Name Start date Rate Describtion Categories Country
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VR Park VR Park 2024-08-20 3.4 Platform Combining Modern VR Platform UK
NeuronChain NeuronChain 2019-12-01 3.5 NeuronChain is a lightning fast financial network with a vision to build tomorrow’s financial system by creating a borderless world by cutting out intermediaries and providing access to the billions of people underserved by the current systems. Cryptocurrency, Banking, Platform Hong Kong
ClinTex ClinTex 2020-04-30 3.4 Blockchain Powered Clinical Trial Management Health, Other Malta
BrandProtect BrandProtect 2020-04-27 3.7 Brandprotect is a Platform for Protection of Goods Against a Counterfeit Platform Ukraine
Cannacor (Pty) Ltd Cannacor (Pty) Ltd 2019-12-16 3.7 Where Cannabis Cultivation and Blockchain Technology Combine Seamlessly Platform, Manufacturing, Investment, Internet, Infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Business services, Big Data, Smart Contract, Software Lesotho
EzyStayz EzyStayz 2019-12-01 4.1 A Global Holiday Rental Platform Powered by Crypto Platform Australia
Amazonians Green Coin Amazonians Green Coin 2020-02-01 3.2 Welcome to The First Ever Green ICO Smart Contract Switzerland
Vera Protocol Vera Protocol 2019-11-30 2.4 Powering Decentralized P2P Commerce Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business services, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure, Internet, Platform, Retail, Smart Contract British Virgin Islands
Flas Exchange Flas Exchange 2019-12-09 3.5 Best Support For Your Digital Assets Platform UK
Prometheus Prometheus 2019-12-01 3.0 Prometheus Platform Enables The Integration Between the Part Business services, Platform Serbia
TWQ Token TWQ Token 2019-11-18 3.3 iP2PGlobal Cryptocurency Financing Platform Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Cayman Islands
MIKRONOMY MIKRONOMY 2019-12-01 3.4 The First Platform to Adopt The Blockchain for MSME Platform Singapore
Housinet Housinet 2019-12-02 2.9 Housinet, Property Management at the Palm of Your Hand Real estate Estonia
Crypcore Crypcore 2019-11-25 3.5 Built On The Most Private Digital Currency Monero Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Investment, Platform, Smart Contract, Software UK
ZuCoinChain ZuCoinChain 2019-11-25 1.8 We Are Disrupting The Investment World Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Investment Malta
SKYBIT SKYBIT 2019-11-21 2.0 Transcend All Boundaries Other
Torex Torex 2019-11-28 3.2 In Trade We Trust Cryptocurrency, Platform UK
Ixinium Ixinium 2019-12-05 3.2 Transactions in Seconds, Backed By Real 100% Insured Assets Cryptocurrency, Platform
BitKAM Network BitKAM Network 2019-11-18 2.9 Crypto Network and Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency