Name Start date Rate Describtion Categories Country
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Buddy Buddy 2018-07-23 4.4 Decentralizedav Development Automation Platform Business services, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Software, Artificial Intelligence Poland
METOKEN METOKEN 2018-07-23 3.8 The Social Commerce Revolution Business services, Communication
STAR BIT EX STAR BIT EX 2018-08-01 3.0 Global Alliance. Sharing Dividends Platform Taiwan
ZAZA ZAZA 2018-10-01 4.1 Decentralized B2B Connections Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Business services, Smart Contract United Arab Emirates
Cremit Cremit 2018-09-01 3.0 Alt Coins Insurance & Banking Solutions Cremit token is presented herein as an insurance and banking solution provider using blockchain technology. Cremit will provide crypto currency hedging, a zero-fee exchange, smart wallet, fixed deposit certi Platform, Media, Investment, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Banking, Retail, Software, Sports Poland
beepnow beepnow 2018-09-01 2.8 Skill-sharing platform Business services, Platform Estonia
InsCoin for Knox Project InsCoin for Knox Project 2018-07-23 3.0 The First Blackchain Based insurance company! Estonia
Terawatt Terawatt 2018-09-15 2.4 Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology Energy/Utilities, Smart Contract, Infrastructure, Energy, Business services, Blockchain Platform Netherlands
LeadRex LeadRex 2018-08-04 3.8 AI-based platform for lead generation Big Data, Business services, Internet, Platform, Software, Artificial Intelligence USA
Liquid8 Liquid8 2018-10-09 3.0 Decentralized P2P Multi-Functional Platform Singapore
ZeroBank ZeroBank 2018-08-01 3.6 Your Local Currency Business services, Banking Singapore
CoTrader CoTrader 2018-08-01 3.9 Transparent Investment Funds Marketplace Investment, Cryptocurrency, Platform Undefined
BitSong BitSong 2018-08-10 4.0 Blockchain Music Streaming Entertainment Malta
MOBU MOBU 2018-09-01 3.4 The Future Of Security Tokens Platform, Investment South Africa
TillBilly TillBilly 2018-09-01 3.3 Blockchain for Mass Adoption in Retail Payments Finance, Retail Australia
MapCoin MapCoin 2018-09-01 3.5 Driving the Future of Mapping Technologies Platform UK
GCOX GCOX 2018-08-08 2.9 Rise Above Entertainment, Platform Singapore
Black Insurance Black Insurance 2018-07-31 3.6 Market Place for Insurance Brokers and Investors Business services, Investment Estonia
BizShake BizShake 2018-10-01 2.8 The P2P Sharing Ecosystem Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract USA
GastroAdvisor GastroAdvisor 2018-08-01 2.3 Research, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants Platform, Software Switzerland
Uncloak Uncloak 2018-09-25 3.6 Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management Other Malta
XCHNG XCHNG 2018-11-30 2.9 Digital Advertising on Blockchain Big Data, Media USA
moolyacoin moolyacoin 2018-09-01 3.4 The introduction of moolyacoin aims to promote the cause of - the World’s 1st Digital Startup Ecosystem, furthering the adoption of a common transactional coin allowing the global community users to access services of 'moolya platform'. Business services, Platform Estonia
Onasander Onasander 2018-09-22 3.6 World Investment Fund Real estate, Investment, Banking Cayman Islands
Soundeon Soundeon 2018-09-16 4.1 Blockchain Music Platform Media, Investment, Entertainment, Art, Platform Estonia
Qravity Qravity 2018-08-12 4.3 Continuous Creation Manufacturing, Internet, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Art, Media, Platform Austria
Vanig Vanig 2018-07-23 4.4 Integrated E-commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem Retail Nevis
REOS REOS 2018-08-06 3.4 A Blockchain-Based Ecosystem for UGC Media, Internet Singapore
Blackbox Foundation Blackbox Foundation 2018-07-25 3.5 Blackbox Business Operating System Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Education, Infrastructure, Internet, Manufacturing, Platform, Smart Contract, Software, Virtual Reality Hong Kong 2018-08-07 3.9 Transforming Crypto Asset Market Platform Estonia
Healthereum Healthereum 2018-08-01 3.6 Proof of Health and Wellness Health USA
Trusted Cars FLEX Trusted Cars FLEX 2018-09-17 4.8 Award-Winning German Company is changing Car Ownership Forever Platform Germany
Instoken Instoken 2018-09-16 2.4 Powering the Global Services Marketplace Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software, Virtual Reality Singapore
Bonafi Blockchain Company Bonafi Blockchain Company 2018-09-10 3.6 Bonafi (formerly known as Group Project) Retail United States of America
MARAChain MARAChain 2018-08-12 3.6 Secure Exchange of Digital Documents with GDPR Strict Compliant and Official Time-Stamping Internet, Communication, Business services, Software Spain
Viewo Viewo 2018-12-11 3.5 An Incentivized And P2P Video Sharing Platform Media, Platform Israel
Parkres Parkres 2018-08-15 3.6 Parking Reservation System Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Canada
Nordcoin Mining Nordcoin Mining 2018-07-30 4.0 Safe Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining Operation Cryptocurrency Estonia 2018-08-27 3.8 Access and Education for the People Cryptocurrency India
HighVibe.Network HighVibe.Network 2018-09-09 3.2 Awakening Human Potential Virtual Reality, Tourism, Smart Contract, Retail, Platform, Media, Internet, Health, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency Estonia
Selfie GO Selfie GO 2018-08-10 3.9 AR Social Network Entertainment
unitalent unitalent 2018-10-01 3.3 Join the Movement, Own Your Work! unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled platform for high-skill freelancers. We introduce the Talent Token for the future of freelancing. Platform Switzerland
Orbs Orbs 2018-09-01 3.2 Consumer-Ready Blockchain Platform Israel
Inmusik Inmusik 2018-09-05 3.3 Global Music Economy on Blockchain Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Media, Platform Ireland
W12 W12 2018-07-27 4.3 Enter the New Era of ICO Platform Singapore
ROMAD Endpoint Defense ROMAD Endpoint Defense 2018-08-20 3.9 The Next-Generation Antivirus Software Hong Kong
GLEDOS GLEDOS 2018-09-04 3.6 Global Education Solution Education Slovenia
LendsBay LendsBay 2018-09-18 3.6 Credit Ecosystem Data/Computing/AI, Finance, Internet, Investment, Legal, Other, Communication, Commerce/Retail, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract Russian Federation
Virtual Rehab Virtual Rehab 2018-09-15 3.8 Psychological Rehabilitation Artificial Intelligence, Health, Virtual Reality Canada
Feedchain Feedchain 2018-07-31 3.9 Make Money Cooking and Selling Food Platform Switzerland
Firmo Firmo 2018-08-14 3.1 Financial Infrastructure for the Crypto Economy Platform Denmark
Reger Diamond Reger Diamond 2018-07-21 3.4 The First ICO Secured by Diamonds Platform Czech Republic
MetaCert Protocol MetaCert Protocol 2018-07-25 3.0 Decentralizing Trust And Reputation Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet Malta
EverLife.AI EverLife.AI 2018-10-16 3.9 AI Avatar Network Artificial Intelligence Singapore
EMX EMX 2018-09-01 2.6 Future of Derivatives Trading Platform, Investment USA
Vaultitude Vaultitude 2018-09-30 3.3 We Have Evolved Legal Gibraltar
DESICO DESICO 2018-08-20 3.6 Welcome to the World of Security Tokens Business services, Cryptocurrency, Legal, Smart Contract Republic of Lithuania
Tokenaire Tokenaire 2018-07-29 3.9 Immortalizing You on the Blockchain Platform UK
MCan Coin MCan Coin 2018-08-31 3.5 Vichy International Limited will issue virtual currency coins called Medical Cannabis (MCan) on the blockchain operated by a smart contract. Cryptocurrency, Drugs/Health UK
IceBreakerAR IceBreakerAR 2018-08-01 3.9 Bringing Relationships to Life Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Platform, Virtual Reality Canada
YINC YINC 2018-08-01 3.5 Yinc Puts You In Control Of The Service-To-Hire Industry Platform USA
Alive Casino Alive Casino 2018-08-01 3.7 ICO That’s Making Gaming Come To Life Casino & Gambling, Entertainment Costa Rica
BuratinoBS BuratinoBS 2018-08-01 3.2 Multi-Mining System for SHA-256 and SCRYPT Manufacturing Latvia
Papusha Rocket ICO Papusha Rocket ICO 2018-08-01 3.7 The world’s first rocket and space technology to produce fuel by using fuel oil residues from refineries Other Russian Federation
SportsFix SportsFix 2018-08-01 3.4 Be a Game-Changer Entertainment, Media, Sports Malaysia
Tresaro Tresaro 2018-08-10 4.3 Selling is Caring Retail, Platform, Infrastructure, Health, Charity, Smart Contract Bulgaria
Review.Network Review.Network 2018-08-01 3.5 A Decentralized High Quality Market Feedback Platform Content/Advertising, Communication, Business services, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Cyprus
Vantage Token Vantage Token 2018-08-01 2.8 Donations Tracked Down To The Transaction Level Charity USA
Academia Lingu Academia Lingu 2018-10-01 3.4 This is a platform that offers both learners and teachers to share their knowledge and demands on an international platform by using Lingu Token. Education Turkey
Pearl Pay Pearl Pay 2018-09-01 3.5 Your Virtual Money Logistics System Business services, Cryptocurrency, Banking Philippines
Emanate Emanate 2018-07-30 4.0 Revolution in Music Creation, Monetisation and Connection Platform Australia
Tachain Tachain 2018-10-02 3.8 The Future of Travelling and Advertizing Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Entertainment, Media, Platform UK
Mix Rent Mix Rent 2018-08-30 3.4 Rent And Share Vehicles Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Platform Ireland
ALLCARE ALLCARE 2018-11-01 2.9 Makes Company Benefits Like Healthcare Platform Singapore
AllSpark AllSpark 2018-07-23 2.9 Generate Real Value By Creating Platform Singapore
VanHealthing VanHealthing 2018-09-01 2.8 Cryptofund of Biotech Innovations Health Ukraine
IZX IZX 2018-08-15 4.0 From virtual to reality using blockchain Business services, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment Singapore
Payperblock Payperblock 2018-09-10 2.8 New Era of Freelancing Platform, Other Finland
Yamzu Yamzu 2018-08-29 3.5 Play eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain Entertainment Sweden
Moozicore Moozicore 2018-08-01 3.8 Changing the background music experience Platform, Entertainment USA
Bitdepositary Bitdepositary 2018-08-15 3.0 Bridging the Gap between ICOs and Investors Banking, Business services, Legal Malta
Utile Network Utile Network 2018-11-14 3.8 Bringing It All Together for Asset Management Cryptocurrency, Education, Communication, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform Poland
BX.BET BX.BET 2018-09-02 3.9 The Decentralized Betting Exchange Cryptocurrency Malta
Creditor Creditor 2018-07-31 2.8 Decentralized Personal Data Marketplace Platform USA
Creditor Data Platform Creditor Data Platform 2018-07-31 3.9 Decentralized Personal Data Marketplace Platform USA
Cloudbric Cloudbric 2018-09-06 3.1 Decentralized Universal Security Platform Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Singapore
Helix3 Helix3 2018-10-15 2.6 Take Control of Your Health Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health, Platform, Smart Contract, Software United States 2018-10-01 2.4 Diamonds to the People Platform UK
Permian Permian 2018-08-01 2.8 Invest in Oil Drilling Projects Energy, Investment UAE
TITA Project TITA Project 2018-07-27 3.1 Blockchain Technology on Commodity Trading Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Infrastructure, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Nigeria
Blockpit Blockpit 2018-08-04 3.8 Tax Reporting and Portfolio Monitor Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Legal, Platform, Software Austria
Local Token Exchange Local Token Exchange 2018-07-30 3.4 Multi-coin P2P Decentralised Exchange Platform Spain
Teambrella Teambrella 2018-07-23 3.0 Not Insurance. A Lot Better. Platform, Software Estonia
Vreo Vreo 2018-08-04 2.9 A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize AD's Entertainment, Software, Content/Advertising, Virtual Reality Switzerland
WDX WDX 2018-09-01 3.5 Decentralized Exchange Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Bulgaria
HELIXHILLS HELIXHILLS 2018-07-30 4.0 Decentralised Service Market Business services Estonia
Vertex Vertex 2018-08-27 4.0 The Worlds First ICO Aftermarket Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform Cayman Islands 2018-09-24 3.6 The Talent Token Platform Netherlands
CoinMarketAlert CoinMarketAlert 2018-07-31 2.4 Cryptocurrency Price Alert & Notification Service Business services, Cryptocurrency, Education, Platform Switzerland
Cache Cache 2018-07-25 3.0 Tools to Make Blockchain Usable Platform, Cryptocurrency USA
ServAdvisor ServAdvisor 2018-11-12 2.9 Local Service Consumers and Travellers Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Business services, Artificial Intelligence, Retail, Smart Contract, Tourism Germany
Trade Pharma Network Trade Pharma Network 2018-08-20 2.6 The New Pharma-Centric Marketplace Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Charity, Communication, Cryptocurrency, Health, Legal, Manufacturing, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Belgium
HiP HiP 2018-07-23 2.9 Asset Exchange and Virtual World for Real Estate Real estate Gibraltar
Triffic Triffic 2018-09-03 3.4 Earn cryptocurrency just for living your day-to-day life. Platform, Entertainment, Business services, Software British Virgin Islands
Citowise Citowise 2018-08-15 3.5 The Worlds’s Only Blockchain Platform Platform Estonia
GeoManna GeoManna 2018-08-01 3.7 New World in Which Users Create Values on Their Own Platform
CrowdPrecision CrowdPrecision 2018-08-13 2.9 Quality Crowdsourcing on Blockchain Platform, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Smart Contract Singapore
Hiway Hiway 2018-08-15 2.5 The Hiway platform is a blockchain tailored marketplace for work. It builds on a few of the most innovative and progressive technologies emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution: big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Business services, Communication, Education, Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract, Software Netherlands
Aurora Ecosystem Aurora Ecosystem 2018-07-21 3.0 The Future Of Trade, Finance And Industry Software, Smart Contract, Real estate, Platform, Infrastructure, Banking Spain
Cryptobike Cryptobike 2018-11-01 2.3 A Currency Powering The Bike Sharing Economy Business services, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Tourism
HyperionX HyperionX 2019-02-20 3.4 Truly Open and Free Market Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Education, Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract USA
MatchDiary MatchDiary 2018-08-03 3.3 Universal Platform for Football Fans Platform Cyprus
CustomCoin CustomCoin 2018-10-12 2.7 Investments In The Construction Business Of Switzerland Business services, Real estate UK
MonetaHawk MonetaHawk 2018-07-27 3.5 Buy, Sell, Trade & Exchange Crypto Cryptocurrency UK
Pixie Pixie 2018-08-01 3.4 Passionately Independent Retail Gibraltar
Bitcademy Football Bitcademy Football 2019-02-01 3.4 Football Academies powered by the blockchain. Empowering youth all over the world. Platform Malta
BrikBit BrikBit 2018-10-18 3.5 Blockchain Ecosystem For Real-Estate Industry Real estate Italy
Bitney Bitney 2018-08-01 3.5 Crypto Game Rewards Entertainment Malaysia
CBDoken CBDoken 2018-08-01 3.0 Audited Asset-backed Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Austria
Osmium Investment Coin Osmium Investment Coin 2018-08-05 2.4 Invest in an Existing Business Investment Serbia
ASSPACE ASSPACE 2018-10-25 2.2 Private decentralized 18+ social network Internet, Cryptocurrency
WeBuy WeBuy 2018-09-11 3.5 The First Blockchain–Commerce Platform Retail UK 2018-08-10 3.3 The Ultimate Financial Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform France
Yudi Yudi 2018-08-01 2.7 Multi-Crypto Auto Trading System by Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract, Software Hong Kong
Quantler Quantler 2018-09-28 3.8 Decentralizing Wall Street Investment Netherlands
Crypto Asset Rating Crypto Asset Rating 2018-08-01 3.1 Crypto Asset Rating Cryptocurrency USA
Trends Project Trends Project 2018-08-15 3.4 Welcome to the Trends Project Platform, Education Hong Kong
Sovren Exchange Sovren Exchange 2018-09-01 2.6 UK Based Crypto Trading Eco-System Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
Coingrid Coingrid 2018-09-23 3.5 Cryptocurrency Simplified Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software New Zealand
ShopperCoin ShopperCoin 2018-08-01 3.4 Universal Loyalty Ecosystem Cryptocurrency Singapore
Masternode Invest Masternode Invest 2018-08-11 3.6 Get Revenue From Your Crypto Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract Switzerland
Vault Vault 2018-08-15 0.9 Multifunctional Verification Tool Business services, Investment, Platform Belize
Inflr Inflr 2018-08-20 3.2 Platform That Connects Advertisers To Influencers Communication, Internet, Media, Platform Brazil
NWS.One NWS.One 2018-08-22 3.0 Smart adaptive timeline service backed by One.Platform, designed to be your everyday assistant in the continuous day to day information flow. Artificial Intelligence, Content/Advertising, Internet, Media/Content, Platform Romania
Yanu Yanu 2018-09-10 2.7 Bringing Service Robots to Everyday Situations Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Entertainment, Tourism Estonia
Bixtrim Bixtrim 2018-09-15 2.9 Multi-Functional Crypto-Exchange Platform Banking, Cryptocurrency, Platform Georgia
Biteum Biteum 2018-12-25 2.8 United Social Trading Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cyprus
VTUUR VTUUR 2018-09-05 4.1 Live Virtual Reality Platform Token Virtual Reality, Tourism Estonia
Haladinar Haladinar 2018-09-01 2.4 Decentralized Halal Marketplace Platform Singapore
PlayingCrypto PlayingCrypto 2018-07-30 2.9 Innovative Gambling Platform Internet, Platform, Smart Contract, Software
Beep Beep 2018-09-01 3.0 Skill-sharing platform Platform, Business services Estonia
EasyGuide EasyGuide 2018-10-17 2.9 Unites Travellers All Over the World Platform Estonia
ChanJinn ChanJinn 2018-09-01 2.4 A Bridge Between Crypto and Fiat Banking, Platform Ukraine
Burn Coin Burn Coin 2018-08-01 1.6 Cryptocurrency for Digital Asset Trading Platform Smart Contract, Platform, Cryptocurrency Korea
Solidified Solidified 2018-07-23 2.4 Solidified introduces the first fully decentralized smart contract audit process and Bug Prediction Market Smart Contract, Security/Identity, Platform Gibraltar
KAPEX KAPEX 2018-08-01 2.4 Market Participation For Superior Returns Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Smart Contract Belarus, Russia
PIC COIN PIC COIN 2018-08-16 2.5 Contents Creators, Copyright Holders, Uploaders Cryptocurrency Japan
Moovin Moovin 2018-08-01 3.4 Democratised Ecosystem for Transportation Data Other Canada
Subaj Global Network Subaj Global Network 2018-08-02 2.9 Transforming the loyalty reward system with Cryptocurrency. Business services, Commerce/Retail, Platform Germany
Time Money Time Money 2018-09-01 2.4 Calculated Services Platform Latvia
SocialRemit SocialRemit 2018-08-02 3.0 Platform for Financial Tools Platform UK
The Digital Reserve The Digital Reserve 2018-07-23 3.4 An End to Predatory Lending Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract USA
Mit-Ra Mit-Ra 2018-08-01 3.5 Mit-Ra is an independent association of the United Health Group. Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Health, Artificial Intelligence, Software United Arab Emirates
Quark.Market Quark.Market 2018-08-01 2.9 Integrated “Dark Pool” Technology Cryptocurrency
Hashbon Hashbon 2018-07-26 2.7 Opensource Multiblockchain Framework For Business Business services, Investment Czech Republic
Blinked Blinked 2018-09-04 3.0 Social Media Platform For Recommendations Media USA
Blue One Blue One 2018-08-01 2.3 Decentralized Blockchain Advertising Platform Platform Singapore
Sleecoin Sleecoin 2018-08-06 1.8 Decentralized Platform For Real Estate Rental Platform UK
The Company Green Energy The Company Green Energy 2018-08-01 2.9 The Company Green Energy Smart Contract & GEC Token Cryptocurrency, Energy, Investment, Legal, Manufacturing, Smart Contract Republic of Belarus
TradeRiser TradeRiser 2018-08-23 3.8 Ecosystem& Research Assistant Platform UK
Block Loan Block Loan 2018-08-15 3.4 Global Platform for Crypto Loans Platform Australia
Forest Foundation Forest Foundation 2018-09-01 2.3 Real Forests and Real Carbon Offset Tokens Platform British Virgin Islands
UCOIN UCOIN 2018-08-01 2.2 An Asset-Supported Digital Cryptocurrency Banking, Business services, Charity, Infrastructure, Investment, Platform British Virgin Islands
Helix Helix 2018-09-30 2.0 The World’s First Cognitive Distributed Platform Germany
VIDDO VIDDO 2018-08-27 3.2 A New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform Media, Platform Malta