Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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BEATRIX BEATRIX 2.1 2018-07-18 Energy and Telecommunications Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Infrastructure, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform Germany
Dubtokens Dubtokens 2.4 Building the Future of Cross-Network Media USA, Canada
Canlead Canlead 2.1 A Way To Monetise Opportunities And Referrals Platform UK
CryptoLink Network CryptoLink Network 2.2 2018-07-13 A Fully Decentralized Oracle Network Business services, Smart Contract Russia
CODSET CODSET 2.4 A Motivation for Training Through Compensation Education, Platform
Tempow Tempow 2.7 2018-07-01 One Token. Three Platforms. Four Profit Sources. Software Singapore
Cube Chain Cube Chain 2.7 2018-06-30 Cube Chain Crowdfunding Token Sale Platform, Retail, Software Malaysia
Biteum Biteum 2.8 2018-12-25 United Social Trading Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cyprus
ALLCARE ALLCARE 2.9 2018-11-01 Makes Company Benefits Like Healthcare Platform Singapore
Real Estate Doc Real Estate Doc 3.0 Commercial Leasing on the Blockchain Real estate Singapore
VIDDO VIDDO 3.2 2018-08-27 A New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform Media, Platform Malta
Helix Helix 2.0 2018-09-30 The World’s First Cognitive Distributed Platform Germany
SaTT SaTT 2.8 2018-05-01 The Future of Advertising Intelligence Cryptocurrency USA
Mainprise Mainprise 2.8 P2P Bail Payments Legal USA
Tenzorum Tenzorum 2.9 Real People, Building, Real Things Infrastructure
Tkeycoin Tkeycoin 3.4 Start to Pay Cryptocurrency Tkeycoin Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform Russia
BuratinoBS BuratinoBS 3.2 2018-08-01 Multi-Mining System for SHA-256 and SCRYPT Manufacturing Latvia 2.7 2018-05-24 Are You Tired of Questionable Ideas? Business services
PexCash PexCash 2.8 2018-07-04 Secure and Instant P2P Money Transfer Banking, Cryptocurrency Egypt
Fern Fern 1.7 Decentralising Private Blockchain Business services, Smart Contract UK
UCOIN UCOIN 2.2 2018-08-01 An Asset-Supported Digital Cryptocurrency Banking, Business services, Charity, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform British Virgin Islands
NONECoin NONECoin 2.2 2018-07-14 Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform Cryptocurrency Germany
Bittellux Bittellux 2.2 2018-07-10 Platform For Crypto Traders Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Communication, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Estonia
Forest Foundation Forest Foundation 2.3 2018-09-01 Real Forests and Real Carbon Offset Tokens Platform British Virgin Islands 2.4 2018-10-01 Diamonds to the People Platform UK
Natmin Natmin 2.6 Escrow Services Banking, Business services, Internet Australia
EOS Auction EOS Auction 2.6 2018-07-12 EOS Auction Platform Art, Big Data, Platform, Real estate, Software Hong Kong
Yudi Yudi 2.7 2018-08-01 Multi-Crypto Auto Trading System by Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Hong Kong
Teledactyl Teledactyl 2.7 2018-07-03 Blockchain for Healthcare Health USA
genEOS genEOS 2.7 2018-06-26 2018-12-23 Blockchain 4.0 for Business Platform, Infrastructure USA
EXOCHAIN EXOCHAIN 2.7 2018-05-01 Highest Standard for Secure Platform USA
IMDEX IMDEX 2.9 Trading Platform of the Future Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Korea
EasyGuide EasyGuide 2.9 2018-10-17 Unites Travellers All Over the World Platform Estonia
Bitdepositary Bitdepositary 3.0 2018-08-15 Bridging the Gap between ICOs and Investors Banking, Business services, Legal Malta
Inflr Inflr 3.2 2018-08-20 Platform That Connects Advertisers To Influencers Communication, Internet, Media, Platform Brazil 3.3 2018-08-10 The Ultimate Financial Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform France
Blockvest Blockvest 3.2 2018-07-01 Innovating the Crypto Currency World Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform USA
Bloxia Bloxia 3.3 2018-07-15 The Blockchain Accelerator Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Germany
Pixie Pixie 3.4 2018-08-01 Passionately Independent Retail Gibraltar
Cointradebase Cointradebase 3.4 2018-07-10 Global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Nigeria
Block Loan Block Loan 3.4 2018-08-15 Global Platform for Crypto Loans Platform Australia
MapCoin MapCoin 3.5 2018-09-01 Driving the Future of Mapping Technologies Platform UK
Citowise Citowise 3.5 2018-08-15 The Worlds’s Only Blockchain Platform Platform Estonia
LeoPays LeoPays 3.7 2018-07-16 Social Business Network Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Internet, Media, Smart Contract Afghanistan
GeoManna GeoManna 3.7 2018-08-01 New World in Which Users Create Values on Their Own Platform
Aleef Aleef 3.7 2018-07-05 Contemporary Cryptocurrency Platform
TradeRiser TradeRiser 3.8 2018-08-23 Ecosystem& Research Assistant Platform UK
BX.BET BX.BET 3.9 2018-09-02 The Decentralized Betting Exchange Cryptocurrency Malta
Tokenize Xchange Tokenize Xchange 2.4 2018-07-18 More than just a Digital Currency Exchange Cryptocurrency Singapore