Name Start date Rate Describtion Categories Country
BolttCoin BolttCoin 2018-06-20 4.1 Digital Health Coin Platform Estonia
LaborCrypto LaborCrypto 2018-06-01 3.6 Global Freelance Peer to Peer Ecosystem Communication, Other Cayman Islands
Open Source University Open Source University 2018-06-04 3.5 The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger Platform, Education, Big Data Bulgaria
Fanfare Fanfare 2018-07-17 3.6 Social Commerce Community Entertainment, Retail Singapore
CoinLaunch CoinLaunch 2018-07-01 1.8 End-to-End Crypto-issuance Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Barbados
XCHNG XCHNG 2018-07-20 2.9 Digital Advertising on Blockchain Media, Big Data USA
ContractVault ContractVault 2018-06-01 3.8 Next Generation Agreements for Everyone Business services, Legal, Smart Contract Switzerland
AcuteCoin AcuteCoin 2018-06-01 3.6 Trade, Mine and be Social Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform United Kingdom
Kurecoin Kurecoin 2018-06-01 3.5 The Largest Cryptocurrency Project in Africa Banking Nigeria
Healthereum Healthereum 2018-08-01 3.6 Proof of Health and Wellness Health USA
Expercoin Expercoin 2018-06-01 3.8 Expercoin Republics Platform
IAT IAT 2018-06-15 2.8 Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities Real estate Singapore
Beaxy Exchange Beaxy Exchange 2018-06-15 2.8 The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency, Platform Saint Kitts and Nevis
NYNJA NYNJA 2018-06-15 4.4 The First Global Blockchain Platform Communication, Cryptocurrency Hong Kong
Token Changer Token Changer 2018-06-20 2.8 Decentralized exchange platform. Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
Opu Labs Opu Labs 2018-05-29 4.1 Evolving Skincare Through Blockchain Technology Health, Retail
MSC MSC 2018-06-12 2.5 Great Thinkers Will Embark on a Great Journey Cryptocurrency Singapore
Liquidity.Network Liquidity.Network 2018-06-14 3.1 Blockchain Payments for Everyone Cryptocurrency Switzerland
UChain UChain 2018-06-20 2.9 Blockchain For Sraring Economy Other
W12 W12 2018-07-27 4.3 Enter the New Era of ICO Platform Singapore
Pigzbe Pigzbe 2018-06-13 3.5 A Piggy-Wallet Not a Piggy Bank Banking, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Retail Switzerland
Online Online 2018-06-15 4.1 Reinventing The INTERNET Internet, Platform Romania
EVO EVO 2018-06-15 4.6 The World of Self-Development Education, Internet, Platform Russia
CRYPTTO CRYPTTO 2018-06-01 3.6 Quantitative Crypto Trading Platform Investment USA
Lightstreams Lightstreams 2018-05-30 3.9 The Blockchain for DApp Speed and Privacy Platform Estonia
Urbit Data Urbit Data 2018-06-14 4.4 The Next REVOLUTION of the Real Estate Market Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Real estate, Retail, Smart Contract, Software, Tourism Malta
GLEDOS GLEDOS 2018-09-04 3.6 Global Education Solution Education Slovenia
ImpetusOne ImpetusOne 2018-06-10 3.3 The Game Changer Business services, Media Netherlands
Firmo Firmo 2018-08-14 3.1 Financial Infrastructure for the Crypto Economy Platform Denmark
Coinyspace Coinyspace 2018-06-11 2.4 Platform for Cryptocurrency Users Platform Estonia
ETH Travel ETH Travel 2018-06-05 3.9 Unleash the Power to Travel Tourism Netherlands
RedCab RedCab 2018-06-22 4.0 Decentralized Transportation Solution Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Tourism Egypt
TrustLogics TrustLogics 2018-06-01 3.3 Blockchain for Verified and Secured Data Platform Estonia
RightMesh RightMesh 2018-05-30 4.8 The Power of Connectivity Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Software Switzerland
IceBreakerAR IceBreakerAR 2018-08-01 3.9 Bringing Relationships to Life Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Platform, Virtual Reality Canada
CRYSTALS CRYSTALS 2018-05-29 4.1 Meet Your Model Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Media, Platform, Smart Contract International
Wizebit Wizebit 2018-06-17 3.9 First Personal Assistant on the Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communication Estonia
PEP Network PEP Network 2018-06-20 3.1 Decentralized content creation ecosystem and marketplace Communication British Virgin Islands
Swachhcoin Swachhcoin 2018-07-01 4.7 Swachhcoin is Here to Help Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Smart Contract India
Fair Ninja Fair Ninja 2018-06-15 3.8 Marketplace to Spend Your Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Platform Croatia
Midas Midas 2018-07-01 4.0 Anytime - Anywhere - Secured Platform Singapore
Exolover Exolover 2018-05-29 4.0 Global Sexual Interaction on the Blockchain Entertainment Australia
Casper API Casper API 2018-05-30 4.9 New opportunities for DApps Big Data, Business services, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Software Russia
Moveco Moveco 2018-05-31 3.1 Earn As You Move Big Data, Infrastructure
MEDICOHEALTH MEDICOHEALTH 2018-07-01 3.6 The Biggest Doctor-Patient Environment Health, Communication, Platform Switzerland
Centareum Centareum 2018-06-01 3.6 Proximity-Based Mobile Marketing Platform Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract Singapore
Inpactor Inpactor 2018-10-14 4.5 This is an Open Invitation to the World Media, Charity, Business services, Platform Seychelles
Moozicore Moozicore 2018-08-01 3.8 Changing the background music experience Platform, Entertainment USA
CRWD Network CRWD Network 2018-06-04 4.3 Tokenized Equity Offerings Investment, Platform Austria
IZX IZX 2018-08-15 4.0 From virtual to reality using blockchain Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment Singapore
SurruS SurruS 2018-06-01 4.2 Blockchain Based Car Theft Insurance Business services Estonia
RegistryBlocks RegistryBlocks 2018-06-01 3.1 Register Items & Documents in the Blockchain Big Data, Business services Netherlands
ClearAid ClearAid 2018-07-07 4.1 Transparent Charity on Blockchain Charity Estonia
GIDCoin GIDCoin 2018-07-01 3.1 Covered By Diamonds And Gold Cryptocurrency, Investment, Manufacturing, Platform Switzerland
Creditor Creditor 2018-07-31 2.8 Decentralized Personal Data Marketplace Platform USA
Creditor Data Platform Creditor Data Platform 2018-07-31 3.9 Decentralized Personal Data Marketplace Platform USA
Dataeum Dataeum 2018-07-02 4.1 Data Revolution Platform France
GrowPayment GrowPayment 2018-07-01 3.0 Cannabis Marketplace Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Retail Canada
MEvU MEvU 2018-06-11 4.6 A decentralized, peer-to-peer wagering platform Sports, Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Canada
AllSpark AllSpark 2018-07-23 2.9 Generate Real Value By Creating Platform Singapore
FlipNpik FlipNpik 2018-07-01 4.3 Collaborative Social Media Business services, Cryptocurrency, Media, Software France
GlobeCas GlobeCas 2018-07-03 3.6 The Truest Entertainment Journey Platform Switzerland
Trends Project Trends Project 2018-06-01 3.4 Welcome to the Trends Project Education, Platform Hong Kong
Decem Decem 2018-06-15 3.8 Fast Secure Low Cost Banking, Business services Slovenia
BizShake BizShake 2018-10-01 2.8 The P2P Sharing Ecosystem Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract USA
ONe Network ONe Network 2018-05-30 2.5 ONe Social Network. Bringing it all Together Communication Switzerland
Globatrix - Decentralized Web Globatrix - Decentralized Web 2018-07-20 3.8 The new decentralized collaborative Web model that solves major problems of today's Internet, brings entirely new approach to the online advertisement and makes the competition and monopoly least possible. KYC not required (couldn't update here). Platform, Media, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Business services, Software, Virtual Reality Cyprus
Cryptobike Cryptobike 2018-11-01 2.3 A Currency Powering The Bike Sharing Economy Business services, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Tourism
PlaceToRent PlaceToRent 2018-06-04 3.9 Global Residential and Commercial Rental Platform Platform USA
beepnow beepnow 2018-09-01 2.8 Skill-sharing platform Business services, Platform Estonia
Find.Exchange Find.Exchange 2018-06-01 3.8 Marketplace to Transfer Money Business services, Platform UK
Valena-SVCoin Valena-SVCoin 2018-06-15 3.0 A revolution in the industry of lubricants. Retail, Manufacturing, Legal Russian Federation
ALLUXE ALLUXE 2018-06-12 3.3 Luxury Platform Entertainment, Platform, Tourism Russia
Explorio Explorio 2018-07-01 3.4 Travel Reviews Platform Tourism Gibraltar
ExtraLovers ExtraLovers 2018-06-01 3.9 Blockchain-based Advertising Platform For Erotic Entertainment Estonia
Inmusik Inmusik 2018-09-05 3.3 Global Music Economy on Blockchain Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Media, Platform Ireland
ASSPACE ASSPACE 2018-10-25 2.2 Private decentralized 18+ social network Internet, Cryptocurrency
Gturbo Gturbo 2018-06-01 3.3 The First Token-option For Gas Turbine Production Platform Russia
AIRSTAYZ™ AIRSTAYZ™ 2018-06-09 2.4 Travel Connected Tourism Australia 2018-09-24 3.6 The Talent Token Platform Netherlands
Aurum Aurum 2018-06-04 2.9 Online Marketplace Business services, Cryptocurrency Russian Federation
PearlPay PearlPay 2018-06-01 3.5 Your Virtual Money Logistics System Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency Philippines
Bitacium Bitacium 2018-06-01 3.5 Decentralized Bullion Currency Smart AI Exchange Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract Switzerland
AutoBlock AutoBlock 2018-06-15 2.9 The Auto Block Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform United Kingdom
TPX Network TPX Network 2018-07-17 3.3 Send Money Like You Send Information Banking, Business services, Internet UK
Caloriecoin (CAL) Caloriecoin (CAL) 2018-07-01 3.4 Take Care of Your Health & Fill Your Wallet Big Data, Business services, Health, Payments/Wallets, Platform, Smart Contract Singapore
UNET UNET 2018-06-15 3.3 Decentralized Cloud Platform for Everyone Business services Singapore
Rego Rego 2018-06-15 3.5 Powering Global Real Estate Platform Infrastructure, Platform, Real estate, Smart Contract Singapore
eByte eByte 2018-06-01 3.1 Esports Community Promotion System Platform Germany
MiBoodle MiBoodle 2018-06-01 2.8 Application Enabling Consumers to Make Money Big Data, Internet, Media, Platform, Software UK
PREVISIONe PREVISIONe 2018-06-18 3.9 Blockchain Platform for Accurate Predictions Communication, Platform Ukraine
EVA EVA 2018-06-28 2.4 The event ticketing revolution is here Business services, Entertainment, Platform Switzerland
Istrium Istrium 2018-06-21 3.1 Create and deploy your own blockchain in just few clicks with Istrium. You can create a blockchain for storing data, or get your own cryptocurrency which will be added to our market place where Istrium (ISM) will be the cryptocurrency of reference. Platform France
Bixtrim Bixtrim 2018-06-01 2.9 Trusted Smart Contracts Based Bixtrim Platform Platform Georgia
AREF AREF 2018-06-30 3.3 Decentralized Advertising Business services, Platform, Retail Taiwan
ServAdvisor ServAdvisor 2018-06-18 2.9 Local Service Consumers and Travellers Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Tourism Germany
Beep Beep 2018-09-01 3.0 Skill-sharing platform Platform, Business services Estonia
KAPEX KAPEX 2018-08-01 2.4 Market Participation For Superior Returns Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract Belarus, Russia
ANTAVIRA ANTAVIRA 2018-06-16 2.4 Blockchain Credit Risk Management Platform Platform
LocalXpose LocalXpose 2018-06-20 3.0 YourLocalhosted Services Work all the Time Software
MIN MIN 2018-06-11 2.9 Time Based Cryptocurrency Platform Ireland
Digithoth Digithoth 2018-06-01 3.5 Premium Payment Solution Artificial Intelligence, Education, Platform
CyClean CyClean 2018-06-01 3.3 Rntal System of Electric Vehicles Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Energy, Smart Contract Singapore
DeFund Project DeFund Project 2018-07-16 2.3 The First Decentralized Crypto-Fund Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Italy
OPPopenWiFi OPPopenWiFi 2018-06-01 2.6 Free to Access Open WiFi Hotspot Network Big Data, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Media, Software UK
3DChain 3DChain 2018-06-01 3.1 Enables Decentralization of Manufacturing Manufacturing
Fintechnics Fintechnics 2018-06-01 3.1 Elastic Core Banking System Banking, Business services, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Platform, Retail, Software Switzerland
UVIDIFY UVIDIFY 2018-07-05 2.9 The First Video-Based World Market Business services, Communication, Media, Platform, Retail UK
Satori Books Satori Books 2018-06-18 3.1 Life is Beautiful Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Media, Platform Japan
Bonafi Blockchain Company Bonafi Blockchain Company 2018-09-10 3.6 Bonafi (formerly known as Group Project) Retail United States of America
imusify imusify 2018-07-01 3.3 Get IMU. Rock Out. Get Paid. Media Gibraltar
Fizcal Fizcal 2018-06-06 1.8 Accounting on the Blockchain with Fizcal Other, Platform
Xcov Xcov 2018-06-01 2.8 Your Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Poland
TonerCoin TonerCoin 2018-07-01 3.1 Token, Secured by Real Assets Manufacturing Russia
PAYERA PAYERA 2018-05-30 3.3 Simple Shopping And Safe Pay Business services, Retail Singapore
HELIX Orange HELIX Orange 2018-06-15 2.8 Ecosystem for Investors and ICO Projects Platform Germany
MulTra MulTra 2018-06-09 3.3 Get Paid for Reading Art, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Media, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Software Germany
CuraToken CuraToken 2018-06-01 2.6 Improving Healthcare Big Data, Health UK
Curaizon Curaizon 2018-06-01 2.6 Improving Healthcare Big Data, Health UK
CZero CZero 2018-06-10 3.3 CZero Mobility Platform India
qiibee qiibee 2018-06-26 3.1 Loyalty on the Blockchain Business services, Platform Switzerland
Poseidon Foundation Poseidon Foundation 2018-06-02 3.0 Own Your Carbon Footprint Platform Malta
Crowdif Crowdif 2018-06-15 2.1 Crowd for an Intelligent Future Big Data, Cryptocurrency
OKMCoin OKMCoin 2018-06-01 3.0 OKM Group of Companies Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Legal Singapore
AgentMile AgentMile 2018-06-14 4.0 Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Platform
TaTaTu TaTaTu 2018-06-11 3.4 Social Entertainment On The Blockchain Media Cayman
Digital Credit Digital Credit 2018-06-02 3.0 Decentralized Digital Credit Community Platform Japan
iRegMed iRegMed 2018-07-01 2.6 Shaping the Future of Medicine Together Health, Platform Luxembourg
Windmill Enterprise Windmill Enterprise 2018-06-15 1.9 Presenting The Cognida Network Other