One.Platform, designed to be your everyday assistant in the continuous day to day information flow. Artificial Intelligence, Content/Advertising, Internet, Media/Content, Platform Romania
Onasander Onasander 2018-10-24 3.6 World Investment Fund Real estate, Investment, Banking Cayman Islands
Solidified Solidified 2018-10-23 2.4 Solidified introduces the first fully decentralized smart contract audit process and Bug Prediction Market Smart Contract, Security/Identity, Platform Gibraltar
miBoodle miBoodle 2018-10-22 miBoodle is a decentralised application enabling consumers all over the world to build a sustainable online income using tried and tested digital method Media UK
Aurora Ecosystem Aurora Ecosystem 2018-10-20 3.0 The Future Of Trade, Finance And Industry Software, Smart Contract, Real estate, Platform, Infrastructure, Banking Spain
AgentMile AgentMile 2018-10-17 4.0 Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Platform, Real estate Estonia
Borneo Borneo 2018-10-17 3.3 Within the Borneo Ecosystem, the fundamental of BMG token is essential for achieving Borneo First missions of unleashing the true potentials of Borneo Island through building Borneo First global economic and social platform (Borneo First Platform). I Infrastructure, Investment, Manufacturing, Payments/Wallets, Tourism Indonesia
Blockkonnect Blockkonnect 2018-10-17 3.4 Social Network Platform Platform, Media, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Smart Contract UK
Golden Currency Golden Currency 2018-10-15 4.1 New Financial Revolution Banking, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure Singapore
Stellargoldcoin Stellargoldcoin 2018-10-15 3.4 First Cryptocurrency For Mining Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency India
MiBoodle MiBoodle 2018-10-15 2.8 Application Enabling Consumers to Make Money Software, Platform, Media, Internet, Big Data UK
Virtual Rehab Virtual Rehab 2018-10-14 3.8 Psychological Rehabilitation Artificial Intelligence, Health, Virtual Reality Canada
Globatrix - Decentralized Web Globatrix - Decentralized Web 2018-10-12 3.8 The new decentralized collaborative Web model that solves major problems of today's Internet, brings entirely new approach to the online advertisement and makes the competition and monopoly least possible. KYC not required (couldn't update here). Platform, Media, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Software, Virtual Reality Cyprus
Orch Network Orch Network 2018-10-12 Orch is a self-evolving quantum safe multicomputation and cryptocurrency infrastructure that is engineered to survive the deep future, even tens of thousands of years from now. Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Switzerland
Conventment Conventment 2018-10-10 2.7 Cannabis Logistics Powered By Ethereum Smart Contract, Platform, Manufacturing, Communication, Business services, Big Data, Software USA
Woolf Woolf 2018-10-10 2.8 Woolf will be the first fully accredited, borderless, blockchain-powered university. Education Gibraltar
Tedchain Tedchain 2018-10-08 3.5 Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Investment, Internet, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Platform, Software Poland
Qravity Qravity 2018-10-07 4.3 Continuous Creation Entertainment, Internet, Manufacturing, Media, Cryptocurrency, Art, Platform Austria
MUXE MUXE 2018-10-05 2.6 MUXE is the innovative platform that uses Blockchain technology to allow users to LIST, SEARCH, SECURE and SETTLE all your Real Estate needs. Industry/Logistics, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Real estate, Software, Virtual Reality Netherlands
Presale Ventures Presale Ventures 2018-10-04 4.0 Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund & Pre–ICO Funding Platform Investment, Platform, Infrastructure Belize
Trends Project Trends Project 2018-10-03 3.4 Welcome to the Trends Project Platform, Education Hong Kong
Papusha Rocket ICO Papusha Rocket ICO 2018-10-01 3.7 The world’s first rocket and space technology to produce fuel by using fuel oil residues from refineries Other Russian Federation
Lendo Lendo 2018-09-30 3.8 Lendo Cryptocurrency UK
EMMARES EMMARES 2018-09-30 4.3 Email as you know it will never be the same. Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Platform Hong Kong
Konios Project Konios Project 2018-09-30 4.0 Access to crypto currencies with cash - without the need for a bank. Platform, Internet, Communication, Business services, Retail, Software Switzerland
Kakushin Kakushin 2018-09-30 4.3 Innovate & Collaborate on Intellectual Property Investment, Platform Australia
GrowPayment GrowPayment 2018-09-30 3.0 Cannabis Marketplace Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Retail Canada
beepnow beepnow 2018-09-30 2.8 beepnow is a platform connecting job seekers and people looking for services provided by skilled workers, all on a smartphone. Blockchain Platform, Platform Estonia
Ubex Ubex 2018-09-30 Artificial Intelligence in Advertising Payments/Wallets, Finance, Business services, Platform Switzerland
Phoneum Phoneum 2018-09-30 4.3 Phoneum is a true mobile-only cryptocurrency and mining solution Cryptocurrency Canada
Triffic Triffic 2018-09-30 3.4 Earn cryptocurrency just for living your day-to-day life. Platform, Entertainment, Business services, Software British Virgin Islands
Subaj Global Network Subaj Global Network 2018-09-30 2.9 Transforming the loyalty reward system with Cryptocurrency. Business services, Commerce/Retail, Platform Germany
Payperblock Payperblock 2018-09-30 2.8 New Era of Freelancing Platform, Other Finland
MCan Coin MCan Coin 2018-09-30 3.5 Vichy International Limited will issue virtual currency coins called Medical Cannabis (MCan) on the blockchain operated by a smart contract. Drugs/Health, Cryptocurrency UK
eLYQD eLYQD 2018-09-30 3.0 eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the entire vaping industry. Internet, Platform USA
Varanida Varanida 2018-09-30 3.9 Fair & Transparent Digital Ecosystem Varanida is a decentralized advertising network made for users who want a better Internet experience, publishers who want to maximize revenues, and advertisers who want guaranteed performance. Internet, Infrastructure, Content/Advertising, Media France
Mit-Ra Mit-Ra 2018-09-30 3.5 Mit-Ra is an independent association of the United Health Group. Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Health, Artificial Intelligence, Software United Arab Emirates
Natmin Pure Escrow Natmin Pure Escrow 2018-09-30 2.6 Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized application that provides pure Escrow Services built on Blockchain Technology. Banking, Business services, Internet Australia
THE TOK APP THE TOK APP 2018-09-30 TOK is the next generation Blockchain powered decentralized chat platform offering a seamless, smarter and secure communication ecosystem. Communication Singapore
Yamzu Yamzu 2018-09-29 3.5 Play eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain Entertainment Sweden
Trivver Trivver 2018-09-28 3.6 Monetizing Extended Reality Virtual Reality, Platform Bermuda
TokenBacon TokenBacon 2018-09-27 3.7 Public Sidechain + API Cloud Cryptocurrency Taiwan
Coinnup Coinnup 2018-09-26 4.3 Blockchain Powered Fin Tech Platform Banking, Business services, Platform Australia
Beep Beep 2018-09-20 3.0 Skill-sharing platform Business services, Platform Estonia
Hackspace Hackspace 2018-09-20 2.9 Invest in the future and change the world for the Manufacturing, Investment Cyprus
REOS REOS 2018-09-20 3.4 A Blockchain-Based Ecosystem for UGC Media, Internet Singapore
Kheper Kheper 2018-09-20 3.7 Tokenizing the Gambling Industry Betting/Gambling Malta
FRELDO FRELDO 2018-09-17 3.3 Unleash the Power of Service Market Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Business services Canada
Octobase Octobase 2018-09-15 1.6 Decentralized convenience Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services South Africa
Mavin Mavin 2018-09-15 3.7 A reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem Platform, Other Switzerland
Nova Nova 2018-09-15 2.9 A Blockchain Based Digital Advertising Platform Internet Switzerland
Bityond Bityond 2018-09-15 Decentralizing Recruitment and Talent Management Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Communication Portugal
Cloudbric Cloudbric 2018-09-12 3.1 Decentralized Universal Security Platform Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Singapore
EsperanToken EsperanToken 2018-09-10 2.1 Exchange. Share. Redeem. Trade. Business services, Platform Cyprus
MARAChain MARAChain 2018-09-09 3.6 Secure Exchange of Digital Documents with GDPR Strict Compliant and Official Time-Stamping Internet, Communication, Business services, Software Spain
CuraToken CuraToken 2018-09-08 2.6 Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs, Saving Lives Dedicated to reducing drug non-adherence while lowering healthcare costs and advancing medical research Health, Big Data UK
ORCA ORCA 2018-09-06 4.7 One Token for Your Entire Crypto World. Banking, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Platform Estonia
Taurus0X Taurus0X 2018-09-06 2.6 Distributed off-chain / on-chain protocol powering smart derivatives from end to end, for any asset over any network. Platform, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking, Smart Contract, Software USA
Joys Digital Joys Digital 2018-09-04 3.8 Joys is a service provider for payment settlements in virtually any cryptocurrency or tokens when purchasing products and services lawful in any jurisdiction. Banking, Finance, Retail Russian Federation
Cartographeum Cartographeum 2018-09-01 3.0 GPS Blockchain Big Data, Communication, Electronics, Infrastructure, Smart Contract, Software Germany
CRYPTTO CRYPTTO 2018-09-01 3.6 Quantitative Crypto Trading Platform Investment USA
Simpex Simpex 2018-09-01 Simpex is a Fast, Secure and User Friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange, Instant Payments and Secure Wallet Application for Desktop, Mobile and Web. Cryptocurrency, Investment, Payments/Wallets, Platform, Smart Contract Romania
Vreo Vreo 2018-09-01 2.9 A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize AD's Entertainment, Software, Content/Advertising, Virtual Reality Switzerland
ZeroState ZeroState 2018-08-31 4.5 Emotional Intelligence Powered By Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Communication, Tourism Belize
Money By Design Money By Design 2018-08-31 3.6 Bringing the Power of Blockchain to Institutions Banking, Platform, Smart Contract France
YondoCoin YondoCoin 2018-08-31 2.8 Your All-In-One Solution for Offering Live Online Artificial Intelligence, Platform Australia
Desto Desto 2018-08-31 3.0 We plant. We harvest. We share. Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Asean
Cache Cache 2018-08-31 3.0 Tools to Make Blockchain Usable Platform, Cryptocurrency USA
GlobaliPay GlobaliPay 2018-08-31 GIP, or Global Internet Payment, is a comprehensive global digital payment solution. Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
CoTrader CoTrader 2018-08-31 Disrupting the $85 trillion global investment funds industry with a transparent and secure blockchain marketplace. Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Saint Kitts and Nevis
Celes Chain Celes Chain 2018-08-31 2.2 Celes Chain is the world's first public chain of DPoW financial institutions. Business services, Banking American Samoa
InsCoin for Knox Project InsCoin for Knox Project 2018-08-30 3.0 The First Blackchain Based insurance company! Estonia
GigTricks GigTricks 2018-08-30 3.4 Conquest to success GigTricks 360° ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract Gibraltar
PIC COIN PIC COIN 2018-08-30 2.5 Contents Creators, Copyright Holders, Uploaders Cryptocurrency Japan
Burn Coin Burn Coin 2018-08-30 1.6 Cryptocurrency for Digital Asset Trading Platform Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Korea
Nordcoin Mining Nordcoin Mining 2018-08-30 4.0 Safe Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining Operation Cryptocurrency Estonia
Moozicore Moozicore 2018-08-28 3.8 Changing the background music experience Platform, Entertainment USA
ENDO Protocol ENDO Protocol 2018-08-25 Certified Data Verification Protocol Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Platform Singapore
ZeroBank ZeroBank 2018-08-25 3.6 Your Local Currency Business services, Banking Singapore
GSC Aviation GSC Aviation 2018-08-24 To provide aeronautical professionals with quality resources, the security of blockchain technology and efficient purchasing protocols. This will enable economies of scale for aerospace industry players by optimizing the supply chain as a whole. Infrastructure France
Path.Network Path.Network 2018-08-22 4.3 Internet Intelligence Smart Contract, Business services, Big Data USA
BOONSCoin BOONSCoin 2018-08-22 Best of Online Sales (BOONS) is a type of specialized e-commerce marketplace platform that focuses on ‘100% Sales Ready Products and Services’. Platform Undefined
Carmel Carmel 2018-08-20 1.9 Learn How To Build A Better Future For All Of Us Education, Software Romania
IOV IOV 2018-08-20 3.3 A Protocol and DNS for Blockchain Networks Business services, Infrastructure, Internet, Other, Platform, Software France
Istrium Istrium 2018-08-19 3.1 Create and deploy your own blockchain in just few clicks with Istrium. You can create a blockchain for storing data, or get your own cryptocurrency which will be added to our market place where Istrium (ISM) will be the cryptocurrency of reference. Platform France
Arbitao Arbitao 2018-08-19 Arbitao is a fully working product based on automated arbitrage technologies for cryptocurrency markets. Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
Traid Traid 2018-08-19 2.4 World’s Best Traders Are Waiting To Mentor You Education, Cryptocurrency, Platform Czech Republic
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain 2018-08-17 4.0 Short usernames as smart addresses, search and find other users by usernames, cryptocurrency point of sale system for businesses - all built on the 1st indexed and fully searchable blockchain. Costa Rica
DICEGAME DICEGAME 2018-08-16 4.3 Open Face-To Face iGaming Platform Entertainment, Casino & Gambling, Platform Belarus
RedCab RedCab 2018-08-15 4.0 Decentralized Transportation Solution Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Tourism Egypt
Fashion Coin Fashion Coin 2018-08-15 Platform for Models, Fashion & Luxury Lifestyle Media Austria
Viva Viva 2018-08-14 4.1 Decentralized Home Loan Financing Business services, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract, Software Bermuda
VegaWallet VegaWallet 2018-08-13 3.8 Provides a Complete Cryptocurrency Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform
FOAM FOAM 2018-08-10 2.0 Open Protocol for Proof of Location on Ethereum Infrastructure, Platform USA
Stoxum Stoxum 2018-08-10 Stoxum is the world's first hybrid decentralized exchange of crypto-currency with an aggregate pool of liquidity Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Investment, Platform Hong Kong
Swachhcoin Swachhcoin 2018-08-08 4.7 Swachhcoin is Here to Help Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Smart Contract India
Crypto Angel Crypto Angel 2018-08-07 3.9 Decrypt your potential Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Platform Serbia
Ledgit Ledgit 2018-08-07 2.6 Smart Application Platform Platform Singapore
PreVUE PreVUE 2018-08-06 2.8 Programmatic Digital Advertising Internet USA
Xenchain Xenchain 2018-08-06 2.8 The Evolution Of Digital Identity Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Singapore
Inmediate Inmediate 2018-08-06 2.5 Catapulting Insurance Into the Digital Age Smart Contract Singapore
Metatip Metatip 2018-08-01 2.0 Tip your friends in seconds with META Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data United States
ZeroEdge.Bet ZeroEdge.Bet 2018-08-01 4.4 First Online Casino with 0% House Edge Games Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
MEDICOHEALTH MEDICOHEALTH 2018-08-01 3.6 The Biggest Doctor-Patient Environment Health, Communication, Platform Switzerland
Ligercoin Ligercoin 2018-08-01 3.4 LIGER brings the best processes, swifter transactions and smartest thinking to the table. Its advanced features of safety and anonymity are ready to win hearts and games. Sports Malta
TGIC TGIC 2018-08-01 1.6 Decentralised Global Index Trading Platform Business services, Platform
Dacxi Dacxi 2018-08-01 2.9 Pioneering the Next Trillion-Dollar Market Education, Investment, Platform Singapore
SUBAJ GLOBAL NETWORK SUBAJ GLOBAL NETWORK 2018-08-01 Fastest growing Shopping & Rewards Blockchain Platform Commerce/Retail, Retail Germany
Horyou Horyou 2018-08-01 Blockchain with a Purpose Internet, Platform Switzerland
Alt.Estate Alt.Estate 2018-07-31 4.4 Protocol to tokenize real estate and Platform to trade tokenized property assets in fractions Investment, Legal, Platform, Real estate, Internet, Infrastructure, Finance, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Blockchain Platform, Smart Contract, Software British Virgin Islands
Nimbus Token Nimbus Token 2018-07-31 3.5 A Platform for Selling and Bartering Goods Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract USA
RUNtoken: Ethereum Blockchain Fitness Platform RUNtoken: Ethereum Blockchain Fitness Platform 2018-07-31 3.0 Ethereum Blockchain Fitness Platform Charity, Health, Platform, Software, Sports, Virtual Reality US
Saturn Protocol Saturn Protocol 2018-07-31 2.5 Crypto Traders Club Cryptocurrency
FTV Coin Deluxe FTV Coin Deluxe 2018-07-31 3.6 Platform for Models, Fashion & Luxury Lifestyle Entertainment, Communication, Media Austria
Union Union 2018-07-31 3.4 Ecosystem for Collaborative Savings and Lending Banking India
BaltiCrypto BaltiCrypto 2018-07-31 3.8 Smart sustainable Ecoverse Energy Estonia
Online Online 2018-07-31 4.1 platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable, thus marking a groundbreaking change of the Internet. Platform, Internet UK
Caloriecoin (CAL) Caloriecoin (CAL) 2018-07-31 3.4 Take Care of Your Health & Fill Your Wallet Platform, Payments/Wallets, Health, Business services, Big Data, Smart Contract Singapore
Trust Funding Coin Trust Funding Coin 2018-07-31 TFC conducts crowdfunding by listing only excellent businesses in the Trust Funding Platform (TFP) Platform Switzerland
AVINOC AVINOC 2018-07-31 3.1 Aviation Network Operation Chain Infrastructure, Communication, Platform, Business services Hong Kong
Ethx Coin Ethx Coin 2018-07-31 is a blockchain-powered solution that aims to make it easier for masses to access and adapt the blockchain technology and solutions conveniently and use them for their personal and professional growth. UK
Ethx Coin Ethx Coin 2018-07-31 is a blockchain-powered solution that aims to make it easier for masses to access and adapt the blockchain technology and solutions conveniently and use them for their personal and professional growth. Investment UK
Darico Darico 2018-07-30 3.6 Your gateway to cryptocurrency investment Investment, Cryptocurrency Switzerland
Altindex Altindex 2018-07-30 3.4 The First Automated Index Fund of Tokens Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking, Investment Cayman Islands
CafeCoin CafeCoin 2018-07-30 2.3 The Top Blockchain for Retail Stores and Customer Cryptocurrency BVI
NextPakk NextPakk 2018-07-30 4.1 The Last-Mile Blockchain for Convenient Delivery Business services, Cryptocurrency, Other, Platform, Retail, Software USA
HotEngine HotEngine 2018-07-30 3.1 Decentralized BookingEngine Runs in the BlockChain Tourism Turkey
ENTRY ENTRY 2018-07-30 4.0 The People’s Bank of Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Software Lithuania
PO8 PO8 2018-07-30 3.1 Bringing Marine Archaeology to the Blockchain Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform The Bahamas
Access Network Access Network 2018-07-29 3.3 Decentralized Bank for Unbanked Platform
STRYKZ STRYKZ 2018-07-29 We tokenize fantasy sports, starting with our existing platform Football-Stars. By allowing users to create their own challenges and earn STRYKZ through contributing content, we are creating a decentralized user-centric fantasy football platform. Gaming/AR/VR, Sports Germany
PinkDate - Global Escorting Platform PinkDate - Global Escorting Platform 2018-07-26 2.8 PinkDate. is - The world's first Global Escorting Platform A webapp for escorts to manage their business all in one place, with verified clients, one-click appointment setting & a payment system built in. Pay in crypto or cash. Secure &Confidential Cryptocurrency, Platform, Tourism USA
Frisco Roofing Pro Frisco Roofing Pro 2018-07-26 We have been in the fence and deck installation market for 25 years. We are backed by highly skilled professionals that take care of your fence repair and deck repair projects efficiently and with care. Call us now to know more. Business services United States minor outlying islands
Token Changer Token Changer 2018-07-22 2.8 Decentralized exchange platform. Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
PEP Network PEP Network 2018-07-20 3.1 Decentralized content creation ecosystem and marketplace Communication British Virgin Islands
Luckchemy Luckchemy 2018-07-20 4.5 Provably Fair Online Gambling Platform Platform, Smart Contract Gibraltar
AISI Coin AISI Coin 2018-07-20 3.9 P2P Platform for Launching ITO's Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Georgia
Fysical Fysical 2018-07-20 Protocol layer for human mobility and the next generation of big data: how humans move through the physical world. Singapore
Humanscape Humanscape 2018-07-19 Solution to Incurable Diseases by Curating Personal Health Data Drugs/Health, Other, Platform Hong Kong
MEvU MEvU 2018-07-16 4.6 A decentralized, peer-to-peer wagering platform Sports, Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Canada
Valena-SVCoin Valena-SVCoin 2018-07-15 3.0 A revolution in the industry of lubricants. Retail, Manufacturing, Legal Russian Federation
Invest in Brokers Invest in Brokers 2018-07-15 4.8 The Future Of Your Investments Education, Investment, Platform UK
RoleCoin RoleCoin 2018-07-15 3.8 Proof-of-progress for education. Platform, Infrastructure, Education Malta
Blupass Blupass 2018-07-15 3.6 Bringing you instant health insurance claims using blockchain technology. Platform, Health USA
DirectHome DirectHome 2018-07-15 3.5 Global Real Estate Platform Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Singapore
BmyBit BmyBit 2018-07-15 4.3 Automated Trading Accross Multiple Exchanges Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract UK
Lift Token Lift Token 2018-07-15 3.3 Next Generation Driving Platform Platform Germany
LightBitAtom LightBitAtom 2018-07-15 3.3 Largest Decentralized Multi-Crypto Exchange Business services, Platform USA
EVO EVO 2018-07-15 4.6 The World of Self-Development Education, Internet, Platform Russia
Midas Midas 2018-07-15 4.0 Anytime - Anywhere - Secured Platform Singapore
Dakuce Exchange Dakuce Exchange 2018-07-12 Hong Kong-based, Dakuce exchange is aspiring to be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in volume & liquidity. Our mission is to be in top ten Cryptocurrency trading platforms within a year Finance Hong Kong
Slate Slate 2018-07-11 3.0 SLATE (SLX) - The Entertainment Currency is a blockchain media delivery and storage protocol. Media, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Entertainment Canada
Zeex Zeex 2018-07-06 4.1 No Fiat, No Fees Platform, Investment Israel
MyCreditChain MyCreditChain 2018-07-04 3.8 BlockChain Based Credit Ecosystem Smart Contract Singapore
Starflow Starflow 2018-07-03 4.5 Join the Movement Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Media, Platform, Software Singapore
LSD LSD 2018-07-03 3.9 World's First Decentralized Marketplace for Sex Cryptocurrency, Platform Germany
VirUs VirUs 2018-07-03 3.6 Platform for Launching ICO Legal, Platform Switzerland
Alibabacoin Alibabacoin 2018-07-03 3.4 ABBC Is a Technology Optimized for Distribution. Cryptocurrency, Platform UAE
Crypterra Crypterra 2018-07-02 3.1 Decentralized Ecosystem for Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Real estate, Tourism Thailand
Pontem Inc. Pontem Inc. 2018-07-02 1.5 Payment And Loan Gateway For Cryptocurrencies Banking, Business services, Smart Contract Belgium
Blockchain Traded Fund Blockchain Traded Fund 2018-07-01 1.3 Working Together Investment USA
Open Source University Open Source University 2018-07-01 3.5 The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger Platform, Education, Big Data Bulgaria
AgroTechFarm AgroTechFarm 2018-07-01 4.3 Smart Kitchen Appliances for Growing Cannabis Health, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Investment, Manufacturing Cyprus
OID  - Opioid Token OID - Opioid Token 2018-07-01 2.6 Decentralized Road To Recovery Health USA
SmartInsurProtocol SmartInsurProtocol 2018-07-01 2.5 Foresee the Future of Insurance Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract Singapore
Virtual Reality Games Virtual Reality Games 2018-07-01 2.4 Ultimate VR Experience to Video Gamers Entertainment USA
XBrick Coin XBrick Coin 2018-07-01 4.0 The Next Generation of Cryptocurrencies Exchange Platform Australia
Aeternum Coin Aeternum Coin 2018-06-30 3.0 One Fund. One Coin. Investment, Infrastructure, Banking, Artificial Intelligence Slovakia
Augmate Augmate 2018-06-30 3.4 Augmate Initial Coin Offering Infrastructure, Big Data USA
Tuk Tuk Pass Tuk Tuk Pass 2018-06-30 3.6 Blockchain kiosk and global tourism platform Tourism, Platform Thailand
Gamico Gamico 2018-06-30 3.1 Play To Live, Live To Play Platform, Smart Contract Hong Kong
PRETHER PRETHER 2018-06-30 3.0 Cryptocurrency Backed by Precious Metals Cryptocurrency Seychelles
APRES APRES 2018-06-30 2.5 A Blockchain Solution for Press Freedom Cryptocurrency Germany
Stocks.Bet Stocks.Bet 2018-06-30 2.1 Bet on the Companies with Stocks.Bet Banking
MoneyKing MoneyKing 2018-06-30 2.4 Platform for Gaming and Investing Platform England
DORAE DORAE 2018-06-30 3.3 The Blockchain for Raw Materials Cryptocurrency, Manufacturing, Retail United Kingdom
Investa Investa 2018-06-30 4.0 Investa Banking Ecosystem Banking, Investment, Platform ENGLAND
Keen Keen 2018-06-30 4.1 Autonomous Ride Hailing Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Pakistan
NOBAR NOBAR 2018-06-30 3.7 One Token, Entire Commerce! Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail Estonia
AllStocks AllStocks 2018-06-30 3.9 The Future of Global Markets Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Israel
Bryllite Bryllite 2018-06-30 3.8 Global Game Asset Transfer Platform Platform HongKong
Vite Vite 2018-06-30 3.6 Never Miss Out Business services, Entertainment United States
Lattice Lattice 2018-06-30 2.6 Torelant and Fastest with Quantumn Computer Cryptocurrency, Platform Estonia
Cryptoloans Cryptoloans 2018-06-27 2.6 Trade Cryptocurrency On Credit Platform, Cryptocurrency Ukraine
OnePlusOne OnePlusOne 2018-06-27 3.4 A Next Generation Global Charity Loyalty Program ... Charity, Cryptocurrency Estonia
Alethena Alethena 2018-06-27 4.0 Swiss Blockchain-Asset Rating Investment Switzerland
Potion Owl Potion Owl 2018-06-26 3.3 Healthcare Services Accessible: Anytime, Anywhere Health Jamaica
Garnet Garnet 2018-06-25 1.8 The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency USA 2018-06-25 2.5 Fully Transparent Jackpot Game Smart Contract, Other, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Casino & Gambling Lithuania
FTW FTW 2018-06-25 1.8 For The Win Casino & Gambling, Platform, Software United States
Radio Radio 2018-06-25 2.8 Independent Broadcasting For Free Society Media UK
Coal Industry Coin Coal Industry Coin 2018-06-24 2.8 Blockchain That Connects Coal Mines Payment System Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
EXCHAIN EXCHAIN 2018-06-24 3.9 Blockchain-based Advertising Platform Business services, Media, Platform, Software UK
Zeew Zeew 2018-06-23 3.6 “Right Now” Delivery Disruption Business services Latvia
POVR POVR 2018-06-22 3.5 A Planet For Adults Entertainment, Virtual Reality Cyprus
DCentral Capital DCentral Capital 2018-06-22 3.9 Decentralised Ethical Venture Partnership Investment UK
Korona Coin Korona Coin 2018-06-21 4.0 Crown Your Life Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Internet, Legal, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Software Switzerland
HomeMine HomeMine 2018-06-21 3.6 Passive Mining on Household Electrical Appliances Energy, Electronics Estonia
Utrum Utrum 2018-06-20 4.3 Incentivized Review Platform Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency India
ArtChain Global ArtChain Global 2018-06-19 2.3 Revolution in Registration, Tracking, Protection Art Australia
Savage Savage 2018-06-17 4.1 The Future of Creative Royalties Entertainment, Media USA
Habibicoin Habibicoin 2018-06-17 2.8 The Real Estate Backed Crypto Currency Real estate UAE
Naireum Naireum 2018-06-16 2.1 Change Fiat Currency into Digital Asset Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract
BitNautic BitNautic 2018-06-15 3.9 A Tech for Your Shipping Needs Smart Contract, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services UK
Talenthon Talenthon 2018-06-15 3.0 Worl'd Most Trusted Hackathon Business services, Platform UK
TraXion TraXion 2018-06-15 4.6 Transitions You To A Crypto-Ready Society Banking, Business services, Charity, Investment, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract Philippines
Vernam Vernam 2018-06-15 4.6 The Future Of Insurance Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Bulgaria
NETZERO NETZERO 2018-06-15 2.5 Capital Rise Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure Sweden
Social Chains Social Chains 2018-06-15 2.6 User-Driven Social Platform Business services, Internet, Media, Platform USA
MBYS MBYS 2018-06-15 4.3 Professional Networking Protocol Business services, Platform Estonia
GOeureka GOeureka 2018-06-15 2.3 Future of Online Hotel Booking Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Tourism Singapore
Smart Trip Platform Smart Trip Platform 2018-06-14 4.4 Blockchain-Enabled Ecosystem Platform, Tourism USA
Coinstocks Coinstocks 2018-06-14 2.8 The Alternative Exchange Cryptocurrency USA
Scroll Token Scroll Token 2018-06-14 3.1 THE DIAMOND STANDARD OF BLOCKCHAIN DATA Software USA
SHOP Protocol SHOP Protocol 2018-06-12 4.0 It’s Time to Decentralize Retail Business services, Retail USA
MovieChain MovieChain 2018-06-12 3.1 Decentralized Movie Distribution Ecosystem Entertainment, Infrastructure China, India, Philippines
TOSS TOSS 2018-06-12 4.3 Everybody Wins Other, Platform UK
PROOF OF TOSS PROOF OF TOSS 2018-06-12 4.1 Everybody Wins Casino & Gambling, Other, Platform UK
AX1 AX1 2018-06-11 3.5 Capital Appreciation Mining Token Cryptocurrency Jersey
Monster Bit Monster Bit 2018-06-10 3.4 Monster Marketplace Entertainment, Art Russia
CellBlocks CellBlocks 2018-06-10 3.9 A Digital Currency For Prisons Cryptocurrency Cayman Island
NWPSolution NWPSolution 2018-06-10 4.6 Healthcare Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health, Platform Estonia
Germoney Germoney 2018-06-10 2.8 CryptoToken Made In Germany. Cryptocurrency, Education Germany
CVerification CVerification 2018-06-10 3.6 Blockchain-based Recruitment Business services, Communication, Education, Legal, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Germany
Hush - More than a bank Hush - More than a bank 2018-06-10 Hush create a regulated, participatory and tokenized neobanque project that offers you simplified services to place and use your fiat money or cryptocurrencies. Banking Luxembourg
Aitheon Aitheon 2018-06-09 4.3 The Digital Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Education, Electronics, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Software Estonia
Hybrid Betting Hybrid Betting 2018-06-08 3.4 HYB is our token and we will use that to find the Cryptocurrency, Casino & Gambling UK
CoinOil CoinOil 2018-06-08 2.5 The World’s First Legally Compliant Cryptocurrency Energy USA
AutoBay AutoBay 2018-06-08 3.4 Buy, Sell &Auction Any Vehicle with Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail Argentina
Traxia Traxia 2018-06-06 3.0 A Blockchain Solution To Disrupt Trade Finance Banking, Business services, Smart Contract Switzeland
Dashlite Dashlite 2018-06-06 3.9 The Future of Payments System Banking, Business services Switzerland
StasyQ StasyQ 2018-06-05 4.1 Hide Your Sins with StasyQ Platform Lithuania
ChronoBase ChronoBase 2018-06-05 4.5 Secure Your Watch With Blockchain Technology Electronics Belize
The Deal Coin The Deal Coin 2018-06-04 4.4 A Decentralised P2P Lending Eco-System Banking, Investment, Legal, Smart Contract England
GrocerCoin GrocerCoin 2018-06-03 3.0 GrocerCoin Platform Philippines
Pool of Stake Pool of Stake 2018-06-03 3.7 Pool for Proof of Stake Blockchains Smart Contract Switzerland
Safinus Safinus 2018-06-02 4.0 Platform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services Russia
Rouge Rouge 2018-06-02 3.4 Blockchain Coupon Platform Retail Hong-Kong
ROSCAcoin ROSCAcoin 2018-06-02 2.6 Finance for the Ordinary Big Data, Business services, Internet, Platform, Software Singapore
Howdoo Howdoo 2018-06-02 4.3 A New Kind of Messaging Communication UK
Poloneum Poloneum 2018-06-02 2.5 Global Access Token for All Digital Platforms Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Indonesia
MEDIS MEDIS 2018-06-01 1.8 Control Your History To Control Your Future Health, Cryptocurrency USA
SGV-G Technology SGV-G Technology 2018-06-01 3.0 Clean Energy In a Whole World Energy Chile
LiveContracts LiveContracts 2018-06-01 3.0 A fair legal system for everyone Legal Netherlands
ARQUTE G.A.S. ARQUTE G.A.S. 2018-06-01 3.9 Global Animation Studio Art, Media Russia
Cosmecoin Cosmecoin 2018-06-01 4.4 Future Of Cosmetic Surgery And Medical Aesthetics Health, Software UK
Let It Play Let It Play 2018-06-01 4.3 Audio Layer of The Internet Media, Platform Bulgaria
Spotcoin Spotcoin 2018-06-01 4.5 Streamlined FinTech Solutions To Access Capital Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Retail Georgia
charitySPACE charitySPACE 2018-05-31 2.7 Charity blockchain revolution Charity Poland
Sharpay Sharpay 2018-05-31 4.7 Share button with blockchain profit Media, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services Belize
Coins4Favors Coins4Favors 2018-05-31 A decentralized blockchain powered peer-to-peer platform for favors and mini-jobs around the world. IoT Hong Kong
Profede Profede 2018-05-31 4.1 Decentralized Professional Protocol Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Estonia
mCart Protocol mCart Protocol 2018-05-31 4.4 Democratizing Influence Marketing on Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Retail, Smart Contract USA
Root Blockchain Root Blockchain 2018-05-31 4.6 Future of Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Investment, Media, Software India
ACA Network ACA Network 2018-05-31 3.3 Blockchain Ad Network System Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Platform, Smart Contract Estonia
OVATO OVATO 2018-05-31 3.1 A Rewards, Earning and Giving Based Token! Business services, Cryptocurrency Singapore
Driiven Driiven 2018-05-31 1.3 Equally Weighted Cryptocurrency Index Fund Investment USA
CoooCoin CoooCoin 2018-05-31 3.4 A City In The Cloud Platform
MaxData MaxData 2018-05-31 3.8 Discover the New Service Economy Big Data, Business services, Energy, Platform, Retail Gibraltar
Galleon Quest Galleon Quest 2018-05-31 2.9 Recover and Preserve Ancient Sunken Treasure Infrastructure, Platform Cayman Islands
Eterbank Eterbank 2018-05-31 2.6 Real-World Payment Solution for Crypto Cryptocurrency Ireland
Blockchain Hotels Blockchain Hotels 2018-05-31 4.2 The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain Real estate, Tourism Gibraltar
Bithemoth Bithemoth 2018-05-31 2.2 Secure. Safe. Live Support. Decentralization. Platform, Real estate Canada
SIX.Network SIX.Network 2018-05-31 3.5 Reinventing the Digital Economy Internet, Media, Platform, Smart Contract Thailand
EtherCom EtherCom 2018-05-31 3.0 Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Russia, China, USA
RAWG RAWG 2018-05-31 3.5 Video Game Discovery Service Powered By You Entertainment Cayman Islands
Acred Acred 2018-05-31 2.5 Incentivizes Sharing Data Real estate Singapore
GrabAMeal GrabAMeal 2018-05-31 4.6 Decentralised Meal Sharing on Blockchain Health New Zealand
Monaco Estate Monaco Estate 2018-05-30 3.5 Monaco Estate Token. Real estate Switzerland
Confideal Confideal 2018-05-30 3.6 Smart contract management service Software, Cryptocurrency, Business services Russia
Adblurb Adblurb 2018-05-30 The Future of Advertising. Content/Advertising United Kingdom
LanceChain LanceChain 2018-05-30 4.2 Great Freelancers with 0% commission Internet, Platform Bulgaria
TIpbot TIpbot 2018-05-30 4.4 Real World Payment Gateway for Cryptocurrency Business services, Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Media, Other, Platform, Retail UK
Group Project Group Project 2018-05-30 3.6 Fighting Counterfeits Using Blockchain Retail United States of America
Emyron Coin Emyron Coin 2018-05-30 3.1 Forget to Think About Restriction and Banning Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract USA
Nocturus Nocturus 2018-05-30 2.5 Block Chain Hotel Booking Middleware Business services, Tourism USA
Eternal Trusts Eternal Trusts 2018-05-30 4.9 A Dream That is Destined to Succeed Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Singapore
ZXC Exchange ZXC Exchange 2018-05-30 3.4 The Next-Generation Digital Distribution Platform Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform Philippines
Qompass Qompass 2018-05-30 4.1 Your Gateway To Financial Markets Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Investment, Platform, Software Hong Kong
Noscam Noscam 2018-05-30 3.0 Scam Projects Searching Platform Artificial Intelligence, Platform Ukraine
OUNA OUNA 2018-05-30 4.1 Shaping the Future of Human Resources Platform Gibraltar
NEST NEST 2018-05-30 3.6 The Gateway To Investing In Real Estate Real estate USA
GladAge GladAge 2018-05-30 3.9 Say Hello To GladAge Infrastructure Australia
IPAY IPAY 2018-05-30 2.3 The Next Generation of Advanced Solution Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency USA
Urbit Urbit 2018-05-30 4.1 The Real Estate Blockchain Revolution Big Data, Real estate, Smart Contract, Software Gibraltar
Keen Platform Keen Platform 2018-05-30 4.1 Autonomous Ride Hailing Platform Platform, Cryptocurrency, Software Pakistan
Invictus Hyperion Fund Invictus Hyperion Fund 2018-05-30 3.8 Diverse Investment in the Top Up-and-Coming ICO's: A syndicated venture capital fund focused on blockchain assets. Investment Cayman Islands
GO CUBO LODGE CLUB GO CUBO LODGE CLUB 2018-05-29 4.4 Novel Cooperative Model Of Rent Infrastructure, Real estate, Tourism Cyprus
Totipay Network Totipay Network 2018-05-29 2.4 Send Money Like You Send Information Banking, Business services, Internet UK
COTI COTI 2018-05-28 COTI is a payments transactions network that was built from the ground-up to solve the payments challenges of today. IoT Gibraltar
0penProductDB 0penProductDB 2018-05-28 3.1 Open Product Database Software Lithuania
ShoCoin ShoCoin 2018-05-28 3.9 Validate Once. Identify Everywhere. Business services, Platform United States
Peur Peur 2018-05-28 2.5 As More Demand the Token Will Grow Significantly Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Retail Australia
Apollo Currency Apollo Currency 2018-05-28 3.4 Apollo - All-In-One Cryptocurrency Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Media, Platform, Smart Contract, Software
ORS ICO ORS ICO 2018-05-26 4.3 Connecting A.I. & Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Smart Contract Switzerland
AIDA AIDA 2018-05-25 3.8 Automated sales, logistics & storage of products Platform Estonia
Ice Rock Mining Ice Rock Mining 2018-05-25 3.2 Mining on the Cold Mountain Cryptocurrency Kazakhstan
Bond Film Platform Bond Film Platform 2018-05-25 4.3 A New Economic Model for Film and Video Art, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Internet, Investment, Media, Platform, Smart Contract, Software, Virtual Reality USA
ICloudSec ICloudSec 2018-05-25 3.4 Blockchain Based Cloud Network Security. Software India
Nickelcoin Nickelcoin 2018-05-25 3.3 Blockchain to Customers Loyalty Rewards Retail Australia
CheckitsReal CheckitsReal 2018-05-25 3.8 Technology to Eliminate Counterfeit Products Software Ireland
Fissacoin Fissacoin 2018-05-25 3.8 The Cryptocurrency for the Music Industry Business services, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Tourism Netherlands
Thorium Thorium 2018-05-25 2.0 Crypto to Crypto Exchange Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform Malta
Atomic Network Atomic Network 2018-05-25 3.5 Stream TV For Techies, Trekkies, Geeks And Gamers Entertainment, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract Ireland
CryptoBnB CryptoBnB 2018-05-24 3.0 Step closer to home Real estate United Arab Emirates
Tradingene Tradingene 2018-05-24 4.4 Marketplace of Trading Algorithms Platform Estonia, Russia
BitCoinage BitCoinage 2018-05-24 3.5 To A New Sector In Cryptocurrency Business services, Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform Turks and Caicos
eHarvestHub eHarvestHub 2018-05-23 2.7 Blockchain-Powered? Global Food Economy? Other
Advanced Parimutuel Options Advanced Parimutuel Options 2018-05-23 4.1 Sellers Are Unnecessary - Reverse Parimutuel Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform USA
Nafen Nafen 2018-05-22 4.8 Unique Alumina Nanofibers Manufacturing Estonia
B2AND B2AND 2018-05-22 4.0 Result-Oriented Cloud-Based Online Platform Business services, Media, Platform Estonia
Uulala Uulala 2018-05-21 4.4 Helping the Cash Consumer Become Creditworthy Banking, Platform USA
XYO Network XYO Network 2018-05-21 4.1 Blockchain Just Entered the Real World Big Data, Infrastructure, Internet, Smart Contract USA
Nukleus Nukleus 2018-05-21 3.8 The Nukleus Platform Infrastructure US
Eniac Network Eniac Network 2018-05-21 4.6 Eniac is Your Future Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract, Software
Sint Sint 2018-05-21 3.8 World's Fastest Crypto & Fiat Exchange Platform Poland
Clears Clears 2018-05-21 3.1 Blockchain Identity Clearing Business services Hong Kong, Canada
Bubbletone Bubbletone 2018-05-20 4.3 Blockchain in Telecom Platform, Communication Russia
HDCoin HDCoin 2018-05-20 3.6 HDCoin. Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Platform, Software New Zealand
MCV-CAP MCV-CAP 2018-05-20 3.6 Blockchain Revolution in Banking Banking, Cryptocurrency Malta
ROOMDAO ROOMDAO 2018-05-20 3.8 Marketplace for Travellers and Suppliers! Tourism Georgia
Tesoro Tesoro 2018-05-20 2.5 Fund Management & Investment Investment United Arab Emirates
DogRacing DogRacing 2018-05-20 2.5 Ultimate Cryptocurrency Betting Platform Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract
BlockGrain BlockGrain 2018-05-20 2.6 Fully Integrated On Farm Grain Storage Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Australia
Solve.Care Solve.Care 2018-05-19 3.8 CAN is the native token of Solve.Care platform Health Estonia
Myriads.IO Myriads.IO 2018-05-19 3.4 Decentralized Machine Learning Network Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software UK
Bulltoken Bulltoken 2018-05-19 4.4 Let The Community Do The Work For You Investment Norway
Bravocoin Bravocoin 2018-05-19 3.6 Bravo Coin is a Breakthrough in Blockchain Entertainment, Sports USA
MOS Lottery MOS Lottery 2018-05-18 3.3 Lottery for blockchain era. Casino & Gambling Switzerland
Goldiam Goldiam 2018-05-18 4.3 The Future of Mining Gold and Diamond Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Serbia, France
Photochain Photochain 2018-05-18 4.2 The Stock Photography Revolution Media Estonia
SUPERIUM SUPERIUM 2018-05-18 2.1 Earn Tokens by Winning at Videogames! Entertainment, Virtual Reality Italy
SMHC Coin SMHC Coin 2018-05-18 1.8 Hyperconnect The World Entertainment, Media, Platform Singapore
Buzcoin Buzcoin 2018-05-18 3.0 Cryptocurrency From Olga Buzova Communication, Media, Other, Platform, Real estate, Retail Russian Federation
NYNJACoin NYNJACoin 2018-05-17 3.1 The First International Communications App Communication, Cryptocurrency Hong Kong
EventRabbt EventRabbt 2018-05-17 2.1 A Decentralized Event Payment System Art, Business services, Charity, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Tourism Australia
Coalichain Coalichain 2018-05-17 3.8 Political Platform – Direct and Clean Business services, Investment, Platform Isreal
RankingBall RankingBall 2018-05-17 4.3 Play-By-Play Skill Game Built on the Blockchain Entertainment, Sports Singapore
Dorado Dorado 2018-05-16 3.8 Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. Platform, Other Switzerland
Bounty Angels Bounty Angels 2018-05-16 3.8 Automatic Marketing Platform for Bounty Campaign Business services, Communication, Platform Russia
RIX RIX 2018-05-16 2.5 AI Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Artificial Intelligence Gibraltar
concertVR concertVR 2018-05-15 3.1 Change the music industry FOREVER Entertainment Germany
REME-Coin REME-Coin 2018-05-15 4.0 Cashback Unlimited Internet Liechtenstein
SMARTRealty SMARTRealty 2018-05-15 4.1 Revolutionizing Real Estate Transactions Smart Contract, Real estate, Platform, Legal, Cryptocurrency USA
CoinPlace CoinPlace 2018-05-15 3.2 Multi-currency P2P market Platform Russia
WELL WELL 2018-05-15 3.9 Healthcare delivered. Health USA
Smoke Smoke 2018-05-15 3.8 Smoke, Get Paid. Repeat. Communication Belize
Matchroom Matchroom 2018-05-15 4.4 Revolutionise Gaming with Blockchain Entertainment, Internet, Software Hong Kong
BGX BGX 2018-05-15 4.6 Multifunctional Processing Platform Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Platform Switzerland
Productivist Productivist 2018-05-15 4.3 Entering Manufacturing 4.0 Manufacturing United Arab Emirates
Citizen Health Citizen Health 2018-05-15 4.0 Open Health Economy Health United States
Genesis Genesis 2018-05-15 3.8 Simple and Convenient Investment In Real Estate Investment Estonia
Tracoin Tracoin 2018-05-15 2.6 The World's First Global Market Place for Land Tra Other South Africa
Dating With Benefits Dating With Benefits 2018-05-15 3.3 Sugar dating meets Blockchain Communication Estonia
Sportco Sportco 2018-05-15 4.2 Strong Sport Community Health, Platform Cyprus
SPHINX COIN SPHINX COIN 2018-05-15 2.4 Welcome To SPHINX Cryptocurrency, Investment Singapore
DreamBit DreamBit 2018-05-15 2.3 Welcome to DreamBit Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract Nigeria
Alicoin Cash Alicoin Cash 2018-05-15 3.9 Free Smart Investment System Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform
BARTVault BARTVault 2018-05-15 3.3 Art Provenance For Ever! Art, Cryptocurrency, Legal, Platform, Smart Contract
Lemmon Lemmon 2018-05-15 2.9 The DNA of Lending Platform Germany
TaxiCash TaxiCash 2018-05-15 3.1 Make Your Crypto Go The Distance Cryptocurrency, Tourism Australia
Hazeian Hazeian 2018-05-15 3.9 The Future of Decentralized Trade Internet, Platform UK
Super Ethereum Super Ethereum 2018-05-15 3.3 Digital Cryptocurrencies Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UAE
KryptEd KryptEd 2018-05-15 4.1 Krypted Ultimate Hodl Coin Cryptocurrency, Education, Internet, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Turkey
MINER ONE MINER ONE 2018-05-14 3.8 Crypto Mining Operation Platform, Cryptocurrency Dubai
Vibeo Vibeo 2018-05-14 4.4 A new era of Instant Messaging/Social app Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Software, Tourism Bulgaria
OFNOG OFNOG 2018-05-14 3.9 Unique Crypto Trading Solution Artificial Intelligence, Platform United Kingdom
Monanex Monanex 2018-05-14 2.6 Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency Sweden
Datareum Datareum 2018-05-14 3.4 Decentralized Marketplace for Data Platform London
Hive Power Hive Power 2018-05-14 4.5 Decentralized Energy Communities Energy, Platform Switzerland
BitPlay BitPlay 2018-05-14 3.5 The Decentralized World of Play Software, Sports Ireland
Pulsar Pulsar 2018-05-13 3.0 Making early stage tech investments accessible Investment Isle of Man
Morpheus Infrastructure Token Morpheus Infrastructure Token 2018-05-13 4.1 Powerful Inclusive Full Stack BPaaS Platform, Infrastructure Singapore
Multiven Multiven 2018-05-13 3.5 The Multiven Open Marketplace Platform Switzerland
Uchit Uchit 2018-05-13 2.9 Global Decentralize Network to Communicate Communication India
HAI Project HAI Project 2018-05-13 3.6 AI for Everyone Artificial Intelligence Switzerland
Yoo-Mi Yoo-Mi 2018-05-13 4.0 Your Personal Health Assistant Artificial Intelligence, Health, Platform United Kingdom 2018-05-13 3.6 Connect. Create. Earn. Artificial Intelligence, Entertainment, Media, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Cayman Islands
The GlobeToken Project The GlobeToken Project 2018-05-13 2.0 The GlobeToken Project - True Transactional Value Cryptocurrency South Africa
ICOStart ICOStart 2018-05-12 3.8 Rocket Startup for Your ICO Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
Leonardian Leonardian 2018-05-12 3.3 Leonardian Build the Bridge Between Providers Platform Bulgaria
Yumerium Yumerium 2018-05-12 2.4 An Incentivized, Open Gaming Platform Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Platform, Retail, Software, Virtual Reality USA
AI Crypto AI Crypto 2018-05-12 4.5 Blockchain-based AI Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Singapore
HYCON HYCON 2018-05-11 4.4 Powering hyperconnected blockchain solutions Platform, Business services, Big Data, Banking South Korea
AKM GLOBAL AKM GLOBAL 2018-05-10 3.0 Fast Food Industry on Blockchain Technology Retail, Other Germany
iShook iShook 2018-05-10 3.3 Books are the carriers of civilization Media, Internet, Communication USA
SprinkleCoin SprinkleCoin 2018-05-10 3.4 Global Network of Modern Financial Services Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency Luxembourg
Unibright Unibright 2018-05-10 3.5 Framework for Blockchain Business Integration Smart Contract, Platform, Infrastructure, Business services Germany
Kepler Technologies Kepler Technologies 2018-05-10 4.7 AI&Robotics Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain Software, Platform, Electronics, Education Georgia
Decibels Decibels 2018-05-10 2.6 Decentralized Media Revolution based on Ethereum. Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Entertainment, Media, Platform, Software USA
Aimedis Aimedis 2018-05-10 3.9 The Future of Healthcare Supported by AI Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health, Platform, Smart Contract Netherlands
bloquid bloquid 2018-05-10 3.4 Transforming Real Estate Into Liquid Digital Asset Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Legal, Real estate Global
Tobigca Social Casino Tobigca Social Casino 2018-05-10 2.6 Casino Platform Casino & Gambling, Platform Japan
Digiters network Digiters network 2018-05-10 2.1 Reinvention of Global Manufacturing Market​ Manufacturing United Kingdom, France
100Tokens 100Tokens 2018-05-10 4.0 1 Coin Used in 100 Services Business services, Communication, Internet, Smart Contract, Software USA
Diveco Logistics Diveco Logistics 2018-05-10 4.0 World's First Decentralized Logistics Platform Business services, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Poland
CHERR.IO CHERR.IO 2018-05-10 4.2 Blockchain Solution for Charitable Donations Charity, Cryptocurrency, Platform Slovenia
Lumenus Lumenus 2018-05-10 3.5 Powering Data Security Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Education, Health, Platform Indonesia
Test ico Test ico 2018-05-10 test Artificial Intelligence Lithuania
FIXY NETWORK FIXY NETWORK 2018-05-09 4.3 Fixy Network Communication, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Internet, Investment, Media, Real estate, Smart Contract, Software Hong Kong
Assetereum Assetereum 2018-05-09 3.8 Asset Backed Crypto Currency Cryptocurrency, Energy, Real estate England
PentaCore PentaCore 2018-05-09 3.9 Actively Managed Tokenized Crypto Fund Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment Cayman Islands
MST COIN MST COIN 2018-05-09 2.9 AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Cryptocurrency Thailand
Kijash Kijash 2018-05-09 3.3 Ecosystem for Smart Content Exchange Artificial Intelligence England
Dysnomia Dysnomia 2018-05-09 3.3 Dysnomia Digital Signage Solution Media Taiwan
Age of Dragons Age of Dragons 2018-05-09 2.3 Game Experience Based On Blockchain Entertainment Cayman
BIG Token BIG Token 2018-05-08 2.4 Cryptocurrency With a Guaranteed Buyback of Tokens Cryptocurrency British Virgin Islands
autorize autorize 2018-05-08 3.3 Sharing Economy Protocol for Movable Goods Business services, Platform, Smart Contract Slovenia
FTEC FTEC 2018-05-08 5.0 First Trading Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Software UK
Misscoin Misscoin 2018-05-07 2.9 Where ladies will mine coins with own beauty Media, Entertainment UK 2018-05-07 3.4 Be a SHIP Owner. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime Investment UK 2018-05-06 4.8 Decentralized System for Data Storage Big Data, Business services, Infrastructure, Platform Estonia
Globatalent Globatalent 2018-05-06 4.6 Decentralized Sports Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Investment, Other, Platform, Sports Cayman Islands
Irene Energy Irene Energy 2018-05-06 4.3 Stellar-powered Renewable Electricity Supplier Energy France
Obirum Obirum 2018-05-05 4.1 Obirum Software, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Communication Singapore
Karuna Network Karuna Network 2018-05-05 3.5 Noble Cause For Social Economical Development Charity Netherlands
FOP Coin FOP Coin 2018-05-05 2.9 Introducing Most Reliable Way to Pay Cryptocurrency Australia
ECKO Coin ECKO Coin 2018-05-05 2.7 Coin for Community, Decentralized and Anonymous Internet, Platform Canada
ShareToken ShareToken 2018-05-05 3.9 World's First Trusted Token for Sharing Service Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Malta
Orozu Orozu 2018-05-05 2.8 Orozu is for People Who are Experts Cryptocurrency United Kingdom
ShareRing ShareRing 2018-05-05 4.1 World's First Trusted Token for Sharing Service Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Malta
Lavenir ICO Lavenir ICO 2018-05-04 2.6 Welcome To The REAL Cryptocurrency Revolution Investment United States
SCAM COIN SCAM COIN 2018-05-04 3.3 SCAMSCAMSCAMSCAMSCAMSCAM Team consist of stolen team members from Cryptocurrency Germany
Dank Signals Dank Signals 2018-05-04 3.4 The Ultimate Traders Knowledge Hub Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Investment Canada
EvoChain EvoChain 2018-05-03 4.0 EvoChain Banking, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract USA
Fund Platform Fund Platform 2018-05-03 3.1 Platform for building trade and investment crypto Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Russia
DICE Money DICE Money 2018-05-03 4.8 Money. Redone. Cryptocurrency, Platform United Kingdom
ECOS ECOS 2018-05-02 3.3 Cryptocurrency solution Health Estonia
ZPER ZPER 2018-05-02 4.3 Decentralized Ecosystem for P2P Finance Smart Contract Singapore
Blockchain Ventureon Blockchain Ventureon 2018-05-02 3.8 Ventureon – Value Is Above Cost Platform Canada
Trademindx Trademindx 2018-05-02 3.3 Machine learning platform for crypto trading Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Software UK
KeepSafePay KeepSafePay 2018-05-02 2.5 Convenient, Smart and Safe Cryptocurrency
Bitheum Bitheum 2018-05-02 3.1 Digital Cash for Everyone Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cyprus
Bitsoko Bitsoko 2018-05-01 1.9 Decentralised Merchant Service Provider Business services Kenya
DarcMatter Coin DarcMatter Coin 2018-05-01 2.0 The Future of Decentralized Financial Services Smart Contract, Platform, Investment United States
Trevi Token Trevi Token 2018-05-01 2.0 Saving made possible Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking USA
ARROUND ARROUND 2018-05-01 4.9 Breakthrough communication platform in AR Communication, Entertainment, Internet, Virtual Reality Belize
Joint Ventures Joint Ventures 2018-05-01 3.8 Blockchain Economy for Online Publishers Internet, Media, Smart Contract Turkey
HireGo HireGo 2018-05-01 3.1 P2P Car Hire with Origin Protocol Smart Contract, Software UK
Kerberos ICO Kerberos ICO 2018-05-01 2.5 The Coin That Grows With The Company Cryptocurrency, Investment South Africa
Lyves Lyves 2018-05-01 2.0 Trustworthy Payments Despite Anonymity Cryptocurrency Netherlands
Pallium Pallium 2018-05-01 3.1 Worlds Most-Efficient AI-Incubator Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure, Software Russia
JCoin JCoin 2018-05-01 2.4 Solution For eCommerce And Manufacturers Big Data, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Manufacturing, Retail Japan
H2SOL H2SOL 2018-05-01 3.5 Hydro+Solar+Crypto Cryptocurrency, Energy, Infrastructure, Investment, Smart Contract Czech Republic
Coralex  Coralex  2018-05-01 3.1 A Third Generation Blockchain Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment USA
MRCHAIN MRCHAIN 2018-05-01 2.3 Simple, Reliable and Awesome Internet, Virtual Reality Singapore
Idea Jump Idea Jump 2018-04-30 1.3 We are changing the way of making things possible Platform, Investment USA
Moentum Token Moentum Token 2018-04-30 2.4 Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking United States
Axtrust Axtrust 2018-04-30 2.4 The first crypto-curency L/C Platform Russia
KELTA KELTA 2018-04-30 3.3 Decentralized datacenter. Platform, Investment, Infrastructure, Big Data Slovak Republic
Etheera Etheera 2018-04-30 3.5 Real estate for the blockchain Software, Real estate, Platform Switzerland
Bitlumens Bitlumens 2018-04-30 3.2 BLS are tokens needed to run our hardware Smart Contract, Investment, Internet, Infrastructure, Energy, Cryptocurrency, Big Data Switzerland 2018-04-30 3.6 Decentralized infrastructure for city flights Platform, Infrastructure Russia
BeEasy BeEasy 2018-04-30 4.1 System of Interrelated Cryptocurrency Processing Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services Cyprus
PlayBets PlayBets 2018-04-30 4.1 Decentralized Gaming Platform with Mass Gambling Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Casino & Gambling Ukraine
ConnectJob ConnectJob 2018-04-30 4.0 Any service, anywhere, anytime Platform Gibraltar 2018-04-30 4.5 Travel Booking Marketplace Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Tourism UK
Block Web Block Web 2018-04-30 1.8 The freedom that you deserve. Internet, Software
BCharity - International Charity Exchange BCharity - International Charity Exchange 2018-04-30 4.8 International Charity Exchange Smart Contract, Platform, Health, Cryptocurrency, Charity UK
Air Pod Sleeping Pod Air Pod Sleeping Pod 2018-04-30 4.6 Transforming Travel and Napping Industry Infrastructure, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform United Kingdom
Aeternum ICO Aeternum ICO 2018-04-30 4.5 Science and Intellectual Property Driven ICO Cryptocurrency, Education, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Latvia
Iagon Iagon 2018-04-30 4.5 We Revolutionize The Cloud Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Infrastructure, Platform, Software Norway
LCCX - London Crypto Currency Exchange LCCX - London Crypto Currency Exchange 2018-04-30 4.3 The World's Most Trusted Exchange Cryptocurrency UK
TruePlay TruePlay 2018-04-30 4.0 We Create Transparent Platform for Gambling Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Smart Contract, Software, Sports Seychelles
Vivid Vivid 2018-04-30 4.0 Put Your Holdings To Work Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Media, Platform, Software, Virtual Reality Singapore
AIREXE AIREXE 2018-04-30 3.9 For People Who Believe in Cryptocurrency Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Cambodia
UnbankedX UnbankedX 2018-04-30 3.9 World's First Robo-crypto-Bank Banking Singapore
HighSeek HighSeek 2018-04-30 3.6 Control Your Smartphone By Your Mind Communication, Media, Virtual Reality Russia
ETHernitymining ETHernitymining 2018-04-30 3.5 Self-Sustainable And Expandable Mining Project Cryptocurrency, Energy, Investment South Africa
SupportMarket SupportMarket 2018-04-30 3.5 Decentralized Marketplace for a Connected Future Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Retail, Smart Contract, Software USA
WestrendCoin WestrendCoin 2018-04-30 3.5 Together We Build Dreams Internet, Investment, Platform, Real estate United States
Equitybase Equitybase 2018-04-30 3.4 Decentralized Real Estate Exchange Investment, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Hong Kong
Ivyn Ivyn 2018-04-30 3.3 E-merging Solutions for the Blockchain Economy Banking Malta 2018-04-30 3.1 Revolution in the Notary System Business services, Cryptocurrency, Legal Spain
UnitedFans UnitedFans 2018-04-30 3.3 Bringing Football Teams, Fans and Players closer Sports Liechtenstein
AbacasXchange AbacasXchange 2018-04-30 3.1 Exchange – Any Asset Anywhere Anytime! Banking, Investment US
Secure Donation Token Secure Donation Token 2018-04-30 3.0 The Way Of Fast And Secure Giving Charity Latvia
Discourze Discourze 2018-04-30 2.8 The All-In-One, Crypto-Based Social App. Communication, Cryptocurrency, Retail, Smart Contract
Just Pay Coin Just Pay Coin 2018-04-30 2.6 Get The Ultimate Profit From Justpaycoin Cryptocurrency usa
Hubezoo Hubezoo 2018-04-30 2.5 The Quantum Power of Hubezoo Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet USA
BancCoin BancCoin 2018-04-30 2.4 Cryptocurrency Dedicated To A Luxury Lifestyle Cryptocurrency USA
ivmedia ivmedia 2018-04-30 2.4 Decentralized Ecosystem for Video Applications Platform Singapore
WTO Foundation WTO Foundation 2018-04-30 2.3 Global Digital Assets Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Taiwan
AvantGarde Ratings AvantGarde Ratings 2018-04-30 3.8 The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment
Senno Senno 2018-04-30 3.9 Returning the Wisdom to the Crowd Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Platform Hong Kong
BaaSid BaaSid 2018-04-30 3.3 Blockchain as a Service for Identification Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform USA
DigiDex DigiDex 2018-04-30 3.3 We Make Cryptocurrencies for Everybody Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Canada
CryptoDime CryptoDime 2018-04-30 2.0 Diversified Crypto Fund Investment UK
Cryptonia Poker Cryptonia Poker 2018-04-30 4.8 Play Poker Online with Cryptocurrency Casino & Gambling United Kingdom
Grow & Mine Grow & Mine 2018-04-30 2.8 Agricultural and Cryptocurrency Investment Cryptocurrency Russian
Cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech 2018-04-30 2.4 Blockchain with Solar Energy Cryptocurrency, Energy Spain
RyptoX RyptoX 2018-04-30 1.8 The Most Developer Friendly Exchange Platform Belize
GIG9 GIG9 2018-04-30 4.1 Local Services Global Opportunities Business services UK
Kaching Kaching 2018-04-30 4.1 Minimize Risk By Investing In Kaching Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
MFChain MFChain 2018-04-30 3.6 Modern Finance Chain Smart Contract Saint Kitts and Nevis
ECX Exchange ECX Exchange 2018-04-30 3.0 Decentralized Exchange Infrastructure, Smart Contract Singapura
1KCoin 1KCoin 2018-04-30 3.1 Private Club Of Investors Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Investment Spain
Moneda Moneda 2018-04-30 3.1 Invest with Style Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Austria
Docnota Docnota 2018-04-30 3.5 Smart Circulation of E-Docements Business services, Education, Internet Russia
BlockLicense BlockLicense 2018-04-29 3.8 Own your digital files Cryptocurrency Greece
AstorGame AstorGame 2018-04-29 3.6 eSport and online gambling platform Sports, Platform, Entertainment, Casino & Gambling Argentina
Anything App Anything App 2018-04-29 4.5 Everyone Can Make Money by Helping Others Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Netherlands
DAFZO ICO DAFZO ICO 2018-04-29 4.4 A Decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform Business services, Infrastructure, Platform UK
TWQ Token TWQ Token 2018-04-29 3.9 Re-Shaping Personal Financing Banking, Platform Cayman Islands
Pointium Pointium 2018-04-29 3.8 Decentralized Platform for Points Management Communication, Entertainment, Tourism Switzerland
R-Bit R-Bit 2018-04-29 2.5 Making Arbitrage Possible For Everyone Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Investment, Platform Norway
Qatar Qatar 2018-04-29 3.1 B2B Platform Powered by the Blockchain Cryptocurrency
Cardium Cardium 2018-04-29 4.3 Tokenize Your Everyday Activity Charity, Cryptocurrency, Health, Sports Isle of Man
Alchemy Alchemy 2018-04-29 3.9 Blockchain Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Investment USA
Krosscoin Krosscoin 2018-04-28 3.3 Worlds Only Mobile Algo Trading Platform Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Other, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence USA
APPICS APPICS 2018-04-28 3.8 The next generation social media app. Media, Entertainment, Communication Switzerland
Intellectual.Network Intellectual.Network 2018-04-28 3.3 Bank Network With Peer-To-Peer Possibility To Earn Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract USA
WinFlow WinFlow 2018-04-27 3.1 The Non-Profit Sportsbook on the Blockchain Sports, Smart Contract, Casino & Gambling Estonia
Purple Throne Purple Throne 2018-04-27 3.3 Be a part of our crowdsale. Media, Entertainment USA
TrustedHealth TrustedHealth 2018-04-27 4.3 Your health is your greatest asset Platform, Health Estonia
Social Wallet Social Wallet 2018-04-27 3.6 Integrating Cryptocurrency Into Social Networks Banking, Business services, Charity, Communication, Entertainment, Media United States
coinadvisor coinadvisor 2018-04-27 3.6 Game Changer for the Cryptotrader Community Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Software Switzerland
AlkebulanCash (One Africa Cryptocurrency) AlkebulanCash (One Africa Cryptocurrency) 2018-04-27 2.3 Alkebulan (AKB) is the future of cross boarder transactions, advertising industry, buying and selling of good and services in Africa. Cryptocurrency, Energy, Investment Nigeria
Shopiblock Shopiblock 2018-04-27 4.3 White-Label Shop Software as a Service Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software Switzerland
Berith Berith 2018-04-27 3.4 Decentralized Blockchain Based Business Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform Korea
Cointrade Cointrade 2018-04-27 4.1 Bringing Crypto Trading To The People Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Spain
Wemark Wemark 2018-04-26 2.4 Blockchain-based marketplace for digital content Smart Contract, Platform, Media, Art Israel
Cryptics Cryptics 2018-04-26 3.5 Crypto analytics based on AI Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services Russia
XENT Chain XENT Chain 2018-04-26 3.3 Ever Dreamed of Mining by Playing Games? Entertainment, Software, Virtual Reality Russia
Omnitude Omnitude 2018-04-25 4.7 A blockchain middleware layer Software, Platform, Infrastructure, Communication UK
Skillchain Skillchain 2018-04-25 4.6 Your Certified Skills on Blockchain Education Switzerland
SCOUT Token SCOUT Token 2018-04-25 3.5 Blockchain Scouting & Draft Solutions Sports Canada
WeevoCity WeevoCity 2018-04-25 3.4 The Local Business In Your City Business services, Smart Contract Bulgaria
Hatch Crypto Hatch Crypto 2018-04-25 3.1 Immersive Engineering Incubator Education USA
Wall Street Coin Wall Street Coin 2018-04-25 3.8 Stock Exchange Market Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract United Arab Emirates
FLOATERIUM FLOATERIUM 2018-04-25 3.0 Technology Banking For Digital Generation Banking, Cryptocurrency Russia
BitEsprit BitEsprit 2018-04-25 4.3 The First All-In-One Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency, Internet, Other, Platform, Software UK
Cryptoya Cryptoya 2018-04-25 2.9 We Made It Easy for Everyone Cryptocurrency Netherlands
Bitnation Bitnation 2018-04-24 4.1 The Internet of Sovereignty Platform, Infrastructure Switzerland
Gron Digital Gron Digital 2018-04-24 4.2 Gambling & Betting on the Blockchain Entertainment, Casino & Gambling South Africa
BunnyToken BunnyToken 2018-04-24 3.0 Adult Industry Token Business services, Entertainment, Platform Seychelles
FLUX Token Sale FLUX Token Sale 2018-04-24 4.3 Gaming Ecosystem Entertainment Estonia
TRIPBIT TRIPBIT 2018-04-24 3.5 The New Global Currency for Travel & Tourism Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract, Tourism Australia
LabStart LabStart 2018-04-24 2.4 Blockchain-Based Investment Platform Business services, Internet, Investment, Legal, Platform France
Garuda Energy Garuda Energy 2018-04-24 2.8 Indonesian Solar Energy Blockchain Investment Energy, Investment, Platform Indonesia
Gagapay Network Gagapay Network 2018-04-24 4.1 The Build‑Your‑Own Smart Marketing Platform Business services, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
YourBlock YourBlock 2018-04-23 4.1 Personal data storage platform Business services, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence Gibraltar
Exmo Coin Exmo Coin 2018-04-23 4.0 Grow your crypto capital! Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services UK
Worldopoly Worldopoly 2018-04-23 4.9 The First Game to Combine AR, AI & Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Entertainment, Smart Contract, Virtual Reality Switzerland
ALAX ALAX 2018-04-23 4.0 The Blockchain App Store Designed for Gamers Entertainment, Platform Cayman Islands
Koios AI Koios AI 2018-04-23 4.5 Democratizing AI for the Global Consumer Artificial Intelligence Australia
EtherSpin EtherSpin 2018-04-23 4.1 First Global Crytocurrency Gambling Network Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Switzerland
Cool Cousin Cool Cousin 2018-04-23 4.0 Tourism Is Old. Let's Travel. Tourism
Coinquiztador Coinquiztador 2018-04-23 3.6 Bet On Yourself. Bet On Your Knowledge. Entertainment Bulgaria
Shard Shard 2018-04-23 3.9 The Easy Way to Invest in Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
DAOstack DAOstack 2018-04-23 3.3 The Toolkit for Exponential Organizations Infrastructure Israel
ZenithCard ZenithCard 2018-04-23 3.8 Crypto Based Card and Application Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract Germany
UHIVE UHIVE 2018-04-23 3.9 A New Era of Social Networking Entertainment, Internet, Platform, Software, Virtual Reality United Kingdom
Sancoj Sancoj 2018-04-23 4.6 The World's First Opportunities Supermarket Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Charity, Education, Entertainment, Health, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Retail Nigeria 2018-04-22 3.6 The Peer-to-Peer Marketplace of Ubiatar Service Tourism, Software, Real estate, Internet Switzerland
AlfaToken AlfaToken 2018-04-22 3.8 Create smart contract without programming skills Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Singapore
Luxcess Group Luxcess Group 2018-04-22 3.9 First investment group with zero commission Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services Slovenia
MobileBridge Momentum MobileBridge Momentum 2018-04-22 4.2 Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Media, Platform, Retail Switzerland
Math Oriented Value Investing Math Oriented Value Investing 2018-04-22 3.1 MOVI - Math Oriented Value Investing. Artificial Intelligence, Investment, Platform USA
carboneum carboneum 2018-04-22 3.0 Democratized Social Trading Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment Singapore
Saascoin Saascoin 2018-04-22 3.0 Viable Application of Blockchain for SaaS Industry Business services, Platform UK
QYKBAR QYKBAR 2018-04-22 3.6 Welcome to the Bar of the Future Cryptocurrency, Energy, Smart Contract Singapore
CryptoNationz CryptoNationz 2018-04-22 3.1 Community Of Like Minded Entrepreneurs Real estate UAE
HIGHER HIGHER 2018-04-22 3.0 Sale and Delivery of Marijuana Business services, Entertainment, Health, Platform, Retail USA
Ultrashares Ultrashares 2018-04-22 2.8 Bi-directional Cryptocurrency Trading Solution Cryptocurrency USA
Kash Kash 2018-04-22 2.7 Multi-Currency Wearable Hardware Wallet Electronics USA
SOOLOOX SOOLOOX 2018-04-21 2.9 Earn with your data Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Artificial Intelligence Turks and Caicos Islands
Pumped Pumped 2018-04-21 4.4 The New Content Economy Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Media, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services Germany
StopTheFakes StopTheFakes 2018-04-21 4.4 Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Business services, Big Data Czech Republic
Lotus Core Lotus Core 2018-04-21 4.5 The Decentralized Platform for Gamers Entertainment, Investment, Platform, Software Chile
ITOB ITOB 2018-04-21 3.7 Evolution Of Payments Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Platform, Retail, Software Estonia
Pumped MulTra Token (MTT) Pumped MulTra Token (MTT) 2018-04-21 3.6 The Only Platform That Pays News Readers Art, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Media, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Software Germany
Avatara Avatara 2018-04-21 4.0 Revolution for the Media and Education Business services, Education, Internet, Media, Tourism, Virtual Reality Belarus
Nuka Token Nuka Token 2018-04-21 3.3 I Believe in Unicorns Entertainment USA
AirPod AirPod 2018-04-21 4.7 Transforming the Travel and Napping Industries Infrastructure, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform United Kingdom
Zupply Zupply 2018-04-21 3.4 System for the New Era in the Industrial Sector Manufacturing Italy
SMRT SMRT 2018-04-21 3.5 A New Era for SMART Startups Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract United Kingdom
Karatgold Coin Karatgold Coin 2018-04-21 3.9 We are the first and only world-trading company that has been passionate about bringing physical gold as a payment method, including CashGold, to market. This is the way to combine the money with true gold with a real value. Cryptocurrency Singapore
MOOVER MOOVER 2018-04-20 2.0 Share mobile data communications with the world Platform, Business services India
Fractal Token CrowdSale Fractal Token CrowdSale 2018-04-20 2.5 Fractal Token (FTO) Software, Investment, Cryptocurrency
AdMine AdMine 2018-04-20 3.7 Make your brand more popular Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency UK
Coinseed Coinseed 2018-04-20 3.6 Grow Your Future Investment USA
Safein Safein 2018-04-20 3.8 Control your data with no cost of comfort Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Other, Internet, Electronics, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Lithuania
Rexpax Rexpax 2018-04-20 3.4 Rexpax is the world's first Home Online Platform, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Communication Belarus
Ponder Ponder 2018-04-20 4.2 A Decentralized Matchmaking Platform Platform USA
MobileBridge MobileBridge 2018-04-20 The world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that enables companies to reward their customers Content/Advertising Switzerland
The Main Global Bank The Main Global Bank 2018-04-20 3.0 Stronger together. Combining different. Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract Cyprus
AdSigma AdSigma 2018-04-20 4.7 Decentralized Ad Network Internet, Media, Platform India
Horizon Communications Horizon Communications 2018-04-20 4.3 Cutting Edge LTE Fixed Wireless Internet Internet Bermuda
Nebula AI Nebula AI 2018-04-20 4.0 The Third Generation Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract Canada
Personal Data Democracy Personal Data Democracy 2018-04-20 4.0 Democratizing Brokerage of Personal Data Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment Germany
Tripago Tripago 2018-04-20 3.9 Where the Journey Begins Cryptocurrency United Kingdom
Zonafide Zonafide 2018-04-20 3.9 A Digital Wallet for Securing Activities Business services, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract United Kingdo.
Nagricoin Nagricoin 2018-04-20 3.8 We Are What We Eat Cryptocurrency, Health Ireland
Apollo18 Apollo18 2018-04-20 3.3 Most Efficient Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency USA
WindEnergyMining WindEnergyMining 2018-04-20 2.9 Green Energy - Green Mining! Energy Latvia
Seylan Seylan 2018-04-20 2.6 Seylan Product Manufacturing Germany
Libidocoin Libidocoin 2018-04-20 2.0 The World's First Adult Service Platform Entertainment Singapore
TwixaCoin TwixaCoin 2018-04-20 2.9 The Next Generation of Advanced Solution Smart Contract Netherland
iVeryOne iVeryOne 2018-04-20 2.3 A Market-Oriented Social Network Economy Communication, Platform Singapore
EnGameChain EnGameChain 2018-04-20 1.6 Smart Gambling Game Entertainment System Casino & Gambling, Entertainment, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore
Giftcoin Giftcoin 2018-04-19 3.7 Small change. Big impact. Charity UK
Ziggurat Token Ziggurat Token 2018-04-19 3.4 Ecex Exchange Platform, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services Estonia
Pecunio Pecunio 2018-04-19 3.6 Get your share of the Future Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency United Arab Emirates
Cappasity Cappasity 2018-04-19 4.2 The premier platform for creating, embedding and selling 3D digital assets. Business services, Platform, Software, Virtual Reality Cayman Islands
Deedcoin Deedcoin 2018-04-19 4.1 Revolutionizing the real estate industry Real estate USA
Swapy Network Swapy Network 2018-04-19 4.2 The Solution for Universal Access to Credit Big Data, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Cayman Islands
uKit uKit 2018-04-19 4.4 Artificial Intelligence For Websites Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet Russia
RoBET RoBET 2018-04-19 3.6 Crypto Sports Betting And Exchange Cryptocurrency Malta
Triggmine Triggmine 2018-04-19 3.5 AI-driven Email Marketing Solution Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Software Slovenia
Nezly Semi-Private Presale Nezly Semi-Private Presale 2018-04-19 3.3 The Cannabis Ecosystem Built on Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Health, Platform, Software Canada
Sun Fund Sun Fund 2018-04-18 1.9 Solar Energy – Vertically Integrated Investment, Energy USA
0chain 0chain 2018-04-18 3.0 0-Cost Cloud For IoT, Web, Enterprise, dApps Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Infrastructure, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence USA
Paytomat Paytomat 2018-04-18 4.8 Decentralized System For Cryptocurrency Payments Cryptocurrency, Retail, Software Estonia
eHealth First eHealth First 2018-04-18 4.3 An IT-platform for Personalized Health Management Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software British Virgin Islands
ySign ySign 2018-04-18 3.9 It's a New Way of Communication Communication Malta
Adenium Adenium 2018-04-18 2.3 Trust, Ecology & Long Term Efficiency Cryptocurrency, Energy, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
Thai Club Coin Thai Club Coin 2018-04-18 2.1 Join The Growing Crypto Community Tourism Dubai
Faxport Faxport 2018-04-18 4.4 Global Sports Business Platform Communication, Internet, Platform, Sports Hong Kong
ORIS.Space ORIS.Space 2018-04-18 4.1 Monetize your Intuition Business services, Education, Entertainment, Platform Kazakhstan
Sintez Sintez 2018-04-17 3.3 We synthesize the future! Platform, Investment Hong Kong
IAMHERO IAMHERO 2018-04-17 4.0 I am hero Platform, Artificial Intelligence Germany
FreeZone FreeZone 2018-04-17 4.0 Free Crypto Economic Zone Platform, Legal, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Russia
Nousplatform Nousplatform 2018-04-17 4.2 Decentralized Platform for Investors. Cryptocurrency UK
2100NEWS ICO 2100NEWS ICO 2018-04-17 4.0 The Voice Of The New Economy Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Platform, Smart Contract Slovenia
TouchTrader TouchTrader 2018-04-17 3.4 From Intuition to Trade with the Swipe of a Finger Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Software Singapore
TRUST CASH TRUST CASH 2018-04-17 3.3 Decentralized Payment Platform For Merchants Cryptocurrency, Platform Singapore
BitSchool BitSchool 2018-04-16 4.2 A Personalised Learning Ecosystem For Education Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform, Smart Contract UK
CRYX CRYX 2018-04-16 3.9 Cryptocurrency Market Indexes and Data Solutions Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Internet, Investment, Smart Contract UK
AIRCOIN AIRCOIN 2018-04-16 2.8 We are the Future Cryptocurrency Ukrain
INSPEM INSPEM 2018-04-16 4.5 Video Analitycs of Blockchain Technology Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communication, Infrastructure, Platform Russia
BACE Exchange BACE Exchange 2018-04-16 3.3 Giving the World Access to the Digital Asset Mark Investment, Platform Switzerland
VL Coin VL Coin 2018-04-15 2.0 Best Cryptocurrency In India Charity UK
redBUX redBUX 2018-04-15 2.3 Blockchain based payment for the adult. Entertainment Germany
Foodimus Foodimus 2018-04-15 2.4 Never run out of food inspiration again Media Netherlands 2018-04-15 2.8 Decentralized Network Sharing Internet, Infrastructure, Communication Germany
NiQBiX NiQBiX 2018-04-15 2.8 Changing the way your city works Software, Platform, Infrastructure, Energy, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence Portugal
Asset Token Asset Token 2018-04-15 2.8 Transferable Credit Card Rewards Point Token Cryptocurrency, Banking USA
RuCoin RuCoin 2018-04-15 3.4 RUCOIN cryptocurrency + One Global Loyalty Networ Retail, Cryptocurrency, Business services Russia 2018-04-15 3.6 Decentralized Escrow for ICOs Smart Contract, Legal, Investment, Cryptocurrency USA
Frasindo Frasindo 2018-04-15 3.6 Safe and Secure Business services Indonesia
Neurochain Neurochain 2018-04-15 3.8 The augmented Blockchain powered by AI Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence France
Acquaint Acquaint 2018-04-15 3.9 Blockchain Solutions For Real Estate Real estate South Africa 2018-04-15 4.1 Global Exchange Platform for Cannabis Industry Platform, Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence
JOLYY JOLYY 2018-04-15 3.7 The Blockchain Technology For Beauty Services Platform, Other Bulgaria
BotGaming BotGaming 2018-04-15 4.1 Blockchain Gambling Platform For Messenger Bots Casino & Gambling
TradePlayz TradePlayz 2018-04-15 4.3 The Premiere Fantasy Investment Trading App Software, Platform, Investment, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency Russia
Midex Midex 2018-04-15 4.5 International cryptocurrency financial platform Banking, Investment, Platform Hong Kong
Native Video Box Native Video Box 2018-04-15 3.9 Video Distribution Platform Other
Further Network Further Network 2018-04-15 4.1 Your new travel currency Tourism, Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services UK
Attention Network Attention Network 2018-04-15 4.1 Advertising is broken. The blockchain can fix it. Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Communication Canada
VinChain VinChain 2018-04-15 4.0 Decentralized vehicle history Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Other, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data USA
Node Node 2018-04-15 4.6 Intelligent technology for wireless energy Electronics Latvia
RentAway RentAway 2018-04-15 RentAway is an online global platform the unique rental marketplace that will facilitate rental transactions between private individuals (peer-to-peer) and businesses for a wide range of goods, equipment, and real estate. Real Estate United States
SmartO SmartO 2018-04-15 4.3 Your Super-Booster Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Media, Platform, Smart Contract Russia
AXenS AXenS 2018-04-15 4.3 Transforming Global Trade Smart Contract
EpigenCare EpigenCare 2018-04-15 4.0 Truly Personalized Skincare Based on Epigenetics Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health USA
Global Spy Global Spy 2018-04-15 3.9 Spy - Your Global Investigator Business services Estonia
Inbot InToken Inbot InToken 2018-04-15 3.1 Grow With InToken Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services Germany
Armchain Armchain 2018-04-15 2.6 Armchain Keeps Security at the Highest Level Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Other, Platform, Smart Contract British Virgin Islands
JointEDU JointEDU 2018-04-15 2.5 The Best Investment Is Educational Investment Education Thailand
GPN COIN GPN COIN 2018-04-15 2.4 Gambling Porn Network Cryptocurrency, Internet Israel
empowr empowr 2018-04-15 3.6 Welcome to Empowr Where You Earn By Simply Posting Cryptocurrency, Internet Gibraltar
MAVRO MAVRO 2018-04-15 3.3 Finally A MLM System That Is Trusted Globally Platform Netherlands 2018-04-15 3.1 RentAway Internet, Platform, Software USA
Caerus Connections Caerus Connections 2018-04-15 3.0 The Future is Here Platform United States
MTCash MTCash 2018-04-15 2.5 Next-Generation Blockchain-Based E-Sports Ecosyste Entertainment, Platform, Sports Hong Kong
The Popcoin Project The Popcoin Project 2018-04-15 1.6 Focusing On True Transactional Value Platform South Africa
DEEP AERO DEEP AERO 2018-04-15 4.9 AI Driven Drone Economy On The Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Electronics, Platform, Software UAE
UCMG UCMG 2018-04-15 3.6 United Crypto Mining Group Infrastructure USA
CloudFish CloudFish 2018-04-15 3.9 Leading Innovator In Blockchain Cloud Security Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet, Platform, Software USA
Property2chain Property2chain 2018-04-15 3.0 Blockchain Solutions For Real Estate Real estate South Africa
P2pay P2pay 2018-04-14 2.4 Your investment, your life! Banking Pakistan
Kissescoin Kissescoin 2018-04-14 3.5 What about love Entertainment Czech Republic
TravelBlock TravelBlock 2018-04-14 4.4 Vacationing Through The Blockchain Tourism Canada
Viola.AI Viola.AI 2018-04-14 4.1 Dating ICO Platform, Communication Singapore
FairWin FairWin 2018-04-14 3.8 Revolution In Gambling Business Casino & Gambling UK
USAT USAT 2018-04-14 3.8 Propelling Humanity Forward Charity, Education, Investment Australia
Conn3x Conn3x 2018-04-14 3.3 Decentralized Chances - Smart Jobs! Artificial Intelligence
CrowdShareMining CrowdShareMining 2018-04-14 2.4 CryptoMining Operation, Allowing You to Purchasing Cryptocurrency Singapore
Samy Samy 2018-04-13 3.0 Social-Media Ambassadors Marketing You. Media, Business services United States
RootProject RootProject 2018-04-13 3.8 Restructure Capitalism. End Extreme Poverty. Cryptocurrency USA
Blok Blok 2018-04-13 4.3 Revolutionizing the workforce through blockchain Business services, Platform, Smart Contract Cayman Islands
Pixinch Pixinch 2018-04-13 3.6 The Future of Digital Art is Here Art France
Travelkoin Travelkoin 2018-04-13 3.0 A Revolution Is Coming To Travel Banking, Smart Contract, Software, Tourism Thailand
Primestar Primestar 2018-04-12 2.8 A platform for crowd-investment in movies. Platform, Media, Entertainment Singapore
Gelios Gelios 2018-04-12 3.0 P2P global cryptocurrency lending platform Business services, Banking Russia
BlockFood BlockFood 2018-04-12 3.1 Give the sharing economy back to the people. Software, Platform, Cryptocurrency France
300cubits TEU 300cubits TEU 2018-04-12 4.0 TEU Tokens. Smart Contract, Retail, Cryptocurrency
Greeneum Network ICO Greeneum Network ICO 2018-04-12 3.9 Go green. Get GREEN. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Smart Contract, Software Israel
KINEKT Terminals KINEKT Terminals 2018-04-12 3.3 Transaction Agnostic Blockchain Terminals Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Charity, Internet, Retail South Africa
Trial Token Trial Token 2018-04-12 2.5 Crowd sourced litigation funding on the blockchain Legal Canada
Fairgrounds Fairgrounds 2018-04-11 1.8 An ecosystem for provably fair chance-based games Casino & Gambling Netherlands
Sunnybet Sunnybet 2018-04-11 2.1 World's Unique Betting Platform Sports, Platform, Entertainment, Casino & Gambling Australia
Aktie Social Aktie Social 2018-04-11 2.4 Aktie Brings You Control On Your Data Media, Entertainment Austria
Lightcash Blockchain System Lightcash Blockchain System 2018-04-11 3.4 All simple and quickly as possible. Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Belize
Crowd Machine Crowd Machine 2018-04-11 3.9 Powering Smart Economy of the Future Software, Platform, Communication, Business services USA
Saifu Saifu 2018-04-11 4.2 Secure, Regulated & Easy. Banking Czech Republic
RxEAL RxEAL 2018-04-11 4.1 The latest way to profit from Rental Markets Real estate Seychelles
Morpheus Network Morpheus Network 2018-04-11 4.1 Automated Supply Chain & Payments Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Seychelles
Ambit Ambit 2018-04-11 4.5 Become part of the Mining Family Cryptocurrency Georgia
Socratescoin Socratescoin 2018-04-11 3.5 The Payment Method For The United World University Artificial Intelligence, Education, Platform, Virtual Reality Gibraltar
Startions Startions 2018-04-11 3.8 The World's Leading Lending Based Platform Investment Netherlands
Mahra Mahra 2018-04-11 2.1 Decentralized Cryptocurrency on the Base of Medica Health UK
Marginless Marginless 2018-04-11 4.4 Now YOU can be the Bookmaker Casino & Gambling, Education, Entertainment, Sports UK
POCAGA POCAGA 2018-04-10 2.3 Platform for online gaming Entertainment, Casino & Gambling USA
Love Coins Love Coins 2018-04-10 2.5 A Unique Solution for Human Connection Smart Contract, Investment, Health, Cryptocurrency Australia
Privelege Coin Privelege Coin 2018-04-10 2.9 Kingdom of Privelege. Tourism, Real estate, Investment, Cryptocurrency USA
Jizzcoins Jizzcoins 2018-04-10 3.0 Multi-purpose 18+ Token Entertainment Czech Republic
MDL Talent Hub MDL Talent Hub 2018-04-10 3.4 Trustchain Platform for Talent Sourcing Industry Platform, Entertainment, Communication, Business services Russia
MONETO MONETO 2018-04-10 4.1 We issue instant loans secured by bitcoins Banking Switzerland
cubaaz cubaaz 2018-04-10 4.3 Cubaaz - Travel for a blockchain era. Tourism Columbia
Iryo Iryo 2018-04-10 3.9 Redefining medical data ownership Smart Contract, Platform, Health, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Slovenia
L-pesa L-pesa 2018-04-10 4.1 L-Pesa Microfinance Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Banking Gibraltar
ELIGMA ELIGMA 2018-04-10 4.7 AI-driven and Blockchain-based Cognitive Commerce Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Retail Slovenia
SONDER SONDER 2018-04-10 3.8 Absolute Security Level Business services, Platform Lithuania
BIDIUM BIDIUM 2018-04-10 4.5 BIDIUM: The Best Service Around Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Software India
Countinghouse Fund Countinghouse Fund 2018-04-10 3.8 Forex & Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund Investment Seychelles 2018-04-10 3.4 Blockchain - KYC - A.I. - Compliance Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Singapore
Webercoin Webercoin 2018-04-10 2.6 A Social Media To Reward Businesses Media, Platform Nigeria
Bitlem Network Bitlem Network 2018-04-10 2.5 Blockchain Banking For The Real World Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform Mexico
AIREN AIREN 2018-04-10 1.9 The Power of Blockchain meets the Future of AI Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Legal, Real estate, Smart Contract, Software Mexico
Decentralend - JUST PRIORITY LISTING Decentralend - JUST PRIORITY LISTING 2018-04-10 2.3 DecentraLend is a decentralize peer to peer lending platform where individuals determine their lending interest rate. Cryptocurrency UAE
Future Coin Light Future Coin Light 2018-04-09 1.5 Decentralized Self Regulated Payment Network Platform, Investment, Electronics, Cryptocurrency, Business services Latvia
FIC FIC 2018-04-09 2.0 FLORA FIC Commercial Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Thailand
Kript Kript 2018-04-09 3.4 A mobile app to invest in crypto assets Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency Singapore
Sphere Social Sphere Social 2018-04-09 3.5 Decentralized Social Network. Internet UK
CashBag CashBag 2018-04-09 4.1 The Cash Back Cryptocurrency Retail, Platform, Media, Internet, Cryptocurrency South Africa
FloraFIC FloraFIC 2018-04-09 Applied technology of AI and blockchain to work together via the smart FIC application. Data/Computing/AI Thailand
DeskBell Chain DeskBell Chain 2018-04-09 4.4 Blockchain Platform of the Hotel and Tourism Communication, Entertainment, Tourism Estonia
Arcadia Arcadia 2018-04-09 2.0 Real Estate Development Project Real estate Poland
CoinTour CoinTour 2018-04-09 3.1 Universal Platform for Travelling Tourism UK
King Slayer King Slayer 2018-04-09 3.5 MMORPG Game with Blockchain-Economy Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Platform, Sports Russia
LemoChain LemoChain 2018-04-09 3.2 Cross-Application Data Circulation Business services, Infrastructure Singapore
Ethereum Slot Machine Ethereum Slot Machine 2018-04-09 3.3 Slot Machine for Ethereum Network Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Investment Russia
Knowledge Knowledge 2018-04-08 3.9 Blockchain powered knowledge sharing platform Software, Smart Contract, Retail, Media, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency USA
Renteum Renteum 2018-04-08 Renteum is going to be the first of its kind to tie its token to real-estate in Scandinavia and England. Real Estate United Kingdom
altumea altumea 2018-04-08 4.1 Decentralized GPU Computing Platform Estonia
ZoneX eSports Platform ZoneX eSports Platform 2018-04-08 4.1 ZoneX eSports Platform Media, Platform, Sports British Virgin Islands
VENDEX VENDEX 2018-04-08 3.8 Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Made Easy Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Nigeria
Platio Solar Platio Solar 2018-04-08 3.0 Platio Solar Paving Electronics, Infrastructure Hungary
NuMoney Exchange NuMoney Exchange 2018-04-07 2.3 A Southeast-Asian Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency Singapore
Sintec Sintec 2018-04-07 1.9 Invest in the production of industrial material Manufacturing, Investment, Infrastructure Russia
GoChain GoChain 2018-04-07 3.1 Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger. Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Saint Kitts and Nevis
XiWATT XiWATT 2018-04-07 3.5 Crowdfunding Green Energy Energy, Cryptocurrency USA
The Abyss The Abyss 2018-04-07 4.4 Crypto Reward Ecosystem for Gamers & Developers Platform, Entertainment Switzerland
Crestonium Crestonium 2018-04-07 3.3 Pay anytime everywhere. Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Switzerland
Browsers Lab Browsers Lab 2018-04-07 4.0 Testing Made Easier Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract, Software USA
Realty Crypto Investment Realty Crypto Investment 2018-04-07 3.1 Cryptoinvestment in Real Property Real estate Czech Republic
Cryptofitnessclub Cryptofitnessclub 2018-04-07 2.6 Train Smart Health
DPRG DPRG 2018-04-07 2.0 Revolutionize the Remittance Industry Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract London
Talenter Talenter 2018-04-06 1.5 You can do that! Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency Germany
Edgecoin Edgecoin 2018-04-06 3.2 The future of education is smart Education, Cryptocurrency Germany
Coinvest Coinvest 2018-04-06 4.3 Decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies Investment USA
Leap With Alice Leap With Alice 2018-04-06 2.6 A Leap in Creative Education Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform, Software, Virtual Reality
DRIVR Network DRIVR Network 2018-04-06 4.1 Advanced A.I. Driven Rideshare on the Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Software Estonia
FENIX.CASH FENIX.CASH 2018-04-06 3.4 Platform That Connects BILLIONS of Music Fans Art, Entertainment, Media UK
Volans Volans 2018-04-05 3.9 Big Step in the Evolution of International Payment Infrastructure, Business services, Banking Estonia
Datarius Datarius 2018-04-05 4.1 The first social decentralized cryptobank Platform, Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Costa Rica
Gold Byte Coin Gold Byte Coin 2018-04-05 2.5 Toursim Market Business services, Communication, Investment, Tourism Netherlands
XchangeRate XchangeRate 2018-04-05 4.6 The Best Of Both Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Smart Contract, Virtual Reality Seychelles
Ethoasis Ethoasis 2018-04-05 2.5 The Innovation of Investing Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract Sweden
xDAC xDAC 2018-04-05 3.8 Build Your Decentralized Company Business services, Platform USA
WiseWolf WiseWolf 2018-04-05 2.1 Your Worldwide Cryptocurrency Investment Manager Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
Global Shrimp Coin Global Shrimp Coin 2018-04-05 3.3 Shrimp-Farming Enterprise Cryptocurrency Business services, Investment Peru
Ether Legends Ether Legends 2018-04-04 3.2 Ether Legends Trading Card Game & Gaming Platform Software, Smart Contract, Entertainment USA
carVertical carVertical 2018-04-04 4.0 Blockchain Registry Platform, Other, Business services Estonia
Bionic Bionic 2018-04-04 2.8 Bionic Smart Investing Banking, Business services, Electronics, Internet, Investment, Software, Virtual Reality USA
ODUWA ODUWA 2018-04-04 2.6 Revolutionized Blockchain Insurance Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract USA
QWIQQ ICO QWIQQ ICO 2018-04-04 2.6 The Future Of Marketplace Business services, Internet, Platform, Retail Singapore
BILL and GO BILL and GO 2018-04-04 2.0 No Queues Anymore Platform Ukraine
Vipe Vipe 2018-04-04 3.4 New Payment System of the World Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Sweden
Curacoin Curacoin 2018-04-04 2.0 The Decentralized Medical Health Service System Business services, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Health, Investment, Media, Platform, Software
Wealth Migrate Wealth Migrate 2018-04-04 3.6 The REAL Real Estate Based Coin Real estate China
Bitto Exchange Bitto Exchange 2018-04-03 2.5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services UK
Bronix ICO Bronix ICO 2018-04-03 2.9 Exchange platform Cryptocurrency Australia
Whitestone Coin Whitestone Coin 2018-04-03 3.1 When blockchain meets art Entertainment Japan
OTPPAY OTPPAY 2018-04-03 4.5 Omni Token Platform for Payments. Smart Contract, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence
Sapien Sapien 2018-04-03 4.5 Take back control over your Social Experience Platform, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Communication USA
Smart City Eco Smart City Eco 2018-04-03 3.4 Building smart solutions for online economy Entertainment, Platform, Retail, Virtual Reality Serbia
ClassyCoin ClassyCoin 2018-04-03 2.5 Social Networking Coin Big Data, Business services, Communication, Entertainment, Internet, Investment, Media Australia
Crypto Cashback Rebate Crypto Cashback Rebate 2018-04-03 4.3 Cryptos Are Rewarding Platform Hong Kong
OGCoin OGCoin 2018-04-03 3.3 Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry Cryptocurrency, Health, Software Nigeria
Rider Token Rider Token 2018-04-03 2.8 Practical Applications In The Agriculture Sector Business services, Education, Energy India
Kleos Kleos 2018-04-02 3.4 Question and answer platform Platform, Media, Internet Italy
Aworker Aworker 2018-04-02 3.5 Decentralized Professional Platform Platform, Business services Russia
The 4th Pillar The 4th Pillar 2018-04-02 4.1 Blockchain HR connecting platform for individuals Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services Slovenia
PAYSURA PAYSURA 2018-04-02 4.0 International Payreward Coin Retail, Platform, Business services Germany
SafeCrypt SafeCrypt 2018-04-02 4.2 SafeCrypt Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Artificial Intelligence Latvia
TransCrypt TransCrypt 2018-04-02 4.9 Decentralized Payment Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform Switzerland
CrowdToken CrowdToken 2018-04-02 4.5 The Transactional Crypto-Token Big Data, Internet, Retail Ireland
Bonum Bonum 2018-04-02 4.1 Global Backed Loans And Deposits Banking, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract Gibraltar
Litecoin Cash Litecoin Cash 2018-04-02 3.5 Litecoin Cash Banking, Business services, Charity, Electronics, Software, Virtual Reality UK
Coin Mine Australia Coin Mine Australia 2018-04-02 3.3 Coin Mine Australia is Built on the Knowledge Cryptocurrency Australia
OpenAssets OpenAssets 2018-04-01 2.4 Open ecosystem Platform, Investment, Business services Russia
Cartel Cartel 2018-04-01 2.6 Platform to Offer the Safest, Simplest Solutions Smart Contract, Retail Singapore, Korea, USA, Canada, Australia
Healthureum Healthureum 2018-04-01 3.6 Your Data. Your Doctor. Your Way. Platform, Health, Entertainment Estonia
KickCity KickCity 2018-04-01 3.4 Get Rewarded for Doing What You Love Entertainment USA
GramGold Token GramGold Token 2018-04-01 3.9 Its a lot more besides. Retail UK
DateCoin DateCoin 2018-04-01 3.6 The fastest successful match Other, Communication Russia
Fabric Token Fabric Token 2018-04-01 3.8 Transforming ideas into DApps Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services Estonia
Ethearnal Ethearnal 2018-04-01 3.7 No limits. Just business. Internet Hong Kong
True Reply True Reply 2018-04-01 True Reply is the future of voice-based data-collection across IoT devices and telephones. IoT United States
The Coffee Token The Coffee Token 2018-04-01 First and only global decentralized ecosystem directly connecting coffee producers and consumers using the blockchain technology. Industry/Logistics El Salvador
EiraCube EiraCube 2018-04-01 4.8 Revolution for the e-commerce industry Business services, Platform Spain
Enlte Enlte 2018-04-01 4.7 A Decentrilized Socionet Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Other, Platform, Virtual Reality India
ARGO Reality ARGO Reality 2018-04-01 3.7 ARGO is an Entertaining Space in Augmented Reality Communication, Infrastructure, Platform, Virtual Reality Belarus
YouToken YouToken 2018-04-01 4.3 Sell Yourself. Business services, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract USA
Bpay Bpay 2018-04-01 4.0 Payment Processing for Web 3.0 Era Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Retail Estonia
Consentium Consentium 2018-04-01 3.9 Platform for Communities Communication, Cryptocurrency Singapore
ArmPack ArmPack 2018-04-01 3.8 ArmPack ICO Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract
Solomonstouch Solomonstouch 2018-04-01 3.6 The World’s First Humanitarian Banking, Charity, Communication, Health, Internet United States
Hiveway Hiveway 2018-04-01 3.4 First Self-Governed Decentralized Social Platform Platform Romania
Mthereum Mthereum 2018-04-01 3.0 The Mthereum Chain Platform Cryptocurrency Malaysia
Synexcoin Synexcoin 2018-04-01 2.9 Join the Revolution Cryptocurrency, Investment UK
Birake Birake 2018-04-01 2.8 The First White Label Exchange! Big Data, Cryptocurrency Romania
Cointify Cointify 2018-04-01 2.4 Realising The Prospect Of Digital Currency Banking, Cryptocurrency, Education, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Iceland
KONERO KONERO 2018-04-01 1.8 One Coin to Cover All Banking, Communication, Entertainment, Internet, Investment Worldwide
Quant Network Quant Network 2018-04-01 4.4 Quant Overledger Platform Switzerland
Dolos Dolos 2018-03-31 1.5 Automated Trading Cryptocurrency South Africa
Ping Chain Ping Chain 2018-03-31 2.0 Trigger your smart contract. Smart Contract, Platform USA
Nedviga Nedviga 2018-03-31 1.8 Crossline-platform for investing in real estate Real estate, Investment Russia
Callback Plus Callback Plus 2018-03-31 2.0 Advantages communications Communication, Business services Russia
Yield Coin Yield Coin 2018-03-31 2.1 The Worlds First Multi-Purpose Backed Token. Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking United Kingdom
McCain Corp McCain Corp 2018-03-31 2.1 Every day, we are very enthusiastic and confident Smart Contract, Investment, Education, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Banking Russia
SKYHOPECOIN SKYHOPECOIN 2018-03-31 2.3 Decentralised payments for freelancers Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services USA
PrimeLend PrimeLend 2018-03-31 2.4 Transparent Crypto Investment Platform. Smart Contract, Investment, Cryptocurrency United Arab Emirates
Kala Token Kala Token 2018-03-31 2.4 The token of opportunity Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services USA
Krypteum Krypteum 2018-03-31 2.5 Artificial Intelligence for Transparent Investing Smart Contract, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence South Africa
eKash eKash 2018-03-31 2.5 UX oriented and fee-neutralizable platform Platform, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services Taiwan
MaxBull Coin MaxBull Coin 2018-03-31 2.3 The Next Generation Investment Destination Casino & Gambling UK
Rentything Rentything 2018-03-31 2.9 Airbnb For Everything Platform, Internet Hong Kong
Golden Fleece Golden Fleece 2018-03-31 3.0 Invest in mining with an absolute advantage! Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency Georgia
Toplancer Toplancer 2018-03-31 3.0 Zero commission decentralized freelance platform Internet, Business services India
Pitch Pitch 2018-03-31 3.0 The Future of Opportunity Business services USA
NAM NAM 2018-03-31 2.9 Revolution in medical care with AI Health, Artificial Intelligence Hong Kong
VeriME VeriME 2018-03-31 4.3 Verification Authentication Protection Software Singapore
SGPay SGPay 2018-03-31 3.1 A Wallet For Everyone Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence Singapore
Incoreum Incoreum 2018-03-31 3.1 Linear international finance. Business services United States, Singapore
Corl Corl 2018-03-31 3.1 Revenue sharing on the blockchain Investment Canada
ValueCash ValueCash 2018-03-31 3.3 Cryptocurrency reformation beyond limits Cryptocurrency india
PriorityEx PriorityEx 2018-03-31 3.3 Profit sharing cryptocurrency exchange Platform, Cryptocurrency Thailand
Patron Patron 2018-03-31 3.6 Influencer's sharing economy from Japan Platform, Media, Entertainment Japan
HPlus HPlus 2018-03-31 3.1 Decentralize Health Record Management System Health USA
Gold Bits Coin Gold Bits Coin 2018-03-31 3.3 Real gold & Trending crypto Investment, Cryptocurrency Australia
FreelancerCoin FreelancerCoin 2018-03-31 3.3 Online freelancing platform Platform, Business services Poland
Darenta Darenta 2018-03-31 3.0 Rental service for car owners Platform Russia
BeefCoin BeefCoin 2018-03-31 2.3 Production of organic beef from farm to table Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency Russia
skychain skychain 2018-03-31 3.6 Opportunity to teach and host neural networks Infrastructure Russia
Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation 2018-03-31 2.9 Fostering the Decentralization Revolution Virtual Reality, Infrastructure, Education, Cryptocurrency, Charity, Artificial Intelligence USA
BestMeta BestMeta 2018-03-31 3.6 Empowering Talents. Engaging the community. Entertainment UK
XferMoney XferMoney 2018-03-31 3.8 Peer-to-peer Remittance Platform Software, Platform, Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency Hong Kong
Water to the World Water to the World 2018-03-31 3.8 Changing the world, one drop at a time Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Energy United Arab Emirates
VIARIUM VIARIUM 2018-03-31 3.8 The First VR Platform For Business On Blockchain Virtual Reality Russia
Balehu Bucks Balehu Bucks 2018-03-31 3.9 Restoring & rewarding local commerce Business services USA
Goldea Goldea 2018-03-31 3.7 Become a Gold Miner by acquiring GEA tokens Manufacturing Serbia
Fiancia Coin Fiancia Coin 2018-03-31 4.0 A Revolutionary Copy Trading Platform& TV Channel Investment UK
BlockMesh BlockMesh 2018-03-31 3.9 Cost-Free Communication Cryptocurrency, Communication Mauritius
LocalCoinSwap LocalCoinSwap 2018-03-31 4.0 World's most inclusive cryptocurrency marketplace Cryptocurrency, Banking Hong Kong
INTRO INTRO 2018-03-31 4.0 Business Intelligence Services Real estate Russia
DomusCoins DomusCoins 2018-03-31 4.0 The Guaranteed Cryptocurrency at emission Tourism, Real estate UK
BINKD BINKD 2018-03-31 4.0 Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange with Fiat Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking Bahamas
4NEW 4NEW 2018-03-31 4.0 Power to the People, Literally. Infrastructure, Energy UK
ufoodo ufoodo 2018-03-31 4.1 A decentralized on-demand food delivery service Platform Germany
Handelion Handelion 2018-03-31 4.1 Handelion is the future of international trade Platform, Business services Latvia
Epocum Epocum 2018-03-31 4.1 Digital Economy Based on Websites Connectivity Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication Italy
CVProof CVProof 2018-03-31 4.1 Securing Job's Credentials Platform, Education, Business services Estonia
Creditcoin Creditcoin 2018-03-31 4.1 One token to shop everywhere Retail, Platform, Cryptocurrency USA
Bank4You Bank4You 2018-03-31 3.7 Mobile Money Remittance System by Bank4YOU Group Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking UK
RETN RETN 2018-03-31 3.9 The first marketing platform to tokenize rewards Retail, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication Seychelles
FarmaTrust FarmaTrust 2018-03-31 4.3 Saving lives using blockchain and AI Software, Infrastructure, Health, Cryptocurrency UK
ADAMANT Messenger ADAMANT Messenger 2018-03-31 4.3 The Future Of Messaging Internet, Communication, Business services Russia
Izetex Izetex 2018-03-31 4.2 From virtual to reality using blockchain Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services Singapore
HydroCoin HydroCoin 2018-03-31 4.1 Clean energy for the blockchain era Investment, Infrastructure, Energy, Cryptocurrency Germany
GPCC  - Global Protected Crypto Copyright GPCC - Global Protected Crypto Copyright 2018-03-31 4.2 Service for protection intellectual property Platform, Business services UK
Galaxy eSolutions Galaxy eSolutions 2018-03-31 4.3 Refurbished Consumer Electronics Retail, Platform Hong Kong
Africunia Africunia 2018-03-31 4.3 The first indigenous african cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Banking UK
Shopin Shopin 2018-03-31 4.2 Shopper profile built on the blockchain Artificial Intelligence USA
PikcioChain PikcioChain 2018-03-31 4.1 Secure blockchain exchange for personal data Cryptocurrency Switzerland
SKYFchain SKYFchain 2018-03-31 4.3 Operating Platform is a blockchain based financing Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services Estonia
Forty Seven Bank Forty Seven Bank 2018-03-31 3.6 We are connecting financial worlds Cryptocurrency, Banking Latvia
Naviaddress Naviaddress 2018-03-31 4.4 Naviaddress is much more than just an address Internet, Communication Cayman Islands
AB-CHAIN AB-CHAIN 2018-03-31 3.7 Blockchain and AI for enhanced campaigns. Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services Russia 2018-03-31 4.0 New product by secured lending professionals Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Austria
BitRewards BitRewards 2018-03-31 4.7 Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform Software Russia
Wikibits Wikibits 2018-03-31 Be Part of the Next Generation Wiki. Data/Computing/AI United States
Auctus Auctus 2018-03-31 3.8 Smart Contract Powered Retirement Plans Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Gibraltar
OpenPoll OpenPoll 2018-03-31 3.8 Giving polls the integrity they once had Education, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Platform USA
Effect.AI Effect.AI 2018-03-31 3.4 Decentralized Network for AI Artificial Intelligence, Platform Holland
BoatPilot BoatPilot 2018-03-31 4.1 BoatPilot the Future of Yachting Navigation Platform, Software, Sports, Tourism, Virtual Reality Cyprus
Dbrain Dbrain 2018-03-31 3.7 A Blockchain Platform to Collectively Make AI Apps Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Software Russia
Multiversum Multiversum 2018-03-31 4.3 Relational Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Software Belarus
LOVE Token LOVE Token 2018-03-31 4.6 Love, And Be Loved Business services, Charity, Investment, Smart Contract India
Blockchain Terminal Blockchain Terminal 2018-03-31 4.7 Institutional Grade Cryptocurrency Platform Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Software Cayman Islands
BITRUST BITRUST 2018-03-31 4.4 P2P Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform Business services UK
CarVDB CarVDB 2018-03-31 4.0 CarVDB Blockchain Platform Business services, Platform, Software Bulgaria
Universal Labs Universal Labs 2018-03-31 4.0 The First Blockchain Personal Cloud Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Software Hong Kong
XTRD XTRD 2018-03-31 3.9 Unifying Cryptocurrency Exchanges Banking, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Software Cayman Islands
Engagement Token Engagement Token 2018-03-31 3.8 Rewarding Publishers And Creators Internet, Media, Platform USA
FAIMA FAIMA 2018-03-31 3.8 Personal Medical Assistant Artificial Intelligence, Health Germany
SMARTER THAN CRYPTO SMARTER THAN CRYPTO 2018-03-31 3.8 Index Outperformance Token Investment British Virgin Islands
Dentix Dentix 2018-03-31 3.5 First Decentralized Dental EHR Platform Cryptocurrency, Health USA
XENTAVO XENTAVO 2018-03-31 3.3 The Big Future of Small Nations Cryptocurrency USA
SRCOIN SRCOIN 2018-03-31 3.1 The First Subscription Revenue Cryptocurrency Health, Platform Malaysia
LOVR Pre-ICO LOVR Pre-ICO 2018-03-31 3.0 The Future Of Payment In The Adult Industry Cryptocurrency, Platform Germany
Bigbom Eco Bigbom Eco 2018-03-31 2.9 Bigbom Eco - Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem Platform Singapore
MedCash MedCash 2018-03-31 2.8 Medical Devices on the Blockchain Health Hong Kong
Mountain Resorts Mountain Resorts 2018-03-31 2.8 Brand new 5-star hotel in Austria Tourism Netherlands
Circleflowstoken Circleflowstoken 2018-03-31 2.5 Decentralized Utility Payment System Smart Contract Switzerland
CSAToken CSAToken 2018-03-31 2.3 Real Estate Trading Support Real estate Thailand
ANTIMASS ICO ANTIMASS ICO 2018-03-31 2.1 Global Idea Protection Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Legal, Platform, Smart Contract United States of America 2018-03-31 2.0 New Era Of Private Banking Investment
LAMP LAMP 2018-03-31 1.8 Lamp Education Charity Сanada
NOLLYCOIN NOLLYCOIN 2018-03-31 4.3 Introducing The Coin That Rewards Cryptocurrency USA
No Fake Today No Fake Today 2018-03-31 3.4 Technology to Fight Counterfeiting of Your Product Business services, Platform Singapore
CryptoWorld CryptoWorld 2018-03-31 3.3 CryptoWorld Blockchain Build The World Cryptocurrency Singapore
SLT SLT 2018-03-31 2.9 Connecting Crypto Community World Cryptocurrency
LinkCoin LinkCoin 2018-03-31 2.1 The First OTC Platform For Altcoins Cryptocurrency, Investment
BitCoin Ichip BitCoin Ichip 2018-03-31 3.9 Secure, Anonymous and Fast Betting Platform Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Platform India
ImpalaCoin ImpalaCoin 2018-03-31 3.4 ImpalaCoin is the crypto currency that is powering the Impala crypto bank. The crypto bank is a financial inclusive trade and transactional whose primary target is informal paper cash cross border traders Mauritius
ReposalNetwork ReposalNetwork 2018-03-30 1.6 We are the future. Cryptocurrency Netherlands
Lunes Platform Lunes Platform 2018-03-30 2.9 The Future in the Present Platform, Cryptocurrency Brazil
Granite Granite 2018-03-30 3.0 The blockchain-based future of the labor market Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Education, Business services, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Russia
G-Global G-Global 2018-03-30 3.0 Gain knowledge transfer time. Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Education, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Estonia
Orbeum Orbeum 2018-03-30 3.4 Join us in Digital Revolution. Software UK
Ternio Ternio 2018-03-30 3.5 The Future Is Now Media USA
OptiToken OptiToken 2018-03-30 3.5 The first ever algorithmically traded hyper-deflat Cryptocurrency Cayman Islands
WAWLLET WAWLLET 2018-03-30 3.8 World’s first multi-asset wallet and personal fina Business services, Banking Cyprus
Valorem Foundation Valorem Foundation 2018-03-30 3.4 Easy to use platform for loans and investing Platform, Investment, Business services USA
Eticket4 Eticket4 2018-03-30 3.5 Secondary ticket marketplace based on blockchain Platform, Entertainment Israel
Faceter Faceter 2018-03-30 4.7 Know the people around you Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet South Africa
techspecs techspecs 2018-03-30 2.8 ICO that lets you profit from all tech growth. Cryptocurrency, Platform Switzerland
Nauticus Nauticus 2018-03-30 4.5 Better Banking and eCommerce Using Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail Australia
IAME Identity IAME Identity 2018-03-30 4.6 Fragmented Identification For Blockchain Platform Mauritius
Agent Not Needed Agent Not Needed 2018-03-30 4.1 Platform Where You Can Sell, Buy or Rent Real estate UK
CryptoGlobal Markets CryptoGlobal Markets 2018-03-30 3.3 Decentralised P2P Asset Exchange - Live Product Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract UK
BitCab ICO BitCab ICO 2018-03-30 3.1 Uber 2.0 for the Blockchain Age Infrastructure, Platform USA
SSOT Health Foundation SSOT Health Foundation 2018-03-30 2.5 Healthcare Solutions Health USA
TokenSpeed TokenSpeed 2018-03-30 2.3 The Creative Innovation in Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore
Flying Money Flying Money 2018-03-29 3.6 Global Tokenization of Financial Assets Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Hong Kong
ALMBank ALMBank 2018-03-29 3.6 A Token For the People! Platform, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Charity Saint Lucia
Smart Valley Smart Valley 2018-03-29 4.1 Singular Decentralized Platform for All Platform Switzerland
Apollo Septem Apollo Septem 2018-03-29 4.1 World's First Self-Governed Art Community Art Romania
Noxbox Noxbox 2018-03-29 3.8 Decentralized Services Platform Business services, Infrastructure Belarus
Smart Little Machine Smart Little Machine 2018-03-29 3.4 Smart Little Machine Entertainment Canada
LELEcoin LELEcoin 2018-03-28 2.6 Indonesia AltCoin Trader Community Platform Indonesia
Sudan Gold Coin Sudan Gold Coin 2018-03-28 3.6 Gold mining with SG Mining co Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency Russia
ICOHeadStart ICOHeadStart 2018-03-28 4.1 The safest ICO fundraising Platform Platform, Legal, Internet, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
Cibus Cibus 2018-03-28 4.0 Food Ecosystem on Blockchain Cryptocurrency New Zealand
BricBit BricBit 2018-03-28 2.8 The Property Cryptocurrency Real estate United Arab Emirates
MYDFS MYDFS 2018-03-28 2.6 Blockchain-Powered Daily Fantasy Sports Sports Isle of Man
BTU Protocol BTU Protocol 2018-03-28 3.4 Booking Token Unit Protocol Infrastructure France
VRT VRT 2018-03-27 4.4 VR platform for global integration Virtual Reality, Entertainment Russia
Booleancoin Booleancoin 2018-03-27 United States
PlayHall PlayHall 2018-03-27 4.0 Multi-Cryptocurrency Skill Gaming Platform Entertainment
EXOCOIN EXOCOIN 2018-03-27 2.9 Revolution Of Decentralized Economic Order Crypto Mining, Communication, Casino & Gambling, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform South Africa
Allvor Allvor 2018-03-27 2.6 Cryptocurrency for E-commerce Platform
Uprightly Uprightly 2018-03-26 2.1 Decentralized Reputation Management Protocol Platform, Communication, Business services USA
Vestopia Vestopia 2018-03-26 3.8 Redefining the Art of Investment Real estate, Investment United Arab Emirates
Signals Signals 2018-03-26 3.8 Marketplace of data science powered signals Software, Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency Czech Republic
SELFLLERY SELFLLERY 2018-03-26 4.4 Platform for Visual Content Monetization Media Singapore
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh 2018-03-26 Knowledge-Sharing social network platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain. Education United States
Gilgamesh Platform Gilgamesh Platform 2018-03-26 4.4 Knowledge-sharing social network platform Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Internet, Media, Platform, Smart Contract, Software USA
Pibble Pibble 2018-03-26 4.4 Blockchain based monetized image ecosystem. Art, Entertainment, Media Singapore
Enkidu Enkidu 2018-03-26 4.4 Decentralized Global Collaboration Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore 2018-03-26 3.9 Invest In Promising CEE & CIS Startups Infrastructure Lithuania
Bilibit Bilibit 2018-03-26 3.0 Philippines First Crypto Ecosystem Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform Philippines 2018-03-26 4.4 The Next Social, Cross Trading Platform Investment, Platform New Caledonia
Swisstok Swisstok 2018-03-25 2.0 First decentralized e-mail platform Platform, Business services Switzerland
BlockFollow BlockFollow 2018-03-25 1.6 Get Connected Platform, Media, Internet, Education, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Charity, Business services Hungary
The Veris Foundation The Veris Foundation 2018-03-25 2.9 Blockchain for the American Healthcare System Health USA
GraphGrail AI GraphGrail AI 2018-03-25 3.0 Ai meets Blockchain Artificial Intelligence British Virgin Islands
Global Finances Global Finances 2018-03-25 3.0 Global Finances Local Benefits Smart Contract, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking USA
InDeep InDeep 2018-03-25 3.5 The future of of blockhain gaming technology Platform, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency Poland
RealCasino RealCasino 2018-03-25 4.0 The Future Of Gaming. Today! Casino & Gambling Malta
Exenium Exenium 2018-03-25 4.0 Cryptocurrency Exchange chatbot for Messengers Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking Cyprus
Seal Seal 2018-03-25 4.4 Blockchain powered authentication for products Retail, Business services Netherlands
Neurogress Neurogress 2018-03-25 3.8 Controlling the World With the Power of Thought Software, Health, Electronics Switzerland
JWC Ventures JWC Ventures 2018-03-25 4.1 A New Era Of Venture Capital Investment, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Business services Cayman Islands
DatabrokerDAO DatabrokerDAO 2018-03-25 4.3 Global market for local data Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency Belgium
FundFantasy FundFantasy 2018-03-25 3.7 Introducing the first finance based fantasy skill Platform, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Casino & Gambling Malta
ICO Pass ICO Pass 2018-03-25 4.2 Easiest way to do KYC checks Software, Infrastructure, Banking Latvia
Streamity Streamity 2018-03-25 4.2 Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Singapore
Crypto N Kafe Crypto N Kafe 2018-03-25 First coffee trading ecosystem entirely supporting small-scale farmers, traders, roasters and retailers. Commerce/Retail Mauritius
Tiger Token Tiger Token 2018-03-25 2.8 Tiger Block Exchange Center Cryptocurrency
BOUTSPRO BOUTSPRO 2018-03-25 4.4 Professional Karate Sports Organization Cryptocurrency, Sports United Kingdom
Roburst Network Roburst Network 2018-03-25 4.3 The Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Network Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Platform Canada
Zamanat Zamanat 2018-03-25 3.8 Zamanat. Business services, Cryptocurrency, Software, Tourism USA
Bizavest Analytics Platform Bizavest Analytics Platform 2018-03-25 3.4 Welcome to the future of Analytics. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Platform Nigeria
Follex Follex 2018-03-25 3.1 Imagine No More Cryptocurrency Australia
ITO Assendelft ITO Assendelft 2018-03-25 3.1 Invest & Collaborate With Successful ICO-projects Investment, Real estate Netherlands
MOS MOS 2018-03-25 3.1 MOS Coin, Smartphone Only Mining Cryptocurrency Singapore
Rate3 Rate3 2018-03-25 3.1 The Future of Global E-commerce Transactions Cryptocurrency Singapore 2018-03-25 2.9 Friendly Game Duels With Stakes Entertainment, Smart Contract, Sports
Educoin Educoin 2018-03-25 2.8 Online Learning Platform on Blockchain Education Singapore
The Forge Network The Forge Network 2018-03-24 2.9 Cryptocurrency for everyone. Cryptocurrency United States
mytime mytime 2018-03-24 2.9 We propose turning time into a measurable value Platform
TIM TIM 2018-03-24 3.8 World's first GPS powered blockchain Platform, Infrastructure, Business services USA
MindLink MindLink 2018-03-24 3.7 MindLink Education Sweden
AffiliateCoin AffiliateCoin 2018-03-24 4.0 Revolutionising Affiliate Marketing Virtual Reality, Smart Contract, Platform, Internet UK
TV-TWO TV-TWO 2018-03-24 3.6 The decentralized TV ECO-System Platform, Media, Entertainment Germany
PokerSports PokerSports 2018-03-24 4.6 The Revolution of Fantasy Sports Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Platform, Smart Contract, Sports USA
Invox Finance Invox Finance 2018-03-24 4.6 The Most Innovative Invoice Lending Platform Business services, Investment, Smart Contract Australia
GoHelpFund GoHelpFund 2018-03-24 3.5 Decentralized Fundraising Platform Charity, Cryptocurrency, Platform Romania
MedAI Network MedAI Network 2018-03-24 3.7 The First AI Medical Imaging Storage Network Health Singapore 2018-03-24 1.9 Fast Farming Solutions Health, Infrastructure Estonia
sharder protocol sharder protocol 2018-03-23 2.5 Cross-chain distributed storage protocol Big Data Singapore
Switcheo Network Switcheo Network 2018-03-23 3.6 The most advanced Exchange Software, Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency Singapore
Cryptyk Cryptyk 2018-03-23 3.6 Hybrid blockchain for enterprise Platform, Big Data USA
CoinMetro CoinMetro 2018-03-23 3.5 Innovation Powered By Crypto Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services Georgia
Shping Shping 2018-03-23 4.2 Shping Makes Shopping Smarter Cryptocurrency Australia
GL TOKEN GL TOKEN 2018-03-23 2.3 Sell your tickets - buy your tickets - no fees! Entertainment USA
YGGDRASH YGGDRASH 2018-03-23 3.6 TRUST-based Multi-dimensional Blockchains Platform Singapore
Quifas Quifas 2018-03-23 3.7 A Cryptocurrency Exchange Built for the People Cryptocurrency, Investment Seychelles
WhoHas WhoHas 2018-03-23 2.4 WhoHas Communication, Entertainment, Internet, Media Germany
ReceiptCoin ReceiptCoin 2018-03-22 2.8 Property on the Blockchain Software USA
CryoCloud CryoCloud 2018-03-22 2.8 The Future of Data Storage Software, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Big Data Canada
PolySwarm PolySwarm 2018-03-22 3.6 The World's First Threat Intelligence Market Platform USA
MoBee MoBee 2018-03-22 3.6 Worldwide virtual mobile operator Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication Worldwide
TE-FOOD TE-FOOD 2018-03-22 3.9 We Have The Right to Know What We Eat! Software, Manufacturing, Health, Business services Switzerland
Unilot Unilot 2018-03-22 3.9 Play games globally Platform, Casino & Gambling
Loyakk Loyakk 2018-03-22 4.3 Business Relationship Platform Platform UK
Taylor Taylor 2018-03-22 3.8 Taylor - Crypto Trading for Everyone Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Estonia
LAPO Blockchain LAPO Blockchain 2018-03-22 4.1 Decentralized Finance Reinvented Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
thorentium thorentium 2018-03-22 2.0 Next Generation of Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency Thailand
PronCoin PronCoin 2018-03-21 2.1 Online adult industry Entertainment UK
PumaPay PumaPay 2018-03-21 2.6 Comprehensive Pull Payment Protocol Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency, Business services Gibraltar
NYX NYX 2018-03-21 3.0 Cryptocurrency access recovery Infrastructure Russia
Drivero Drivero 2018-03-21 3.1 Drivero - car sharing platform Platform, Other, Legal, Investment, Cryptocurrency Germany
MoneyToken MoneyToken 2018-03-21 4.0 A blockchain-based financial ecosystem Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Artificial Intelligence UK
JOYSO JOYSO 2018-03-21 4.0 Hybrid Decentralized Token Exchange Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency Seychelles
Robotina Robotina 2018-03-21 4.4 Community means power, savings, and security. Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Infrastructure Slovenia
PHI Token PHI Token 2018-03-21 4.5 Platform for Hybrid Investments Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Investment, Legal, Platform, Software Malta
Dermavir Dermavir 2018-03-20 2.3 Dendritic Cell-Targeting Therapeutic Vaccine Platform, Health USA
Wishcoin Wishcoin 2018-03-20 2.2 Making the world a brighter place. Cryptocurrency, Charity UK
Tipper Tipper 2018-03-20 2.5 The Social Economy Platform Panama
SuchApp SuchApp 2018-03-20 3.7 Multi-channel Messaging Platform Communication Isle of Man
Vice Industry Token Vice Industry Token 2018-03-20 3.3 The Revolutionary Adult Cryptocurrency. Media, Internet, Entertainment Canada
FRESCO FRESCO 2018-03-20 3.4 Blockchain Art Trust Distribution Network Art Switzerland
BeautiQ BeautiQ 2018-03-20 3.3 European commodities for Chinese consumers Retail Isle of Man
TradeBit TradeBit 2018-03-20 3.5 Solution for Managing and Spending Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Bulgaria
HoToKeN HoToKeN 2018-03-20 4.3 Discovery platform for shops and promotions Software, Retail, Infrastructure Thailand
Clinicoin Clinicoin 2018-03-20 4.1 Global Health and Wellness Blockchain Platform Health USA
Vooglue Vooglue 2018-03-20 4.3 Join The Artwork Revolution Smart Contract, Media, Cryptocurrency, Art Australia
Tomocoin Tomocoin 2018-03-20 3.8 Building the Blockchain Infrastructure Smart Contract, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency Singapore
QWASDER QWASDER 2018-03-20 4.3 Stay connected everywhere. Internet Switzerland
Mango Startups Mango Startups 2018-03-20 3.4 First ICO backed by a VC Fund in Latin America Investment Singapore 2018-03-20 3.9 A Crypto Traders Community Platform France
Futourist Futourist 2018-03-20 4.3 Travel, write reviews, get paid Tourism, Internet, Cryptocurrency Slovenia
Simply Vital Health Simply Vital Health 2018-03-20 4.1 Powering True Care Platform, Health USA
DIW Token DIW Token 2018-03-20 4.4 Decentralize Security Software, Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Health, Cryptocurrency, Communication Marshall Islands
DISCIPLINA by TeachMePlease DISCIPLINA by TeachMePlease 2018-03-20 4.4 TeachMePlease - a perfect world of learning Education Russia
Friendz Friendz 2018-03-20 4.7 A digital marketing revolution on the blockchain Business services, Communication, Internet, Media, Platform Switzerland
Blockshipping GSCP Blockshipping GSCP 2018-03-20 4.4 The Global Container Shipping Industry Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract Denmark
Baappay Baappay 2018-03-20 4.1 The Evolution of the Payment Platform is Here Banking Canada
froshfeel froshfeel 2018-03-20 3.9 Decentralized Student Network Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Canada
CHEK CHEK 2018-03-20 3.2 A Next Generation Global Charity Loyalty Program Charity, Cryptocurrency
quantreum quantreum 2018-03-20 3.3 Secure, Faster Utility Coin Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Malaysia
ContractNet ContractNet 2018-03-20 2.9 Intersection Of Blockchain, IOT & Smart Contracts Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Hong Kong
Baikalika Baikalika 2018-03-19 3.9 Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining Other
ODEM ODEM 2018-03-19 3.3 Unlocking higher education Education Switzerland
European Crypto Bank European Crypto Bank 2018-03-19 4.1 Banking & Trading Platform Project Platform, Legal, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Artificial Intelligence UK
Hamster Marketplace Hamster Marketplace 2018-03-19 3.6 A niche between Kickstarter and Amazon Retail UK
Biometrids Biometrids 2018-03-19 4.0 Platform for identification Software, Platform, Infrastructure, Business services, Artificial Intelligence Denmark
TrillHUB TrillHUB 2018-03-19 2.4 Introducing TrillHUB and the TLC Ecosystem! Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Virtual Reality Czech Republic 2018-03-19 4.5 The Most Accurate User Analytics Big Data, Business services, Platform, Smart Contract Estonia
PARKGENE PARKGENE 2018-03-19 4.0 Peer-to-Peer Parking Revolution on Blockchain Business services, Infrastructure, Real estate, Software SINGAPORE
R3S R3S 2018-03-19 4.2 Complete Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity Business services, Infrastructure Estonia
IIOTTEL IIOTTEL 2018-03-19 4.0 Industrial Internet of Things on the Blockchain Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform Slovenia
DestineyAI DestineyAI 2018-03-19 3.4 DestineyAI Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Education, Energy, Health, Virtual Reality Czech Republic
PetSource PetSource 2018-03-19 3.0 PetSource Marketplace Platform Switzerland
Stockchain Stockchain 2018-03-19 3.9 Cryptocurrency Quotation Platform Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore
House Coupon Token House Coupon Token 2018-03-18 2.5 The First Real Token for Purchasing Properties Real estate USA
Hush Hush 2018-03-18 2.4 More than a bank Banking, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Software Luxembourg
Discoveroo Discoveroo 2018-03-18 3.1 Travel Review Platform Tourism, Platform Singapore
Mossland Mossland 2018-03-18 3.4 Own Your Landmark Software, Entertainment Estonia
Staps Platform Staps Platform 2018-03-18 3.5 Platform for converting steps into cryptocurrency Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services Switzerland
SmartRefer SmartRefer 2018-03-18 3.2 Exclusively for Technology Professionals Software, Platform, Business services, Artificial Intelligence Canada
Liquid Bonus Loyalty ICO Liquid Bonus Loyalty ICO 2018-03-18 3.9 The Blockchain-based Loyalty Aggregation Medium Retail, Platform Russia
IAC AutoUnit IAC AutoUnit 2018-03-18 3.9 International Auto Club Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services
Skraps Skraps 2018-03-18 3.0 Invest your spare crypto and fiat change Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking British Virgin Islands
Digitize Digitize 2018-03-18 4.2 Converting loose change into cryptocurrency Software, Smart Contract, Retail, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services Australia
Cryptopus Cryptopus 2018-03-18 4.1 Cryptopus – blockchain brokerage marketplace Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency British Virgin Islands
Truegame Truegame 2018-03-18 4.4 Smart contract based games of chance Casino & Gambling Costa Rica
FortKnoxster FortKnoxster 2018-03-18 3.8 Our Community Safeguards All Your Data Platform Gibraltar
SWX Coin SWX Coin 2018-03-18 2.9 The Cryptocurrency for Consenting Adults Cryptocurrency, Investment, Other, Platform UK
Thrintel Market Thrintel Market 2018-03-18 2.4 Evolution of Threat Intelligence Sharing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Communication, Infrastructure, Software Canada
PMOTION PMOTION 2018-03-17 2.9 The new digital advertising Ecosystem. Internet USA
Capdax Capdax 2018-03-17 4.1 Sophisticated Trading, Simplified. Platform, Cryptocurrency Hong Kong
THEFANDOME THEFANDOME 2018-03-17 4.3 You think you know what Geek Culture is like… Virtual Reality, Infrastructure, Entertainment, Education, Communication, Business services, Big Data Switzerland
Kora Network Kora Network 2018-03-17 4.2 Connecting people, communities, and capital. Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Banking Hong Kong
TheWorldNews TheWorldNews 2018-03-17 3.7 First news blockchain platform Media Lithuania
LiveTree Adept LiveTree Adept 2018-03-17 4.1 Get funded. Branch out. Make a difference. Start Platform, Investment, Business services UK
VALID VALID 2018-03-17 4.2 Your Data Your Asset. Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Big Data Switzerland
CARCO CARCO 2018-03-16 2.4 Life is an adventure, take one with Carco Smart Contract, Platform, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Banking Slovenija
Agrivita Agrivita 2018-03-16 2.6 Organic farm Other, Manufacturing, Health, Cryptocurrency Russia
iOlite iOlite 2018-03-16 2.8 Bridging the Gaps Software, Platform, Legal, Infrastructure, Education, Artificial Intelligence Estonia
WorldWiFi WorldWiFi 2018-03-16 4.4 Future Is Wireless Platform, Internet Singapore
Hero Hero 2018-03-16 3.7 Tokenize yourself Software, Platform Estonia
SocialMedia.Market SocialMedia.Market 2018-03-16 4.3 Blockchain influencer marketing platform Media Ukraine
Lendingblock Lendingblock 2018-03-16 3.1 Borrow and lend any digital currency Cryptocurrency UK
NEXO NEXO 2018-03-16 4.1 The World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts Banking Switzerland
Pecunia Pecunia 2018-03-15 1.8 Activity-based payment system. Media Australia
ONNCOIN ONNCOIN 2018-03-15 1.9 The Future Cryptocurrency for All People Cryptocurrency USA
doBETacceptBET doBETacceptBET 2018-03-15 2.3 Trading Platform for Options Trading Platform, Internet Netherlands
StarLightCoin StarLightCoin 2018-03-15 2.4 Highly Secured Cryptocurrency Platform, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services United Arab Emirates
MJCoin MJCoin 2018-03-15 2.4 Changing the cannabis market forever Business services USA
GLXCoin GLXCoin 2018-03-15 2.5 Global Listing Exchange Platform, Investment, Communication, Business services, Banking USA
Squarex Squarex 2018-03-15 2.8 Blockchain evolution of real estate development Platform, Business services
Velper Velper 2018-03-15 2.9 Global Blockchain-Service Platform, Internet, Health, Education Russia
LivingOffset LivingOffset 2018-03-15 2.9 LivingOffset, offset your carbon footprint. Platform Ireland
KWHCoin KWHCoin 2018-03-15 2.9 Renewable Energy Cryptocurrency Energy USA
SocialCxN SocialCxN 2018-03-15 3.0 Automated platform for Brands&Influencers to Conne Platform, Media, Communication USA
TOKIA TOKIA 2018-03-15 3.3 Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange Platform, Cryptocurrency, Charity, Banking UK
EMU Project EMU Project 2018-03-15 3.3 A simple solution for the entire service industry Software, Entertainment Estonia
Dubailancers Token Dubailancers Token 2018-03-15 3.4 The Best Way to Find Professionals. Smart Contract, Business services United Arab Emirates
Denaro Denaro 2018-03-15 3.4 Wallet and Worldwide Debit Cards Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency, Banking UK
FIT Token FIT Token 2018-03-15 3.7 Fitness & Sport Centers Sports, Platform South Africa
Ceyron Ceyron 2018-03-15 3.5 CEY Tokens. Smart Contract, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
AMCHART AMCHART 2018-03-15 3.6 Is a Universal Electronic Health Record Health United States
HeroesJourney HeroesJourney 2018-03-15 3.8 HeroesJourney Token Sale. Entertainment, Cryptocurrency USA
Dragon Dragon 2018-03-15 3.8 A Decentralized Currency for Casinos & Players Platform, Communication British Virgin Islands
eCoinomic eCoinomic 2018-03-15 4.0 Unleash the potential of crypto assets. Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Banking Estonia
BlockBank BlockBank 2018-03-15 3.9 Bespoke commercial banking Banking UK
TrustaBit TrustaBit 2018-03-15 4.1 Blockchain for Delayed Flights Tourism USA
Moonlite Moonlite 2018-03-15 4.6 Welcome To The Moonlite Project Cryptocurrency
Crypto Hunt Game Crypto Hunt Game 2018-03-15 4.1 Become a real treasure hunter. Virtual Reality, Tourism, Sports, Entertainment, Energy, Electronics, Education, Communication, Business services Croatia
MOBILINK-COIN MOBILINK-COIN 2018-03-15 3.9 Decentralized Mobile Service Telecom Company Communication Canada
e-Chat e-Chat 2018-03-15 3.8 Decentralized anonymous multi-tasking messenger Communication Hong Kong
GIFcoin GIFcoin 2018-03-15 4.1 Gambling Investment Fund Platform, Cryptocurrency Bulgaria
OnPlace OnPlace 2018-03-15 4.7 Become an investor of private companies with us Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services USA
ReporterCommunity ReporterCommunity 2018-03-15 4.2 The World’s first blockchain based news content Software, Platform, Media, Communication, Business services Hungary
XinFin XinFin 2018-03-15 4.3 Hybrid Technology for Global Trade and Finance Tourism, Smart Contract, Platform, Other, Investment, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking Singapore
CCA CCA 2018-03-15 4.6 Composite Cylinders Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Czech Republic
Otcrit Otcrit 2018-03-15 Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange and Informational Marketplace. Asset Management Germany
AIOM AIOM 2018-03-15 Germany
CUBE CUBE 2018-03-15 3.3 24 Hour Computer Club And Cyber Arena Entertainment Russia
TTC PROTOCOL TTC PROTOCOL 2018-03-15 4.4 A Decentralized and Incentivized Social Networking Communication British Virgin Islands
MoviesChain MoviesChain 2018-03-15 3.5 Decentralized Film Distribution Platform Art, Platform Russia
Ricona Ricona 2018-03-15 2.1 Multi CryptoCurrency Switching Technology Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment Singapore
Stelcoin Stelcoin 2018-03-15 1.9 Stelcoin community. Cryptocurrency, Internet USA
ALTEUM ALTEUM 2018-03-15 3.6 The Digital Currency and Exchange of Latin America Investment Latin America
AWAX AWAX 2018-03-15 The world needs a new financial system Today's global financial system was not designed to move trillions of dollars for billions of people every day. As a result, consumers and business experience slow transactions, fees and poor compatibility betwe Banking, Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency UK
Feast Coin Feast Coin 2018-03-14 1.9 Order Food with Crypto Platform, Internet, Health, Business services Canada
TILX TILX 2018-03-14 2.1 Bring Magic to the World Smart Contract, Platform, Investment, Internet, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency, Charity, Art USA
Snagride Snagride 2018-03-14 2.6 Decentralized AI ride sharing application Software USA
ExsulCoin ExsulCoin 2018-03-14 2.1 Change happens now Other, Education
COINDAQ COINDAQ 2018-03-14 2.8 Making Digital Currencies Safe Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency, Banking Hong Kong
Social Media Income Social Media Income 2018-03-14 2.9 The Real-Time solution to at home work Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services 2018-03-14 3.3 Make vulnerable people safer. Software Australia
Let Bet Let Bet 2018-03-14 3.2 LetBet is a revolution in the online gambling Entertainment, Casino & Gambling Belize
JET8 JET8 2018-03-14 4.3 Democratizing influence Media Singapore
DeepWater Treasure Recovery DeepWater Treasure Recovery 2018-03-14 3.9 New Frontiers Of Deep-Water Exploration Tourism, Platform, Manufacturing, Business services, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Ecuador
RewardMob Mobile eSports RewardMob Mobile eSports 2018-03-14 4.0 First Mobile eSports loyalty platform Platform, Entertainment Canada
Extra Credit Extra Credit 2018-03-14 4.2 Learn Cryptocurrency Education, Cryptocurrency USA
BASIS NEURO BASIS NEURO 2018-03-14 4.0 Is an Open Service-technology Platform Platform Cayman Islands
Obizcoin Obizcoin 2018-03-14 4.1 Smart process bot Business services India
Jury.Online Jury.Online 2018-03-14 3.8 The Place for Responsible ICOs Business services, Legal, Platform Estonia
Play2Live Play2Live 2018-03-14 4.3 Welcome to Play2Live! Platform, Media, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Communication Malta
Hicky Hicky 2018-03-14 3.5 Fair Decentralized Blockchain Dating Platform British Virgin Islands
AdHive AdHive 2018-03-14 4.4 AI-controlled influencer marketing platform Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Other, Platform Estonia 2018-03-14 4.1 First Payment Gateway to Use Business services, Communication, Infrastructure, Legal, Retail Seychelles
Profyt Pro Profyt Pro 2018-03-14 1.6 Currency For Making The Most Profit Platform Canada
ClickGem ClickGem 2018-03-13 1.8 A new type of digital mone Software, Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data Belize
MOKENEX MOKENEX 2018-03-13 2.9 Universal Crypto Payment Gateway & Token Exchange Platform, Cryptocurrency