Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
PREMIUM LISTING PREMIUM LISTING Get your premium listing on ICOsBull Singapore
Algorand Algorand 0.9 Powered by Consensus Platform
PepperDB PepperDB 1.4 Decentralized Database for The Future Platform
Radix Radix 1.5 Blockchain, Your Days Are Numbered Cryptocurrency
Sovrin Sovrin 1.6 Identity For All Other
Keep Keep 1.8 A Privacy Layer for Ethereum Platform
CoinLaunch CoinLaunch 1.8 2018-07-01 End-to-End Crypto-issuance Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Barbados
Windmill Enterprise Windmill Enterprise 1.9 2018-06-15 Presenting The Cognida Network Other
FOAM FOAM 2.0 The Future of Proof of Location Platform
i-chain i-chain 2.1 2018-05-17 Dedicated to the Benefits of the Society Business services British Virgin Islands
CryptoCurve CryptoCurve 2.1 The Browser To Blockchain Cryptocurrency
Bubblo Bubblo 2.3 Decentralized Discovery Business services, Retail
SgamePro SgamePro 2.6 The First Mobile Game Aggregator Media Switzerland
iRegMed iRegMed 2.6 2018-07-01 Shaping the Future of Medicine Together Health, Platform Luxembourg
Hereda Hashgraph Hereda Hashgraph 2.6 Hello Future Platform
UChain UChain 2.9 2018-06-20 Blockchain For Sraring Economy Other
MIN MIN 2.9 2018-06-11 Time Based Cryptocurrency Platform Ireland
Involve Involve 2.9 Unique Crypto-platform for Mobile Apps Platform
Epiphany Epiphany 2.9 A Unique Exchange Platform for Digital Assets Cryptocurrency USA
AutoBlock AutoBlock 2.9 2018-06-15 The Auto Block Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform United Kingdom
Sparkster Sparkster 3.0 Build Apps, Write No Code Software
Digital Credit Digital Credit 3.0 2018-06-02 Decentralized Digital Credit Community Platform Japan
Usechain Usechain 3.1 The First Mirror Identity Blockchain Other
Cruisebit Cruisebit 3.1 2018-05-10 Introducing the World’s Most Secure Coin Banking UK
London Football Exchange London Football Exchange 3.3 2018-01-15 The World's First Football Stock Exchange Sports UK
BCG BCG 3.3 2018-05-15 Decentralization Prediction Markets Platform Singapore
Aigo Aigo 3.3 2018-05-11 Aigo is a Revolution in Personal Assistants Artificial Intelligence USA
TaTaTu TaTaTu 3.4 2018-06-11 Social Entertainment On The Blockchain Media Cayman
PearlPay PearlPay 3.5 2018-06-01 Your Virtual Money Logistics System Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Philippines
ROMAD ROMAD 3.9 2018-05-27 The Next-Generation Antivirus Big Data, Real estate Switzerland
PREVISIONe PREVISIONe 3.9 2018-06-18 Blockchain Platform for Accurate Predictions Communication, Platform Ukraine 3.9 Transforming Crypto Asset Market Cryptocurrency Estonia
ZNAQ ZNAQ 4.0 2018-05-14 First Crypto Index Traded as a Token Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
MVLchain MVLchain 3.5 2018-05-15 Mass Vehicle Ledger Other
OPPopenWiFi OPPopenWiFi 2.6 2018-06-01 Free to Access Open WiFi Hotspot Network Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Software UK
ETH Travel ETH Travel 3.9 2018-06-05 Unleash the Power to Travel Tourism Netherlands
PharmaParallelTrade PharmaParallelTrade 1.8 The New Platform for Pharmaceuticals Trade Health, Platform Belgium
Atonomi Atonomi 2.0 The Secure Ledger of Things Other
MGLTOKEN MGLTOKEN 2.1 2018-05-18 Your Valuable Digital Asset Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Mongolia
NEX NEX 2.5 Platform for Complex Cryptographic Trade Cryptocurrency, Platform
FANTOM FANTOM 2.5 Beyond Blockchain Platform
One Ledger One Ledger 2.6 Enterprise Blockchain Solution Other
QuarkChain QuarkChain 2.8 P2P Transactional System Other
CurrenExchange CurrenExchange 2.8 2018-05-18 A Trading Platform for Digital Assets Banking, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract United Kingdom
Aurum Aurum 2.9 2018-06-04 Online Marketplace Business services, Cryptocurrency Russian Federation
AllSpark AllSpark 2.9 2018-07-23 Generate Real Value By Creating Platform Singapore
Borneo Borneo 3.3 2018-05-01 Borneo Island Investment Indonesia
AREF AREF 3.3 2018-06-30 Decentralized Advertising Business services, Platform, Retail Taiwan
Enrgzine Enrgzine 3.4 Providing Fastest EV Charging System Business services, Energy, Platform
Sentinel Protocol Sentinel Protocol 3.5 2018-05-23 Rebels With A Cause Platform