Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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Multiplycoin Multiplycoin 2.6 2020-03-01 MultiplyCoin powering MultiplySkill Edtech Platform Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Internet, Investment, Platform, Virtual Reality Nigeria
Kingdomgame Kingdomgame 3.0 2020-03-12 IT’S NOT JUST A GAME IT IS KINGDOM Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Investment, Platform Vietnam
LocalAgro LocalAgro 3.2 2020-03-01 Local Agro - Agriculture Business Platform Business services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Platform, Retail Russia
RiverMount RiverMount 3.3 2020-02-03 The RiverMount Project Banking, Investment, Platform South Korea
LCG Energy LCG Energy 3.3 The LCG Platform Energy Germany
IG-Crypto Holding IG-Crypto Holding 3.3 2020-04-01 Cloud-Mining with Renewable energy Business services, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Investment, Platform Turkey
JACK TOKEN JACK TOKEN 3.0 2020-02-14 WORLDS LEADING ADULT BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Netherlands
LATAM Manufacturing Dividend Token LATAM Manufacturing Dividend Token 1.6 2020-03-01 Manufacturing Dividend Token Cryptocurrency Honduras
CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE AND SHOP CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE AND SHOP 3.5 2020-03-10 CRYPTO TRON EXCHANGE AND SHOP Banking, Business services, Charity, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Retail, Software Thailand
Plosive Plosive 2.6 2020-03-31 Mobile Mining Platform Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Platform USA
Lead Wallet Lead Wallet 2.6 WORLD'S SIMPLEST CRYPTO WALLET Banking, Internet, Platform, Software Nigeria
Ispolink Ispolink 2.8 2020-04-05 The First Automated Job Board Platform Leveraging AI Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Infrastructure, Platform, Software Bulgaria
LKSCOIN LKSCOIN 2.9 2020-03-31 Culture is not a Profession for the Few Communication, Media Italy
Sensitrust Sensitrust 3.0 2020-03-01 The Decentralized Job Marketplace Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Platform, Smart Contract UK
Burstex Burstex 2.7 2020-02-16 WORLD'S FIRST CROWD OWNED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE Business services, Cryptocurrency Slovakia
Centric Centric 3.5 2020-03-14 Investment Opportunity to Global Currency Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract UK
Recoon Recoon 2.8 2020-03-10 The Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol Infrastructure, Platform UK
OLPORTAL OLPORTAL 3.0 AI Bot And Sell it To Users of Any Messenger Business services, Communication, Entertainment, Platform Singapore
Dexive Dexive 3.5 2020-03-12 The Advanced And Social Decentralized Digital Exchange Cryptocurrency UK
Crypto Commonwealth Crypto Commonwealth 3.7 2020-03-01 A Scientific Publisher and Asset Manager on Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Media, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore
White Stripe Lottery White Stripe Lottery 2.8 2020-05-05 Changing the View of Gambling Casino & Gambling Russia
Notarised Notarised 2.7 2020-02-15 Sign - Notarize - Protect Software Macedonia
BRIDGE BRIDGE 4.6 2020-02-01 BRIDGE (BD) is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency issued by BRIDGE team for BRI Business services Romania
Rowan Energy Blockcahin Rowan Energy Blockcahin 3.2 2020-02-10 Building Community Fed Green Energy Companies Cryptocurrency, Energy UK
BRIDGECOIN BRIDGECOIN 3.7 2020-01-01 2020-05-01 BRIDGE (BD) is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency issued by BRIDGE team for BRI Romania
Prediqt Prediqt 2.9 Global Decentralized Network To Exchange Personal Data Big Data, Software Singapore
Invictus Margin Lending Invictus Margin Lending 2.9 2019-08-12 Dollar-Based Margin Lending Returns Investment South Africa
Si14 Si14 3.2 2019-12-27 International Peer-To-Peer Sports Event Betting Exchange Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Sports Switzerland
Cowrium Cowrium 3.8 2020-01-01 A Multidimensional Blockchain & Smart Contract Innovation driven by Cowrie Cryptocurrency Nigeria
Grand50 Grand50 2.6 2020-01-10 Transparent And Sustainable Finance With 1 Grand Art, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Business services, Charity, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Internet, Platform South Korea
Palaamon Crowdfunding Palaamon Crowdfunding 2.2 2020-01-10 We Take The Pain Out Of Data Science Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Health Switzerland
World Family Coin World Family Coin 3.0 Decentralized Donations Platform Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Health, Platform, Smart Contract Italy
Peace Token Peace Token 3.0 2020-01-29 2020-02-25 Peace token is the Leading Ethereum based Blockchain of Digital Creation. Charity Singapore
BitcoinBlink BitcoinBlink 3.3 2019-12-16 BitcoinBlink Banking, Platform Estonia
Full Circle Coin Full Circle Coin 2.4 2020-02-15 Coin for Recycling Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract Singapore
JACS JACS 2.0 Just Another Communications Stack Communication UK
EXMR FDN EXMR FDN 3.0 2019-12-21 Integrating Developers For a Better Future in The Crypto World Cryptocurrency USA
Multichain Ventures Multichain Ventures 3.2 2020-01-31 Blockchain For Business - Without The Headache Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Software Cayman Islands
GalaxyExchange GalaxyExchange 2.1 2020-02-03 Decentralisation Made Easy Banking Nigeria
UnoChain UnoChain 2.9 2020-01-03 Double-Layered Public Blockchain Ecosystem Infrastructure, Platform UK
Isiklar Coin Isiklar Coin 2.9 2020-01-13 Where Deep Traditions Meet Innovation Business services Bulgaria
Okschain Okschain 3.7 2019-12-26 Join The World Of Innovation Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Estonia
Rowan Energy Blockchain Rowan Energy Blockchain 3.8 2020-02-10 Building Community Fed Green Energy Companies Cryptocurrency, Energy UK
xx Network xx Network 3.3 2020-01-16 The Decentralized Dream, Realized. Speed Privacy And Security On A Global S Cryptocurrency Cayman Islands
Etherarctoken Etherarctoken 2.9 2020-01-01 Etherarctoken Is a Utility Token That Will Be Used For The Business Purpose Banking, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Malaysia
Sheng World Sheng World 4.0 2020-02-26 World’s 1st B2B4C Lifestyle & Wellness Blockchain Platform Business services, Cryptocurrency, Health, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Tourism Singapore
H&B Exchange Token H&B Exchange Token 2.7 2020-02-05 HnB Exchange Token is a token issued by H&B Exchange. Platform Malta
BDAM Coin (BDAM Exchange, BDAM Pay and BDAM dAPP Store) BDAM Coin (BDAM Exchange, BDAM Pay and BDAM dAPP Store) 3.9 2020-01-01 BDAM-British Digital Asset Management Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Hong Kong