Name Start date Rate Describtion Categories Country
Dominium Dominium 2018-09-03 P Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world! Real estate, Investment, Business services Netherlands
HARA HARA 2018-11-14 P Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange. Big Data, Data/Computing/AI, Infrastructure Singapore
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GastroAdvisor GastroAdvisor 2018-12-16 2.3 Research, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants Software, Platform Switzerland
Review.Network Review.Network 2019-04-01 3.5 A Decentralized High Quality Market Feedback Platform Content/Advertising, Communication, Business services, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Cyprus
Fluzcoin Fluzcoin 2018-12-01 4.0 The Intelligent Retail Currency Platform, Retail, Cryptocurrency Panama
Viewo Viewo 2018-12-11 3.5 An Incentivized And P2P Video Sharing Platform Media, Platform Israel
Bitcademy Football Bitcademy Football 2019-02-01 3.4 Football Academies powered by the blockchain. Empowering youth all over the world. Platform Estonia
ephelants360 ephelants360 2018-11-22 3.8 Content Production Platform Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Media USA
Utile Network Utile Network 2018-12-01 3.8 Bringing It All Together for Asset Management Education, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Cryptocurrency, Communication Poland
CustomCoin CustomCoin 2018-12-12 2.7 CustomCoin Platform will deal with crediting of small construction business in Switzerland. Switzerland
BrikBit BrikBit 2018-11-29 3.5 BrikBit is the first blockchain Lisk-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations and transactions for Real Estate for operators and final owners without classical financial instruments and middlemen. Blockchain Platform, Infrastructure, Real estate Switzerland
Intrachain Intrachain 2018-12-03 2.1 Process Mining SoftwareIntrachain is the world’s first process mining software with integrated blockchain. This technical architecture allows for different use cases: Intrachain Private and Intrachain Business. Business services, Smart Contract Germany
AvailCom AvailCom 2019-01-15 4.1 Rent Property of Keyless Access Real estate, Platform Singapore
Elements Estates Elements Estates 2018-11-29 3.5 Elements Estates is a token for your unique real estate opportunity Real estate, Platform British Virgin Islands
Clarity Clarity 2019-02-14 3.3 Clarity is THE global business advisory platform for small business owners. Investment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Platform, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence, Software Jersey 2018-11-15 3.5 Jobs Marketplace Powered By Blockchain Georgia
Electrominer Electrominer 2018-12-18 3.5 Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem Crypto Mining, Blockchain Platform USA
HyperionX HyperionX 2019-02-20 3.4 Truly Open and Free Market Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Education, Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract USA
EcoVerse EcoVerse 2018-11-15 2.7 Ecoverse for UBUNTU Economy Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Platform Korea
RigoBlock RigoBlock 2018-12-18 2.3 Decentralized Asset Management Network Asset Management Switzerland
BLOCKLOAN BLOCKLOAN 2018-12-01 3.4 Bridging Cash & Crypto on Blockchain Platform Seychelles
VTUUR VTUUR 2019-02-05 4.1 Live Virtual Reality Platform Token Artificial Intelligence, Tourism, Virtual Reality Estonia
Biteum Biteum 2018-12-25 2.8 United Social Trading Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cyprus
ClinTex ClinTex 2018-12-03 3.4 Blockchain Powered Clinical Trial Management Other, Health Malta
DNAtix DNAtix 2018-11-15 1.3 DNAtix is Developing the Future Ecosystem Israel
HotCoin HotCoin 2019-01-21 4.5 HotCoin drives and promotes accessibility, privacy and trust in the $ Multi-Billion $ entertainment industries by providing a next generation payment solution to exceed next generation expectations. Business services, Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Seychelles
Gaming Stars Gaming Stars 2018-12-01 2.1 EOS-powered gaming platform with a unique in-game bets concept Casino & Gambling, Entertainment, Gaming/AR/VR Switzerland
Cogenero Cogenero 2019-05-01 3.0 Mobile Cogeneration Mining Platform Energy, Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
Mykrosystem Mykrosystem 2019-06-15 2.6 Protocol layer for seamless data agency and complete-economy Big Data marketplace Infrastructure, Data/Computing/AI, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Jobs/Marketplace, Security/Identity USA
PeruCoin PeruCoin 2019-02-12 4.4 The ICO That will Change Peru Cryptocurrency, Crypto Mining, Education Peru
Coinshare Coinshare 2018-12-01 2.2 Collaborative Social Shopping Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Other Isle of Man