Yuen Wong

Projects related with Yuen Wong
7 projects
Start date: 2019-02-24
Blockchain-Based Renewable Energy Crowdfunding and Trading Platform

ICO Consultant Advisor
Start date: 2018-06-01
Democratise Loyalty Rewards Using Blockchain

Co-Founder & CEO
Start date: 2018-03-29 End date: 2018-04-29
A Decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform

CEO at Galaxy e-Solutions
Start date: 2018-02-28 End date: 2018-03-31
Refurbished Consumer Electronics

Co-Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Start date: 2018-02-23 End date: 2018-03-23
Cross-chain distributed storage protocol

Marketing Lead
Start date: 2018-02-22
Trading & Financing - One Platform

ICO Advisor
Anapp Blockchain Technologies Limited