Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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Cubiex eSports Cubiex eSports 3.2 2019-07-17 A New Way of Incentivizing eSports Casino & Gambling, Platform, Sports
Walkex Walkex 3.3 2019-09-15 Walkex Pre-sale Token of Your ICO That Change Your Life Cryptocurrency Estonia
Band Protocol Band Protocol 3.5 2019-09-16 We Build Bridges between Blockchains and the Real World Platform UK
USNS USNS 1.8 2019-09-03 Ubiquitous Social Network Service Platform
Super 8 Super 8 2.3 2019-09-11 Move Super8 in a Second For Less Than a Cent. Casino & Gambling, Platform
Edel Edel 3.2 2019-06-09 Innovative Solutions Based on Blockchain Technology Big Data, Energy, Infrastructure, Platform, Software South Korea
MobiePay MobiePay 3.0 2019-08-25 Universal Payment Ecosystem Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform USA
Sphinks Token Sphinks Token 3.3 2019-08-10 The Future Of Decentralized Money Banking, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Australia
Kuverit Kuverit 2.2 2019-10-10 The Future Is Fast Approaching, And A New Era Platform
Nexxus Rewards Nexxus Rewards 3.9 2019-10-15 Local Communities are the Heartbeat of the Nation Retail USA
Vera Protocol Vera Protocol 2.4 2019-11-30 Powering Decentralized P2P Commerce Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract British Virgin Islands
2local 2local 4.0 2019-10-01 Sustainability and Prosperity Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform Netherlands
Darb Finance Darb Finance 2.6 Easy gateway to digital asset world Banking, Smart Contract Estonia
UltrAlpha UltrAlpha 1.6 2019-08-11 Building on Synergy between Traditional Finance and Digital Assets Platform
Facepower Facepower 2.0 2019-04-17 The First Global Decentralized Chain for In fluencers And Creators Platform
Standard Tokenization Protocol Standard Tokenization Protocol 2.2 2019-06-11 Decentralized Network for the Tokenization of any Asset Cryptocurrency USA
Amazonians Green Coin Amazonians Green Coin 3.2 2019-11-01 2019-11-30 Welcome to The First Ever Green ICO Smart Contract Switzerland
Echoin Echoin 2.6 2019-08-08 Built for the Energy Industry Energy
Reserve Reserve 2.2 2019-05-22 Stable Decentralized Currency Cryptocurrency USA
LCX LCX 3.7 2019-09-13 to Exclusively Offer LCX Token Via Initial Exchange Offering Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Liechtenstein
Panerora Panerora 2.9 2019-09-01 The Blockchain Payment Infrastructure For the Unbanked Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Smart Contract South Africa
OkGlobal Coin Switch OkGlobal Coin Switch 2.6 2019-09-20 Instant Cross Payment And Service Platform Cryptocurrency USA
MYbDAIRY Smart Farms MYbDAIRY Smart Farms 3.7 2019-09-17 Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Based Dairy Products Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Malaysia
Jeo Exchange Jeo Exchange 2.9 2019-10-01 Buy Bitcoin And Other Digital Assets Cryptocurrency Singapore
VITA VITA 3.2 2019-09-01 Bringing the Smart Mortgage to the world Cryptocurrency, Real estate UK
nahmii nahmii 2.7 2019-09-16 Nahmii: The Future of Blockchain Scaling Today Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Smart Contract, Software Singapore
ENOD ENOD 3.0 2019-08-01 Decentralized Web Reputation And Ad Benchmarking Ecosystem Business services, Internet, Media Estonia
SDAT EXCHANGE ICO SDAT EXCHANGE ICO 3.3 2019-09-03 SDAT Exchange is the World’s First Ultra-High-Speed Decentralized Exchange Investment Belize
TEE-coin TEE-coin 3.5 TEE-coin Reinvents the Review System With the Power of Cryptocurrency Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Singapore 3.4 2019-09-03 First & Only Quantum Resistant Ecosystem for the Crypto World Platform Estonia
Initial Exchange Offer Initial Exchange Offer 2.9 2019-10-15 Decentralized Cross-Blockchain Exchange Federation Cryptocurrency, Platform Panama
Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0 Project Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0 Project 3.2 2019-09-01 Integrated From Skipjack’s Proprietary Technology Internet Singapore
Project WITH Project WITH 3.3 New Career Management Platform Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Sports South Korea
Juiice Juiice 3.3 Juiice Is a Gallery For Viral User-Generated Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Platform, Software British Virgin Islands
FunnyToken FunnyToken 3.3 2019-08-26 SImPlE, iNsTaNt, SeCuRe, GlObAl Casino & Gambling, Platform Turkey
Gcd Coin Gcd Coin 2.7 Cryptocurrency That Functions As a Store of Value and a Medium of Exchange Cryptocurrency Singapore
EzyStayz EzyStayz 4.1 2019-12-01 A Global Holiday Rental Platform Powered by Crypto Platform Australia
SNTX IEO SNTX IEO 4.5 2019-09-20 A Compact Peer-to-peer Trading Platform Business services Malta
Diagon Diagon 3.4 2019-09-16 Global Decentralize eSports Ecosystem with One Coin to Power four Platforms Cryptocurrency, Sports Cyprus
PARSIQ PARSIQ 3.5 2019-09-15 Blockchain Monitoring and Compliance Solutions Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Software Estonia
Want Marketplaces Want Marketplaces 4.1 2019-09-16 $3.26 Million Utility Token IEO Platform British Virgin Islands
V Systems V Systems 3.2 2019-03-28 Re-Architect Blockchain De-Centralize Finance Platform Hong Kong
Wish Chain Wish Chain 2.9 2019-08-27 Measuring the Value of Experience Cryptocurrency Singapore
CazPlus CazPlus 2.6 2019-09-15 An Ethereum Powered Utility Token And a Stable Crypto Currency Cryptocurrency, Platform
Robin8 Robin8 3.1 2019-08-28 Everyone Is A Kol, Everyone Has A Voice Cryptocurrency, Platform USA
PIXBY Project PIXBY Project 2.9 2019-08-31 Pixby Project - Where Creativity Is Rewarded Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Smart Contract, Software Malaysia
Bancacy Bancacy 3.0 2019-09-01 Digital Commodity Money That Solidifies Smart Contract Israel
Nova Mining Nova Mining 3.2 2019-09-15 Nova Mining Farm Cryptocurrency Macedonia
EZ365 EZ365 3.5 2019-09-05 Revolutionary Digital Asset Ecosystem Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform Malta