Name Rate Start date End date Describtion Categories Country
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Hellenic Node Project Hellenic Node Project 2.9 2018-07-15 Reward Distribution Model on Turtle Network Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Sports Greece
BitKAM Network BitKAM Network 2.9 2019-11-18 Crypto Network and Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency
Ixinium Ixinium 3.2 2019-12-05 Transactions in Seconds, Backed By Real 100% Insured Assets Cryptocurrency, Platform
CODEO TOKEN CODEO TOKEN 3.3 2019-11-08 The New World Digital Asset Banking, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract British Virgin Islands
Torex Torex 3.2 2019-11-28 In Trade We Trust Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
I-PRO TOKEN I-PRO TOKEN 2.9 2019-08-01 Property Investing On Blockchain Real estate Indonesia
SKYBIT SKYBIT 2.0 2019-11-21 Transcend All Boundaries Other
ZuCoinChain ZuCoinChain 1.8 2019-11-25 We Are Disrupting The Investment World Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Investment Malta
INVIZION (NVZN) INVIZION (NVZN) 2.2 2019-11-15 Envision Life Cleaner & Brighter Cryptocurrency, Energy, Smart Contract USA
Coalculus Coalculus 2.9 2019-11-01 Blockchain Financial Services Platform Infrastructure Singapore
The Hustle App The Hustle App 3.4 2019-10-24 Promoting Health, Fitness and Wellness Cryptocurrency, Health, Sports USA
Blockchain Of Things Blockchain Of Things 3.4 2019-08-15 Blockchain Of Thing Solution Platform, Smart Contract, Software Singapore
Crypcore Crypcore 3.5 2019-11-25 Built On The Most Private Digital Currency Monero Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
Digital Telecom Digital Telecom 2.0 2019-11-15 Bringing Blockchain Technology To The Telecom Sector Communication, Cryptocurrency Netherlands
TOXIC TOXIC 2.6 2019-10-28 Secure Communication & Crypto Freedom On The First Place Communication, Cryptocurrency, Software Ukraine
Tachyon Protocol Tachyon Protocol 2.7 A Decentralized Internet Protocol Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Software Hong Kong
K Tune K Tune 3.2 2019-10-30 Worldwide Collaboration for K-Pop Art, Entertainment Switzerland
Singapor Dollar Coin Singapor Dollar Coin 2.4 2019-10-15 Personal Assistant For Ideal Local Life Tell SDC About Yourself Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Tourism Singapore
Captive Captive 3.0 2019-09-16 Augmented Reality Reward Tokens for Engagements Cryptocurrency, Platform USA
Bankaero Bankaero 3.0 2019-10-22 Secure Multi-Currency Wallet for Exchanging Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
Global Crypto Alliance Global Crypto Alliance 4.0 2019-10-30 The Very First Token Powered by ERC777 Cryptocurrency Malta
BlobFlow BlobFlow 2.4 2019-11-11 BlobFlow Medium of Exchange Cryptocurrency, Platform
KAVA KAVA 2.4 2019-10-23 A Cross-Chain Platform for Decentralized Finance Platform
Emirex Token Emirex Token 3.0 The Infrastructure For The New Digital Economy Infrastructure Estonia
Statizex Statizex 3.3 2019-10-10 Trading Platform Platform Сингапур
SUKU SUKU 3.4 2019-10-14 Giving Power Back To Consumers Manufacturing, Platform, Retail Cayman Islands
UssCyber UssCyber 2.0 2019-10-15 Tokenization of the Sports Industry With a Unique Algorithm Sports USA
Cocoricos Cocoricos 3.5 2019-08-01 The #1 Tokenized Assets Platform Cryptocurrency, Real estate, Smart Contract France
Housinet Housinet 2.9 2019-12-02 Housinet, Property Management at the Palm of Your Hand Real estate Estonia
ledgerium ledgerium 3.4 2019-11-04 Every transaction. Every where. Every time. Banking, Business services, Platform, Software Australia
Byte Global Byte Global 2.7 Byte Global - Fund Raising Platform for Individual & Charity Charity India
Nokenchain Nokenchain 3.2 2019-10-01 Creation of Tokens For Artists, Athletes and Entrepreneurs Cryptocurrency, Platform France
MIKRONOMY MIKRONOMY 3.4 2019-12-01 The First Platform to Adopt The Blockchain for MSME Platform Singapore
Marshal Lion Group Coin Marshal Lion Group Coin 4.0 Tokenizing The Non-Bank Lending Market Banking, Business services, Investment Estonia
Aleph Zero Aleph Zero 2.8 Efficient Atomic Broadcast in Asynchronous Networks with Byzantine Nodes Platform Switzerland
Signature Token Signature Token 2.9 2019-08-02 The World’s 1st Escrow Technology Integrated Blockchain Token Smart Contract Austria
Cryptocells Cryptocells 3.3 2019-10-03 Life Extension Revolution Health Germany
GBC KOREA GBC KOREA 2.1 2019-10-22 Global M&A Platform Platform
DAObet DAObet 3.2 2017-06-29 Blockchain for iGaming 3.0 Casino & Gambling Singapore
CryptoCocktail Coin CryptoCocktail Coin 2.9 2019-10-22 The First Currency Exclusively For Food And Beverages Cryptocurrency
BlockGame BlockGame 2.2 2019-10-04 Premier Game Development Company Entertainment USA
Fundament Real Estate Fundament Real Estate 3.7 2019-10-09 Germany's first Real Estate Crypto Token Real estate Germany
Kauri Kauri 3.2 2019-10-22 Big Solution For Small Money Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Retail, Tourism Marshall Islands
Royaltoken Royaltoken 2.7 2019-10-01 Specification And Technology Royaltoken Education, Media, Smart Contract Indonesia
PADOSCOIN PADOSCOIN 2.7 2019-10-31 The Most Profitable Diversified Crypto Techno Mining Centres In The World Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet Indonesia
CitiOS CitiOS 3.0 Monetize The True Potential Of Smart Cities Artificial Intelligence Samoa
TWQ Token TWQ Token 3.3 2019-11-18 iP2PGlobal Cryptocurency Financing Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cayman Islands
Swiftex Exchange Swiftex Exchange 3.4 2019-10-10 SWFT is a utility token of Swiftex Exchange Cryptocurrency UK
Prometheus Prometheus 3.0 2019-12-01 Prometheus Platform Enables The Integration Between the Part Business services, Platform Serbia