Name Start date Rate Describtion Categories Country
HARA HARA 2018-10-26 P Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange. Big Data Singapore
Dominium Dominium 2018-09-03 P Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world! Real estate, Investment, Business services Netherlands
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REMIIT REMIIT 2018-10-22 3.2 Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment Platform Investment, Cryptocurrency, Banking Singapore
GastroAdvisor GastroAdvisor 2018-12-16 2.3 Research, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants Software, Platform Switzerland
BizShake BizShake 2018-10-01 2.8 The P2P Sharing Ecosystem Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Smart Contract USA
ZAZA ZAZA 2018-10-01 4.1 Decentralized B2B Connections Communication, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Business services, Smart Contract United Arab Emirates
Review.Network Review.Network 2018-10-01 3.5 A Decentralized High Quality Market Feedback Platform Business services, Communication, Content/Advertising, Platform, Artificial Intelligence Cyprus
Snapparazzi - Be The World’s Eye Snapparazzi - Be The World’s Eye 2018-10-01 3.0 Take photos and videos of unique events that you are witnessing during your daily routine. Use the Snapparazzi app to sell them to local and global media outlets, getting paid immediately! Reporters, Content Creators, Moderators and Viewers earn SNPC Media, Cryptocurrency, Content/Advertising Malta
KiMex KiMex 2018-10-03 3.2 Decentralized Binary Options Platform Hong Kong
CoTrader CoTrader 2018-10-24 3.9 Transparent Investment Funds Marketplace Investment, Cryptocurrency, Platform Saint Kitts and Nevis
Liquid8 Liquid8 2018-10-09 3.0 Decentralized P2P Multi-Functional Platform Business services Singapore
Terawatt Terawatt 2018-10-16 2.4 Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology Business services, Energy, Energy/Utilities, Infrastructure, Smart Contract, Blockchain Platform Netherlands
Fluzcoin Fluzcoin 2018-12-01 4.0 The Intelligent Retail Currency Platform, Retail, Cryptocurrency Panama 2018-09-27 3.3 Your Gateway to the Internet of Value Platform France 2018-11-01 3.4 Decentralized Database for Dating Big Data, Infrastructure, Platform Singapore
ApolloX ApolloX 2018-10-01 3.4 Empowering Decentralized Global E-Commerce Cryptocurrency, Platform Singapore
Black Insurance Black Insurance 2018-10-01 3.6 Market Place for Insurance Brokers and Investors Business services, Investment Estonia
XCHNG XCHNG 2018-11-30 2.9 Digital Advertising on Blockchain Big Data, Media USA
Soundeon Soundeon 2018-09-30 4.1 Blockchain Music Platform Entertainment, Investment, Media, Art, Platform Estonia
Uncloak Uncloak 2018-09-25 3.6 Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management Other Malta
Buying Buying 2018-10-01 3.0 The First E-commerce Platform for Online Stores Platform USA
AllSporter AllSporter 2018-10-09 3.7 First decentralised P2P marketplace, where sports enthusiasts can book training, rent equipment and monetise personal data. Smart Contract, Platform, Health, Big Data, Sports UK
HighVibe.Network HighVibe.Network 2018-11-11 3.2 Awakening Human Potential Virtual Reality, Tourism, Smart Contract, Retail, Platform, Media, Internet, Health, Entertainment, Education, Cryptocurrency Estonia
GGRocket GGRocket 2018-10-30 2.9 GG Rocket protocol opens unlimited opportunities for utilizing gaming data. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Gaming/AR/VR, Infrastructure Singapore
UniFox UniFox 2018-09-30 4.0 Imagine MasterCard for Cryptocurrencies Infrastructure, Investment, Manufacturing United Arab Emirates
SUAPP SUAPP 2018-10-07 3.8 Decentralized Idea Sharing and Reward Blockchain Platform Education, Other, Business services, Platform Nigeria 2018-09-27 3.9 First Complete crypto derivatives exchange Platform, Finance Estonia
ArtPro ArtPro 2018-11-05 2.6 The Art of Blockchain Art, Platform Malta
eLocations eLocations 2018-11-01 3.5 The Future of Retail Property on the Blockchain Smart Contract, Retail, Real estate, Platform, Investment, Business services, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Switzerland
Gemstra Gemstra 2018-10-01 2.6 Blockchain-integrated Ecosystem Business services, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Retail USA
Viewo Viewo 2018-12-11 3.5 An Incentivized And P2P Video Sharing Platform Media, Platform Israel
RealtyReturns RealtyReturns 2018-10-23 2.7 Cross-Border, Blockchain-Based Real Estate Marketplace Asset Management, Blockchain Platform, Investment, Real estate, Smart Contract USA
Tiberius Tiberius 2018-10-01 2.8 The Digital Asset Commodity Cryptocurrency, Investment Switzerland
EverLife.AI EverLife.AI 2018-10-16 3.9 AI Avatar Network Artificial Intelligence Singapore
unitalent unitalent 2018-10-01 3.3 Join the Movement, Own Your Work! unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled platform for high-skill freelancers. We introduce the Talent Token for the future of freelancing. Platform Switzerland
Inmusik Inmusik 2018-11-12 3.3 Global Music Economy on Blockchain Media, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Platform Ireland
Adab Solutions Adab Solutions 2018-09-30 3.4 First Islamic Crypto Exchange Cryptocurrency, Investment, Business services United Arab Emirates
BrikBit BrikBit 2018-10-18 3.5 Blockchain Ecosystem For Real-Estate Industry Real estate Italy
NeoPlace NeoPlace 2018-10-15 3.3 Earn Crypto. Spend Crypto. Cryptocurrency Singapore
BX.BET BX.BET 2018-11-08 3.9 The Decentralized Betting Exchange Betting/Gambling Malta
LevelApp LevelApp 2018-09-30 3.0 Buy and Spend Crypto Using Apple Pay Banking, Cryptocurrency Estonia
W12 W12 2018-11-01 4.3 W12 - is an open protocol for creation and execution of milestone based smart contracts. The protocol consists of smart contract templates (no programming skills required), DAO governance and a decentralized oracles network, that controls execution o Platform Singapore
XERA XERA 2018-10-01 4.6 Dynamizing Cryptocurrency Trading Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
Quixxi Connect Quixxi Connect 2018-10-01 1.9 Smart Crypto Payments Payments/Wallets, Platform Australia 2018-09-30 3.9 Unification of the Crypto and Real Economy Platform, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency Montenegro
AvailCom AvailCom 2019-01-15 4.1 Rent Property of Keyless Access Real estate, Platform Singapore
Elements Estates Elements Estates 2018-10-29 3.5 Elements Estates is a token for your unique real estate opportunity Platform, Real estate British Virgin Islands
Loligo Loligo 2018-10-20 3.8 World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform France
CustomCoin CustomCoin 2018-12-12 2.7 CustomCoin Platform will deal with crediting of small construction business in Switzerland. Switzerland
CYO Token CYO Token 2018-10-15 3.0 German CleanTech company. Global plastic waste - and its solution. Ready to scale. ICO for CYO token coming up. Energy, Infrastructure, Smart Contract Germany
Conventment Conventment 2018-09-30 2.7 Cannabis Logistics Powered By Ethereum Smart Contract, Platform, Manufacturing, Communication, Business services, Big Data, Software USA
Renaissance Engineering Renaissance Engineering 2018-10-01 3.0 Decentralized Construction Projects Investment, Real estate Turkey
Silent Silent 2018-11-01 3.3 For a Powerful Future Other, Infrastructure, Energy Switzerland
Academia Lingu Academia Lingu 2018-10-01 3.4 This is a platform that offers both learners and teachers to share their knowledge and demands on an international platform by using Lingu Token. Education Turkey
Mix Rent Mix Rent 2018-10-17 3.4 Rent And Share Vehicles Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Platform Ireland
TIPO TIPO 2018-10-10 4.3 The Tipping Point of E-commerce on Blockchain Platform, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Smart Contract Singapore
Membrana Membrana 2018-11-01 3.2 Trust Management of Digital Assets Cryptocurrency Cayman Islands
ALLCARE ALLCARE 2018-11-01 2.9 Makes Company Benefits Like Healthcare Platform Singapore
XELS XELS 2018-10-01 2.6 The XELS ecosystem will enable everyone to reduce their carbon footprint with every transaction. We are creating an asset-backed utility coin which integrates positive environmental impacts into everyday life. Energy, Business services, Platform Hong Kong 2018-11-15 3.5 Jobs Marketplace Powered By Blockchain Georgia
V-ID Token V-ID Token 2018-10-15 4.0 Blockchain Powered Validation Platform, Security/Identity Netherlands
Utile Network Utile Network 2018-11-14 3.8 Bringing It All Together for Asset Management Cryptocurrency, Education, Communication, Infrastructure, Platform, Investment Poland
Stacktical Stacktical 2018-11-01 4.1 Automatic Downtime Compensation Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contract France
Credible Network Credible Network 2018-10-15 4.1 Reinventing Credit Scoring Banking Singapore 2018-10-01 2.4 Diamonds to the People Platform UK
Helix3 Helix3 2018-10-15 2.6 Take Control of Your Health Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health, Platform, Smart Contract, Software United States
Electrominer Electrominer 2018-12-18 3.5 Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem Crypto Mining, Blockchain Platform USA
EZ Exchange EZ Exchange 2018-10-22 3.5 EZ Exchange is building the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world by putting traders first, with robust support and industry-leading security, ensuring that users never deal with a substandard customer experience when trading cryptocurrency. Malta
Feon Feon 2018-10-15 2.1 Payment by Touch Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Internet, Investment Russia
The Clarity Project The Clarity Project 2018-09-29 3.3 Empowering small businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain powered Data Management and Third Party Data Verification. Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Software Jersey
EveryCoin EveryCoin 2018-10-25 3.5 A new decentralized Financial Platform utilizing Multi BlockChain. Thailand
Bitcademy Football Bitcademy Football 2019-02-01 3.4 Football Academies powered by the blockchain. Empowering youth all over the world. Platform Malta
HyperionX HyperionX 2019-02-20 3.4 Truly Open and Free Market Ecosystem Artificial Intelligence, Business services, Communication, Education, Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract USA
GameChain GameChain 2018-10-18 2.7 Build Your World. Rule Your World. Electronics, Software, Virtual Reality Isle of Man
Monoreto Monoreto 2018-10-20 3.4 A Social Network With Monetization Of Likes Entertainment, Communication, Media, Platform Singapore
Envienta Envienta 2018-10-01 3.7 Open Source Everything Education, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Platform UK
RainCheck RainCheck 2018-11-05 3.9 Manage and Aggregate Reward Points Business services, Cryptocurrency, Internet Australia
Quantler Quantler 2018-09-28 3.8 Decentralizing Wall Street together Investment Netherlands
Phenomenal Network Phenomenal Network 2018-09-30 3.3 Affiliate Marketing Project Cryptocurrency Singapore 2018-10-08 3.3 The Ultimate Financial Platform Cryptocurrency, Platform France
Bittrace Bittrace 2018-10-01 3.4 Decentralized Payment Network Services Cryptocurrency UK
ASSPACE ASSPACE 2018-10-25 2.2 Private decentralized 18+ social network Internet, Cryptocurrency
Enzym Enzym 2018-10-15 3.0 Game That Makes You Meet Many People Entertainment, Virtual Reality France
VTUUR VTUUR 2019-02-05 4.1 Live Virtual Reality Platform Token Artificial Intelligence, Tourism, Virtual Reality Estonia
ClinTex ClinTex 2018-12-03 3.4 Blockchain Powered Clinical Trial Management Other, Health Malta
Biteum Biteum 2018-12-25 2.8 United Social Trading Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cyprus
Cryptobike Cryptobike 2018-11-01 2.3 A Currency Powering The Bike Sharing Economy Business services, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Tourism
MiMiner MiMiner 2018-09-25 2.0 Center of Equipment Hosting Energy, Infrastructure, Legal Singapore
DNAtix DNAtix 2018-11-15 1.3 DNAtix is Developing the Future Ecosystem Israel
HotCoin HotCoin 2019-01-21 4.5 HotCoin drives and promotes accessibility, privacy and trust in the $ Multi-Billion $ entertainment industries by providing a next generation payment solution to exceed next generation expectations. Business services, Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Seychelles
Festy Festy 2018-10-29 2.9 Payments for the Next Generation Banking, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Electronics, Entertainment, Health, Infrastructure, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract, Software, Tourism Ireland
EasyGuide EasyGuide 2018-10-17 2.9 Unites Travellers All Over the World Platform Estonia
EcoVerse EcoVerse 2018-11-15 2.7 Ecoverse for UBUNTU Economy Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Platform Korea
CCINT CCINT 2018-10-01 3.0 Authoritative Source of Cryptocurrency Media Intelligence Cryptocurrency, Media The Netherlands
Cogenero Cogenero 2019-05-01 3.0 Mobile Cogeneration Mining Platform Energy, Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
Mykrosystem Mykrosystem 2019-06-15 2.6 Protocol layer for seamless data agency and complete-economy Big Data marketplace Infrastructure, Data/Computing/AI, Blockchain Platform, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Jobs/Marketplace, Security/Identity USA
ServAdvisor ServAdvisor 2018-11-12 2.9 Local Service Consumers and Travellers Platform, Internet, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, Business services, Artificial Intelligence, Retail, Smart Contract, Tourism Germany
Vaultitude Vaultitude 2018-09-30 3.3 We Have Evolved Legal Gibraltar
Helix Helix 2018-09-30 2.0 The World’s First Cognitive Distributed Platform Germany
TrustBar TrustBar 2018-10-01 3.7 Decentralized Cross-Chain Exchange TrustBar is a highly anticipated project that is creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO platform. South Africa
AWAX AWAX 2018-10-01 3.2 The New Technology of Trust Banking, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform UK
Coinshare Coinshare 2018-12-01 2.2 Collaborative Social Shopping Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Other Isle of Man
Impala Impala 2018-10-01 3.4 The Future of Trade and Transactional Banking Banking Kenya